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Monster Factory Chapter 60: All the losses

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Chapter 60: All the losses

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

5 minutes later, Hulk One and Hulk Two walked back, out from their rage.

Yet behind them, the several lathes had already become cheap pieces of garbage.

Seeing them approach, Liu Wenhu was terrified as he tried to back away.

“Mr. Liu, so what about the compensations for my nephews?” Qiao One who was clearly a head shorter than Liu Wenhu, didn’t even properly look at him.

Hulk One and Hulk Two, having let lose their rage, returned back to their old selves and stood in front of Qiao One.

Looking at the interior of the workshop, it was just like judgment day came along, and Liu Wenhu immediately paled.

As soon as these two muscle heads began to trash the equipment within the workshop, Liu Wenhu already began to doubt their identities.

Those two were specifically going after those machines, making people really wonder whether or not they were here to deliberately break them.

Yet Liu Wenhu still couldn’t think through, who the heck would use their life as an excuse just to break the machines?

1000 plus pounds of stuff, smashing onto the two’s head. Even if the much taller O’Neal came, he still wouldn’t even dare.

Although they had some huge builds, but their necks and heads still weren’t made of steel!

Those two were lucky to be able to live through having been smashed by 1000 plus pounds of stuff, and Liu Wenhu could also be considered fortunate.

If these people were here to find trouble, then wasn’t using their life as an excuse, the stupidest idea ever?

Liu Wenhu then thought of the young man from earlier and quickly crossed him out.

Because this simply happened too quickly, as these three came only tenish minutes after the young man left.

Then thinking of those small scooter makers that he screwed over with his knock offs, Liu Wenhu still couldn’t come up with a reasonable suspect.

Just the abilities demonstrated by the two muscle heads alone were more than enough for any employer with good eyesight to carefully cherish and protect them.

With these two savages, no matter if it was as bodyguards, or to use them against others, they were all great choices.

So who in their right mind would risk their lives?

Thinking of all the improbables, yet still coming up with nothing had Liu Wenhu pissed to no end just like before and asked: “Were you sent over by the young man from earlier?”

If it wasn’t for Hulk One and Hulk Two’s superior builds, Liu Wenhu right now would definitely rip Qiao One to shreds.

“We’re only here for work, then you manipulate the rules to have my nephews carry heavy objects, leading towards them getting smashed!” Qiao One was still spewing the same thing.

“If Mr. Liu finds this unbearable, then go call the cops!”

Liu Wenhu pulled out his cell phone, yet hesitated just as he was about to push in the first number.

As someone who had been in the business world for some time, and as someone who was clear of every loophole in the law, Liu Wenhu thought through about every single step in this incident very quickly.

Then Liu Wenhu despairingly found that, if he called the police and had them intervene, then in the end, he would probably get nothing back in compensation and still have to foot the large medical bill for the two oafs.

Seeing the filthy blockheads, on top of their bronze exposed skin, were some unknown bruises that were either from being smashed by the heavy objects or from smashing the machines.

Liu Wenhu seriously couldn’t think of why they were so strong, and were even able to be smashed by 1000 plus pounds of objects, yet still walk away unscathed.

But on the legal side, Liu Wenhu could clearly guess the outcome without further thought.

These three were formally hired by me, and even have legal paperwork to prove it.

The fact that they were smashed by heavy objects was also set in stone. No one will believe that someone that came here to look for trouble would use 1000 plus pounds of objects to smash themselves.

The most concerning fact was that, the one who told them to move the objects, was himself, and twice at that.

What kind of stupid idea was ordering two workers to carry something that required a suspension crane to move?

If this was taken lightly, then it was a grave violation of the law. If taken seriously, then it was attempted murder.

Yet the most critical, critical, critical, point ……

Wasn’t that Liu Wenhu violated the laws, rather it was the fact that those two had mental problems.

Anyone who wasn’t blind could easily tell that those two had some kind of mental problem. Yet these people were categorized within the [People with no ability to identify and control] group, and whatever they do wasn’t breaking the law. This was simply even better than the anti-death edict from ancient times.

Having processed the hiring paper works for those two means that Liu Wenhu acknowledged that those two to had the ability to work normally, and was responsible for their actions.

The cameras in the workshop could easily prove that the works of those two were even better than that of machines.

This was practically the go to model for self-improvement. These kinds of people were the kind that was able to participate in the Chinese Dream Show and could become role models for all Chinese peoples.

Then those self innovating saplings, due to the owner’s violation and manipulative nature, were smashed by heavy objects and suffered serious injuries……

Everyone knew that it was a bad idea to mess with people with mental problems. Because these people were very easily provoked, and would do some really dumb things without thinking.

And very clearly, those two blockheads, could easily find a bunch of legal and medical excuses from past cases.

As for the smashed machines within the workshop, it could only be said that those two had some over the top destructive powers, and some exceptional strength. It wasn’t like having exceptional strength was a fault, right?

Who knew whether or not mental institutes would stand on the blockheads’ side and fan the flames with stuff like ‘not injuring people was already them restraining, and as for the smashed machines, so what?”

Thinking through everything, Liu Wenhu found that he really couldn’t make that call.

Then what about the pulverized equipment? Does he really have to swallow his anger and do nothing about it?

Liu Wenhu seriously wanted to rip the three of them to shreds. That way he could release his anger, but the pulverized machines on the ground were clearly telling Liu Wenhu that that was clearly not possible.

Wanting to pick a fight with these two blockheads, one probably needed at least ten world champion boxers before they could even think about it.

Then he recalled what Qiao one said before, that they had been training in the art of steelhead since they were little.

The incident with the 1000 plus pound objects also proved the sturdiness of their heads.

Liu Wenhu carefully thought: make that twenty world boxing champions, and each with titanium batons.

Even if they were made to understand what mistakes they had made, and were asked for compensation.

Thinking about their identities and how far they lived from civilization. The villages were all poor and shabby beyond belief, hence Liu Wenhu’s further despair.

Those places, even if they sold their entire villages, it probably still won’t match the cost of one machine.

Holy shit!

The despaired Liu Wenhu hugged his head. Was this judgement for all the bad things he had done?

Liu Wenhu sunk further into confusion. The workshop was completely fked. Those million yuan machines were the results of him screwing everyone else for the past ten plus years. Now that they were all gone, it would be next to impossible to get back up.

“Get out! You guys are fired! Fk off!” Liu Wenhu roared.

“For getting fired for no reason, you still need to pay us three month of wages!” Qiao One didn’t expect to get any compensation. He hid behind the two peons and said: “Us three did this much for you, yet you fire us with no apparent reason. Who do you think we are?”

“In our village, there wasn’t anyone with the guts to say what you just said.” Qiao One patted Hulk One’s bear like arms: “These two nephews of mine, although they don’t speak a lot, they aren’t as nice as you think they are.”

“Accountant, give them three months of pay……” Liu Wenhu spat out and stared at Qiao One just like a poisonous snake.

“Bo…… Boss……” A worker came forward trembling: “I also…… also want to resign……”

“Me…… Me too…….”

Several other worker also came forward. Now that the factory had lost all of its equipment, then wasn’t remaining here just to bear Liu Wenhu’s endless rage?
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