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Monster Factory Chapter 71: Buy buy buy buy!

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Chapter 71: Buy buy buy buy!

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Chang Yu’s rig was made up of parts that were all top of the line. Not only was the video in HD, there was also no need for buffering. He picked up a pair of scissors, and did a cutting motion in front of the camera.

“Hahaha ~ Time to see what’s really brewing under here.” Chang Yu happily said as he went to cut open the package.

That was a very time wasting step, but all the authors were still happily enjoying the show, as Chang Yu was going to make a fool of himself soon.

When Chang Yu finally removed all the packaging, close to 5 minutes had passed and he was already huffing and puffing.


Every author had their eyes popped out, because what appeared in front of the camera was a square shaped, extremely big box like kind of thing.


All the authors almost all fell to the floor laughing, how was this a freaking chair, it was more like a super big box!

Arrogant impermanence: “50,000 for a box, wurf!”

Number one white under the heavens: “Hahaha ~ I need to tell this to all my readers.”

Tortoises aren’t Turtles: “Hurry up and return it, even if it’s turned sideways, it still doesn’t even come close to a chair.”

Chang Yu totally didn’t pay them any attention, as he was still bewildered.

Because as to the product in front of him, Chang Yu was clearer than anyone else, about every part of it.

That wasn’t a box!

Of course it also didn’t look like a chair, it still seemed to have its futuristic looks, but he still didn’t know what it was.

Carefully finding the power cable, Chang Yu connected the power, with a glass half full kind of attitude, and pressed the start button on that 5’ touch display.

Kaka ~ Kaka ~

A burst of mechanical sounds burst through, and transferred through the internet into every author’s ears.

Under every author’s shocked looks, what they believed to be a box, slowly stood up, and just like a transformers, the leather covered joints, very futuristically and very shockingly, began to slowly move.

When the pictures were transmitted over the internet in front of the authors, even if they were very imaginative, they still weren’t able to guess such a transformer like appearance.

The silvery white metal base, mixed together not just the silvery whites, but also the greyish metal color of the fully mechanical arm.

It was completely covered in leather, but just the unpacking sequence of the chair alone, had everyone understand what kind of complex monster was hidden underneath.

When the complex machine finished unpacking itself, a simple and crude, yet fully mechanical chair, that was just like the one from the picture, appeared in front of everyone.

Everyone was shocked beyond belief. This single chair had shattered everything they knew about ergonomic chairs.

Flower blade crown prince: “Holy shit ~ why does it feel like it’s a transformer.”

Head wind: “No wonder it’s called the Mechanical Engineered Chair……”

I’m the store owner: “Why is reality stranger than fiction, I swore that it was a box……”

The hepburn downstairs: “Hurry up and take a seat, I saw from the store intro that this chair has tens of thousands of functionalities.”

Full metal ammunition: “Yes yes yes, hurry up and try it.”

Chang Yu circled around the chair for a closer inspection, confirmed that it wouldn’t move anymore, and slowly took a step forward and saw down on it.


How to put it……

Chang Yu tried to describe to everyone how he felt: “Very comfortable to sit in, the back is definitely tall enough, at least taller than my previous one. It does provide good support for my head and neck tho.”

Chang Yu put both of his hands onto the armrests and tested how secure they were.

“These armrests were also well designed, my old chair’s armrests tend to sway all the time, it’s just that this chair’s armrest is a bit high.” Having finished speaking, Chang Yu tried using his hands tried to adjust it, but found that it was much stronger than he thought, and he was unable to budge it at all.

“The waist part isn’t well adjusted, the bend is too small as it can’t fully support the waist.”

“But the introduction said I can adjust this as I like.” Chang Yu tried looking for adjustments with the LCD controllers.

The number of authors viewing kept on increasing, but no one said anything at the time: they were all patiently waiting for Chang Yu to fully introduce the chair.

Opening up the LCD controls, 4 option popped up.

[Preset modes], [Choose functionality], [Personal adjustments], [VR mode].

Chang Yu randomly selected the personal adjustments, and as a result, the screen suddenly changed to be like a calculator, all numbers and symbols, the only things he could understand were only the several chinese characters mixed in.

“This is an industrial control monitor, most computer guided lathes have these. I see the controls are in number control mode, Chang Yu, point it towards the camera, and give me some time to examine how it works.”

“Computer guided lathing software?” Many authors had their interests peaked. Could these chairs, just like those computer guided lathes, be programmed?

What strong industrial ties.

Chang Yu also had his interests peaked and faced the controller towards the camera.

“Wow this is simple. Chang Yu you see those red 12345s yet? I believe those represent the 5 axles in the chair, 1 and 5’s are probably the armrests, and 234 are the chair back.

Navel orange who obviously did research into the industrial sector continued to explain: “ABCDE probably represent the moveable joints in each axle. Go select 1A and try adjusting it.”

Chang Yu acknowledged, and pressed the up arrow next to 1A.

Then the strangest thing happened, the tip of the right armrest, actually slowly rose up.

Pressing the down arrow, the armrest went down, pressing the left right arrows, it turned left and right. Every joint could be adjusted like this, even the seat underneath could be adjusted as well.

The control system seemed complex, but with the Mechanical Engineered Chair having precise separated coverings of the joints with leather, as long as it matched with the positions on the system, you could easily adjust to your favourite position.

5 minutes later, the chair had been adjusted into the most comfortable position, and was saved.

Chang Yu sat in the chair and enjoyed it extremely. He even selected the swinging option under functionalities, and satisfyingly looked at the camera while swinging back and forth.

The moving supporting arm under the Mechanical Engineered Chair comforted Chang Yu and also attracted the attention of every author who was watching.

Within their eyes were envy, shock, and desire.

To be completely honest, the amount of time these authors sat in their chairs, was much longer than the amount of time they spent sleeping. Their need for comfortable ergonomic chairs was leaps and bounds above that of finding a lifelong partner.

“Hahahaha ~ Hahahaha ~”

Chang Yu right now was laughing as if he was possessed, far more delighted than even finding an alien, as he happily played with the chair like a 5 year old.

He controlled the two armrests to close in and act as like a seat belt, then had the chair’s supporting arm spin him right round, right round. [ED: You spin me right round, baby, right round like a record, baby, right round right round]

He played like that for a bit, then selected the massage option. Suddenly, many grey options appeared on the control system. Those were probably unsupported message options right now.

But that still didn’t stop Chang Yu from turning on the massages at the waist and the neck. Yet after having them turned on, he was just like having eaten a divine fruit, as he laid there on the chair letting up a completely satisfied expression that was even better than getting some you know what.

On the other side of the internet, all the authors seemed to have all been turned. Their eyes were all bloodshot, letting up piercing stares, and on the verge of going berserk.

If it wasn’t for the internet in the way, those people would definitely pull Chang Yu off the chair and experience it for themselves.

Chen Ji Tang Hongdou: “Chang Yu, hurry up and tell us how it feels!”

“Hahaha ~ “ Chang Yu laughed as he couldn’t make a proper sentence: “Hahaha ~ This is just too amazing, I can’t describe it at all!”

“Imagine walking in the desert, barefoot and no water. Then you suddenly find an already air conditioned R.V., with the fridge completely stocked with already chilled juice, and full foot massage services. How would you guys feel under those conditions?”

“Hahaha ~ And that’s exactly how I feel right now. It’s to the point where I don’t even want to speak anymore.”

“I’ve decided, tonight, I’m spending the whole night on the chair.”

The chat group, had already descended into the depths of hell.

Every Topic in the chat was about the Mechanical Engineered Chair. Some who were familiar with the mechanisms were beyond being delighted. They said it was a miracle, that the factory was definitely getting some extreme mechanical pointers from some mysterious source, and was also in possession of some mechanical black tech, otherwise there was no way they would be able to make such a revolutionary, decades ahead of its time chair.

The Mechanical Engineered Chair’s owner, Chang Yu, also became the target of everyone’s jealousy.

8 month eagle: “Oh my god!! Look at the control system!! It freaking has an option for when you do that!! Ahhh!! They get over 9000 of my support!!”

I’m the store owner: “Holy!! Domestic products have already reached such heights, yet I’m still daydreaming of buying some American made ergonomic chair.”

The hepburn downstairs: “I also feel like I should throw out my American product. The extreme gap here is just like the gap between a handheld flashlight and a high powered laser emitter.”

Full metal ammunition didn’t say anything, but rather sent a picture.

That was the picture of a successful payment, and the product being bought, was actually the Mechanical Engineered Chair that Chang Yu was showing off.

Having sent the picture, Full metal ammunition followed with a row of smiles: “Low reviews for my new book, so I had to spend my days sitting in front of the computer bitterly seeking enlightenment, to the point where my old waist problems were acting up again.”


Full metal ammunition sent another pictures to the group, followed by a sly emoji.

2 minutes later, 8 month eagle first fired off a picture of several people discussing the chair was a lie, then a picture of a successful purchase and a row of sly smiles.

The hepburn downstairs, I’m the store owner, Flower blade crown prince, 32, Navel orange, Chen Ji Tang Hongdou, Arrogant impermanence, Huangfu Ji, Xia Fei Shuang Jia……

Every single one of them also sent their receipts to the chat one by one.

And in 10 short minutes, the 50,000 a Mechanical Engineered Chair, had already sold over 50 units.


Hell yes!

But it was expensive to the point of being worth it, being happy, and being healthy.

It was rare to be able to pay to be healthy, yet when it does come, there was only buy buy buy buy!
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