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Monster Factory Chapter 46: Pictures

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Chapter 46: Pictures

Translated by me, edited by Fade.

The worker responsible for Ye Qing’s immediate thought is that he’s gone crazy.

“A formal research center, can apply with central for research grants. In addition it’s able to receive research topics and additional funding from central.”

“Any company that wishes to set up a formal research laboratory, even if it’s just a municipal level one, still need an industry that is at the top of the city rankings. You also need the related equipment and certification, otherwise you won’t even pass the inspections. You also need to head to the city inspection bureau for this, we can’t do it here.”

“Then what about those below the municipal level?”

“Just go find a place, put up a sign and you’re good.”

The worker thought of Ye Qing as one of those idiots who had just graduated and wanted to be the owner of something, and said jokingly: “Some small factories really do have their own product research room. It’s just that they’re mainly for self use, can’t take on outside projects, and have no power what so ever. It’s basically used as an advertisement to fool some of the lesser public.”

Ye Qing said his thanks, and left after paying the rest of the fees.

Ye Qing’s need to establish a research center was very simple, yet also a must.

The Monster Factory is currently only level 2, yet it’s products are already this outrageous. When it’s levels get higher later on, it’s products will only be even more astonishing.

I’m definitely not a scientist, so if new black techs come out from the factory left right and center, then isn’t that telling everyone to come investigate him?

But once is a research lab established, then there is a reasonable explanation.

Last time when fixing the pipeline for Gong Wei, Ye Qing’s old university’s [[Material Chemical Engineering Laboratory] sent over two professors to help with some chemical theories.

If Ye Qing is also able to possess a similar laboratory, then the high tech and black tech stuff can all be said to the results of this ‘laboratory’.

As for the laboratory itself, just shove in a couple of monsters and make due. Even if the FBI came, don’t even think of getting anything out of the monsters.

Then with the purchase of large amounts of expensive and top of the line equipment, people might even consider it to be the Lawrence Berkley Laboratory of the East.

Very regretfully, the requirements to set up a formal laboratory are simply too much for Ye Qing.

But too many non-formal laboratories exist, especially with those fake medicine companies.

Yet after so many others similar failed cases, Ye Qing can only delay this plan.

Returning back to the seaside factory, Ye Qing hung up the business license inside the simple and crude office.

Just when he finished putting up the license, a sudden notification came through from the Monster Factory:

Congratulations for establishing your second factory. Sub factories will receive ⅓ of the main factory’s properties. Do you wish to bind this as the sub factory?

Ye Qing unbounded the old factory in the industrial park, and set it as the sub factory.

Level 2 Monster Factory can only establish one sub factory, and two at level 3.

A third of the properties mean the sub factory won’t receive the 1% increase in manufacturing efficiency, life span and precision. Not a big deal.

Now there are only two peons assembling the electric scooters from the provided parts.

The electric scooter’s frames all use steel pipes. As such Ye Qing ordered a bunch of Q195 seamed steel pipe and Q235 seamless steel pipe.

These steel pipes all need to be bent into special shapes, but instead of machines, the monsters bent them all bare handed.

The batteries were all screw mounted and secured in place with some light welding.

While working on the wheel hub, Ye Qing found a big problem. To produce large amounts of scooter wheel hubs, the most effective way is to have a mold and pour liquid metal into it. At the moment, Ye Qing ordered some aluminum alloy pipes and plates to work with.

With the monster’s skills, and the equipment in the workshop, it’s not hard to create the wheel hubs. Worst comes to worst, there is always the CNC mills.

But Ye Qing found that the rate at which the materials are wasted this way is just too sever, aluminum alloy plates are already expensive to begin with, now using it just to cut several wheel hubs, is seriously wasting too much of a good material.

If liquid pouring is used here then it’ll be much easier. All he needs is an aluminum forge and a mold.

This can wait till all the parts have been made, let’s see what happens when everything is assembled together.

Ye Qing with nothing to do, summoned out the M.P.C.V., controlled it down the natural undersea tunnel to see if the sewage pipeline is releasing again.

Just as the M.P.C.V. exited the underwater cave, it immediately detected the sudden increase in murkiness and decrease in visibility.

Ye Qing seeing the images in front of him, evilly laughed. The cork has already been prepared, moreover it already has the Sea Shepherds Conservation Society logo carved on it.

Without delay, the M.P.C.V. was again used to block the pipeline.

The Dragon Creek beach from the surface doesn’t look any different from any other coastal area with the pristine aqua water surface. However the water quality here is serious down the drain, hence Ye Qing’s sour mood.

There are many who enjoy a good seafood meal, Ye Qing’s M.P.C.V. is easily able to catch any seafood, now that the region has been polluted beyond belief, the seafood here even if caught still isn’t edible.

Having blocked off the pipeline, Ye Qing with a crisp attitude logged onto his WeChat and began to browse through his friend circles.

Ye Qing doesn’t have many friends on WeChat, mainly old classmates. He hasn’t checked out the groups in ages, and his classmates were all too lazy to post anything useful as well.

A bunch of Wechat ads……

Ye Qing could only feel deflated, continuing down the posts to see if there were any selfies of pretty girls.

A lot of his old classmates have all turned to become WeChat merchants. Some after joining, found out that they got swindled, but just for face, they continued to advertise the product with how so and so is so good and what not. In the end, it gave Ye Qing even less incentive to browse through his friend groups.

Some tried to sell nutrient pills, others sold soap bars, korean facial masks, and so on.

Under these classmates bragging and boasts, soap bars became elixirs, it got to the point where it’s ingredients can even cure cancer. Facial masks even have automated plastic surgery effects, even pigs can become beautiful girls.

If it wasn’t because he was lazy, Ye Qing would definitely block every single one of them.

After scrolling down multiple pages of ads, just as Ye Qing was about to exit, he suddenly thought of something, and hurriedly scrolled up.

Ye Qing with a glance, found a cartoon cat avatar posted something in his chat group, probably still some advertisement.

Quickly remembering that Xia Muqing’s avatar is a cartoon cat, Ye Qing quickly found this cat within piles upon piles of ads.

So it really is Xia MuQing, Ye Qing had a very positive impression of her from their chat, she’s also the general manager of [Tiancheng mining corporation]. Her background is seriously shocking.

Xia Muqing posted two picture. One of them is a never ending row of excavator like equipment with red silk bow ties on their long arms.

Ye Qing clearly recognize these machines. They are, within the mining industry, high-end diamond drilling cars. A single one of them generally cost more than a million yuan.

Zhongyun’s manufacturing giant, [Huaxing Heavy Industries] possed these machines.

Before Ye Qing saw countless numbers of times when Huaxing Heavy Industries hauled these machines with trucks all over China.

The second picture is most likely a signing ceremony, a bunch of suited up people.

Ye Qing immediately enlarged the picture to see if there were any girls in it.

The result was quite disappointing, at the end of the red carpet and the center of the red room, a man and a woman were sitting at a table filled with red flowers, and immersing themselves in the signing ceremony. There were also lots of people taking pictures of the two at the side.

The woman in question, although beautiful and classy, from her clothes and mannerisms it is quite clear that she isn’t from the same generation as himself.

She’s at least 30 years old, maybe even 40 years old.

As for the other man who was there for the signing, Ye Qing after examining for age, felt that this guy is very similar to Huaxing Heavy Industry’s leader, Li Huaxing.

The two witnesses were also very young and looked inexperienced. However they definitely aren’t Xia Muqing, and everyone else in the photo were all men with suits

Normally in a signing ceremony, the background has the participating two companies names and their collaboration project printed on it.

However the question with this picture remains, it’s focused on the two signing people and didn’t include anything involving the names of the two companies.

“She can’t be. I definitely do not believe that she’s Xia Muqing.” Ye Qing felt that Xia Muqing with her skylark like voice, definitely isn’t this old looking aunty.

“En, the one who took this picture is definitely her.” Ye Qing encouraged himself on like so.

*Honk Honk* *Honk Honk*

Just at this moment, the sudden burst of low yet loud steam whistle, passed through the windows and into Ye Qing’s ear.

Ye Qing was stunned, who’s car’s horn is this loud?

The factory’s surroundings has already been walled off by the monsters with bricks and mortar. A giant gate was also erected facing the sea, normally it’s closed to prevent anyone from seeing the workings of the workshops inside.

But Dragon Creek Beach is next to barren hills, the stuff purchased before has all already arrived, so who is it outside?

Exiting the workshop, Ye Qing headed towards the main gate to take a look, yet it was empty with no cars in sight.

What the hell, ghosts?

*Duuuduuuu duuuduuuu* The low yet piercing honk sounded again. Without the workshop blocking again, Ye Qing felt his ears ring and his hair stood up.

Now Ye Qing heard clearly, the sound was coming from the sea.

With heavy suspicions, Ye Qing opened the western door, then Ye Qing was stunned.

A roughly 15 meter long pure white twin decked yacht, was currently moored next to the old shipyard’s remaining dock.

The extremely strange steam whistle was definitely coming from this guy.
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