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Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 543: Returning to Qingyun Peak

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Chapter 543: Returning to Qingyun Peak

Xiao Chen casually looked around the city. There really were many cultivators wearing white robes and girdling a long, slender saber at their waist.

Saber City was only the outer sect of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. Given Xiao Chen’s current strength and that he no longer had an identity token, it would be very difficult for him to enter the inner sect; he also would not be able to forcefully barge in.

However, Xiao Chen had his means. He did not head straight for the inner sect. He came to Saber City first in order to initiate his plan.

The plan was very simple—steal an inner sect token. Although that was very disgraceful, he could only apologize to the junior that he stole it from.

Xiao Chen stayed in the city for more than half the day. Soon, he locked on to his target. It was a female disciple who traveled alone.

This junior seemed to be no older than eighteen. She had delicate facial features and her hair was tied back in a ponytail. She looked very vivacious. She held a small saber in her left hand and a bronze token hung at her waist.

Xiao Chen followed this girl to a desolate alley before approaching her. He smiled faintly and said, “Hello, Junior Sister.”

When the pony-tailed girl saw the white-robed and handsome Xiao Chen, she was slightly stunned. She felt that he was unfathomable. She quickly bowed and said, “Greetings, Senior Brother!”

The girl was startled. Which Peak is this Senior Brother from? He is very strong. Even though he is so young, he is stronger than Master.

The rules were very strict in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. When a junior met their senior, they had to greet the senior respectfully.

Xiao Chen found it funny. It seemed that this girl did believe he was one of her Senior Brothers. Taking advantage of the time the girl’s head was lowered, he quickly snatched the girl’s token.

“Why is Senior Brother looking for me?” the pony-tailed girl asked worriedly.

Xiao Chen hid the token in his sleeve and smiled. “It’s nothing much. Senior Brother recognized the wrong person. I will take my leave first.”

As the pony-tailed girl watched Xiao Chen leave, she felt very depressed; she did not know what had happened. Out of habit, she placed her hand at her waist. She suddenly paled; her token had disappeared.

“Stop there!”

The pony-tailed girl quickly drew her saber as she shouted angrily. The saber left her hand, spinning quickly. As the saber whirled, it seemed like it would cut space in half. It gave off a strong wind as it hummed.

“Profound Wind Chop?”

Xiao Chen looked back and smiled faintly. “However, it is still lacking control. Junior Sister, keep working hard.”

He stretched out his hand and used his finger to touch the spinning saber. Then, a surging Essence burst forth from his fingertip.


Xiao Chen’s finger returned the spinning saber to the girl at an even faster speed.

Before the pony-tailed girl could react, the saber sheathed itself back in the scabbard in her left hand.

“How can it be?!” The girl’s delicate face filled with shock. This was one of Qingyun Peak’s secret techniques. Yet, it was broken just like that.

After a while, the girl remembered about her token. She started crying as she said, “This Senior Brother is mean. You lost your own token, so you snatched mine. What should I do? What should I do?”

This person was able to recognize the Profound Wind Chop with one glance and could break it casually. Yet, he did not harm her. In this girl’s opinion, Xiao Chen must be a genius disciple of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. Because he was careless, he lost his token and could not enter the Lingyun Mountain Range. Hence, he snatched her token in replacement.

After Xiao Chen was far away, he flipped over the token and took a look. Indeed it was as he expected. There were the words “Qingyun Peak” on the back and the name “Leng Xixi” on the front. The calligraphy on it looked firm and drawn out.

“Damn! This is too embarrassing. It really is one of my Junior Sisters. Please don’t blame your Senior Brother. Xixi, right? I will return it when I come back.”

Xiao Chen took the token and hung it at his waist. Then, he went to the foot of the Lingyun Mountain Range, following the crowd as he entered.

The disciple that guarded the entrance gave Xiao Chen a quick glance and did not bother to give him a second look. With so many people passing by, it was not possible for him to check all of them carefully.

That disciple could only rely on his experience. If he saw something wrong with their expressions or actions, he would take a second, and more careful, look. Xiao Chen was previously a Heavenly Saber Disciple, so he would not make any mistakes in this aspect.

Xiao Chen was very familiar with every path, every mountain, every pavilion here. This place had not changed much since the last time he had been here.

Before Xiao Chen entered Saber City, he had felt restless. However, when he entered the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, he calmed down.

Xiao Chen hovered about one centimeter above the ground, but he still made walking motions. He looked at the towering Qingyun Peak and took a deep breath before slowly “walking” over.

“Qingyun Peak, I, Xiao Chen, am back. Elder Sister Ruyue, Suifeng, Shao Yang, Xiao Meng, are you guys doing well?”

Qingyun Peak disciples went past Xiao Chen. Some of the older disciples found him very familiar. So they stopped to take a second look.

These disciples had a rough guess in their hearts. However, although Xiao Chen’s appearance had not changed much in two years, the feeling he gave off had changed a lot.

The inexperience and tenderness on Xiao Chen’s face were now gone. Replacing them were maturity and experience; his countenance was very different from the past.

The most important thing was that Xiao Chen had transformed into Ye Chen when he was in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. He only revealed his true appearance at the very end.

Although these people had a suspicion in their hearts, after thinking about it, they believed that he could not be Xiao Chen. Furthermore, Xiao Chen had sworn never to take a step into the Heavenly Saber Pavilion again.

These disciples simply gave Xiao Chen a few more glances and mocked themselves. They felt that their imagination was too fanciful. There were many bladesmen wearing white robes; they could not all be Xiao Chen.

If Xiao Chen acted cautious and tried to hide, his behavior would only stir up suspicion. So, he maintained a calm expression and continued walking openly.

He proceeded uneventfully. Just when he was about seven or eight minutes away from Qingyun Peak, a group of disciples wearing the Biyun Peak uniform suddenly appeared in front.

Xiao Chen gave them a glance and when he saw the appearance of the leader, he quickly lowered his head, preparing to keep a low profile.

The leader was Song Que’s son, Song Qianhe, who was now Biyun Peak’s Peak Master. At this moment, he was leading a group of Biyun Peak’s people. They were cheerful and lively as they prepared to go down the mountain.

At first, when the group passed by Xiao Chen, they did not pay much notice to him. However, Song Qianhe’s gaze fell on Xiao Chen’s face without meaning to. Then, his expression changed greatly.

Song Qianhe had a grudge against Xiao Chen, who had killed his father two years ago; this face would appear in his mind at any moment, day or night. Now that he saw Xiao Chen in person, he was shocked.

“Halt! Which Peak are you from? Report your name?” Song Qianhe called out in a fierce tone to stop Xiao Chen.

Was I discovered?

Xiao Chen revealed a bitter smile as he turned around helplessly. He was not afraid of this person. However, he had just arrived and did not want to cause any trouble.

“Song Qianhe, it’s been a long time,” Xiao Chen said with a calm expression.

It really is him!

Song Qianhe’s face sank. Clenching his teeth, he said, “Xiao Chen, you really dared to appear here. Back then, didn’t you swear never to take a step into the Heavenly Saber Pavilion? Now that you’ve gone back on your word, let’s see how you give an account to the Elders’ Assembly.”

When the ten-odd Biyun Peak disciples behind Song Qianhe saw Xiao Chen, they were all astonished. The person before them was the famous White Robed Bladesman?

Xiao Chen chuckled and said, “I’m sorry, you saw wrongly. I did not go back on my word. I did not take a step onto the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.”

Song Qianhe looked carefully and noticed that Xiao Chen was floating one centimeter above the ground. With the cover from his long robes, it looked like he was walking on the ground.

However, Xiao Chen’s feet did not touch the ground at all.

“You…!” Song Qianhe pointed his finger furiously at Xiao Chen. He was so angry his face turned red.

Song Qianhe drew his weapon and said sternly, “I don’t care if you broke your word or not. Since you came to the Heavenly Saber Pavilion today, you can forget about leaving.”

Xiao Chen’s face sank. He placed his right hand on his saber’s hilt as a cold killing Qi spread out. He replied in a frosty voice, “Try taking a step forward, then.”

Xiao Chen’s killing Qi felt very dense; it was bone-chilling. Song Qianhe felt fear in his heart for no apparent reason. So he stopped. However, he could not make out why he was afraid.

Back then, Xiao Chen had shattered Song Qianhe’s father’s head with one punch. This scene would replay in Song Qianhe’s head every night. He wished that he could kill Xiao Chen.

For the sake of revenge, Song Qianhe had been training very hard for the past two years. After Liu Ruyue, he became the next person to become a Martial King before the age of twenty, the second person to do so in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

After that, Song Qianhe successfully became Biyun Peak’s Peak Master. He led all the disciples of that peak and basked in his glory. Originally, he thought that by advancing to peak Inferior Grade Martial King, he would have no problem dealing with Xiao Chen.

However, Song Qianhe had not expected that all Xiao Chen had to do was glare at him and he would not dare to move.

Song Qianhe carefully extended his perception, trying to see what Xiao Chen’s cultivation realm was. He was not feeling very confident.

In the end, after trying to check, Song Qianhe realized that he could not make out Xiao Chen’s cultivation realm; Xiao Chen was unfathomable.

He is not a Medial Grade Martial King and he is stronger than a regular Superior Grade Martial King. Could this fellow be a peak Superior Grade Martial King?

Song Qianhe frightened himself with his thoughts. A peak Superior Grade Martial King was as strong as several of the elders from the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s Elders’ Assembly.

However, it is fine if Xiao Chen is a peak Superior Grade Martial King. I just have to hold him back and buy time. When Biyun Peak’s elders arrive, they will be able to deal with him.

“Biyun Peak disciples, head my call. This person is a traitor of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. Kill this person. After that is done, everyone will be rewarded. I will reward each of you five thousand Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.”

After Song Qianhe made up his mind, he sent out a dark-green signal flare. Then, he gave out orders using his status as a Peak Master.

“Huang dang! Huang dang!”

In this group, the disciples behind Song Qianhe were all from Biyun Peak, so they were his subordinates. Furthermore, Xiao Chen had indeed committed a treacherous offense.

With the allure of the huge reward of Spirit Stones, these disciples immediately drew their weapons and pointed them at Xiao Chen.


Song Qianhe shouted and led the group in charging forward. He was not stupid nor blinded by revenge.

He understood that he was not strong enough and could only use these people to hold Xiao Chen in check first. Then, he could only wait for an opportunity. After all, it would be very difficult for him to deal with a peak Superior Grade Martial King.

Unfortunately, sometimes, there were cases, when one lacked absolute strength, where the so-called wisdom and schemes were just a joke, no matter what tricks were played.

Song Qianhe was very unfortunate. At this moment, the case that he encountered, the person that he ran into, was one such person.


Standing straight, Xiao Chen snorted coldly. His right hand, which was on his saber’s hilt, moved forward slightly, drawing his saber by one centimeter.

A boundless purple light flashed from the saber. The light contained Xiao Chen’s saber intent with inextinguishable sharpness.

“Weng! Weng! Weng!”

When the sharp saber intent spread out, all the weapons in the Biyun Peak disciples’ hands trembled without stopping, including Song Qianhe’s.
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