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Monster Factory Chapter 329: Regret To Cry

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May 21, 2020

Qiao Shengan hummed twice and adjusted his posture to be in a comfortable position.

In the mobile phone video, even if the woman was painting light makeup, she could only barely be called a normal lady, suddenly and unexpectedly she started removing makeup.

Generally speaking, for this kind of video, Qiao Shengan would not want to watch. But this time, he takes a look.

After removing makeup, Qiao Shengan felt that the lady's face was more secure than the door god on the New Year's painting. The skin, which has been eroded by cosmetics for a long time, had lost the ruddy feeling of normal skin, becoming particularly dark, and there are patches of yellow spots on it.

"I worked hard today. At the press conference in the evening, I watched Monster Heavy Industry publicize the magic. Now I'm going to have a try. Is this ionization purifier as magical as they publicize?"

The lady's imminent fearless expression on her face made Qiao Shengan's mouth pout.

"In the instruction manual, when using an ionizer, it is best to use it in the bathtub or wet the skin with water." The lady washed her face with water, and then set the ionizer according to the instructions.

"Please do not operate electronic equipment while using this product?"

"Do you want to turn it to voice prompts?"

"Manual mode, automatic mode?"

The lady asked to turn the ionizer into automatic mode and then pointed the control panel at the mobile phone camera one meter away so that the audience could clearly see the text displayed on it. And when the start button was pressed, the ionization purifier immediately made a beep and lit a blue cold light on the centerline.

"No harmful substances have been detected... No harmful substances have been detected..."

After the ionization purifier lights up, keep reminding.

The lady held the sci-fi ionization purifier and was very nervous. She put the bottom of the ion purifier on the face slowly according to the instructions. Ah, there was a dripping... A harmful substance was detected and the analysis started... Five percent, fifteen percent, thirty-five percent... After one minute, the ionization purifier reported that the test was complete.

Qiao Shengan covered his mouth and looked at the subtitles on the screen with horror and the sound of the prompts.

Detection of lead, mercury, silver, arsenic, neodymium, organic acids, aldehydes, ketones, ethers, nitrogen oxides, sodium lauryl sulfate... In a face, which was clearly a periodic table of chemical elements.

Qiao Shengan was reassured that this face had been completely saved, and he could only see people through makeup forever and the lady was equally frightened and her eyes were clearly still.

"Purification begins, please move the ionizer to another piece of skin after hearing a beep."

The blue cold light turned red, and Qiao Shengan could vaguely see that there was a light halo on the face of Ms. Su Yan, covering the area around the purifier and the skin.


The lady screamed with a cold voice.

"Ah... My god, it feels so comfortable, just like that ..." The lady could not help but shivered, her eyes expressing a comfortable expression: "It is like the kind of soft crispy electric current, in The skin surface is flaking. "

Qiao Shengan pouted expressionlessly because only in this way could he conceal his inner regret.

"It's really comfortable. I feel that all the pores on that skin have been stimulated."

The lady closed her eyes and held the ionizer in quiet enjoyment. If she ignored her appearance only by listening to the sound alone would give her a nice and seductive feeling. And she did not see it because she closed her eyes, but hundreds of thousands of viewers who watched the video could clearly see it. They could see around the ion purifier that fits the skin it beginning slowly scoop out some creepy dark black substances from the skin surface. And these substances are drilled from the skin and condense around the pores.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. Some toxins in the human body are excreted by metabolism. Various chemicals and harmful substances contacted in life will also deposit on the skin. This is too chilling, so many toxic substances are hidden in the gray skin.

"Ah! I feel that my pores are breathing, and my face is so refreshing all at once, like a cold nose blocked for a few days, and suddenly it's completely clear."

The lady showed an indulgent expression, and her nose hummed gently. As those black toxic substances are slowly sucked into the collection box of the ionization purifier and her expression of enjoyment was even stronger as if she had come to the Garden of Eden and was tasting the deliciousness that did not exist in the world.

"It's indescribable, you can't imagine this feeling. It's like eating the best food in the world, it's like hearing the world's most beautiful song, it's like being in the bed with the world's most handsome man. Please change the skin and cleanse. No, no, this feeling is too comfortable, I'm going to experience it in the bathtub."

Because the electronic sound of the ionizer purifies the intoxication of the lady, the lady got up and planned to come over and turn off her phone, suddenly everyone heard her scream. Obviously, she saw the harmful substances discharged from her skin.

But what did the audience see? The audience saw a rosy skin on her face, like a girl's skin with a beautiful sheen compared with the grayish surrounding skin with yellow spots, it is like white snow and sewage.

A feeling of remorse passed from the corner of Qiao Shengan's eyes. If possible, if time goes backward Qiao Sheng'an would rather give up the robot and buy two ionizers. Now he finally understands why there are countless people on the official website asking for ionizers.

For eight thousand yuan! He would have bought two ionization purifiers for eight thousand yuan. He had the opportunity himself, but he rejected it.

"Oh my God! Give me a rope, I'm going to hang myself."

Qiao Shengan dived on the bed and grabbed it with the head first followed by his chest then feet and started to open the buttons of his shirt and bare his chest and yelling, he regretted it to death.

There was a Weibo left by the lady in the video. Qiao Shengan hurriedly logged in to her account to follow her and wanted to know more about the ionization purifier. Then he saw a plain photo without any PS and no beauty effect, in the photo, the woman who just looked thirty years old. Now she looked like twenty-four. The skin was rosy and shiny, even better than the makeup in the previous video.

Although there were still pale spots on the face, this was only the effect of purifying for the first time. As for the comments that followed the video was crazy, many people were asking her, what kind of comfort is it when doing purification? What does it feel like to quilt with the most handsome man in the world?

Qiao Shengan gave himself a slap because he had missed the huge opportunity at the conference site. Now it's okay, and 40,000 units would be sold out tomorrow. Yes, there would be forty thousand units! It would be so easy to grab, there won't be so many people in the forum posting high-priced acquisitions, he knew that before he couldn't even open the Monster's online store.

That night, Qiao Shengan turned around in the bed. In addition to regretful regrets, he was also guessing how that kind of numbness really felt.

The next day it was not bright, and Qiao Shengan took a taxi to Shanghai. In addition to driving his own Audi and buying another robot, he also wants to go to the Monster Heavy Industry to try his luck on the ionizer. The robot was let at his parents' home, but the robot's wearable controller was carried in his bag. He hasn't taught his parents to use the robot, and if the controller is left at home in case the neighbor's child comes over to play with it.

Originally, Qiao Shengan only had to bring the mechanical key, but the charging required the controller to activate the robot, so he had to bring the controller.
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