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Monster Factory Chapter 322: The Press Conference Begins

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April 30, 2020

The major forums and the major news websites, even in the game they have only talked about "She from the Alien" and Monster Heavy Industries. Because if this was a foreign science fiction film, at best, it would only create a box office story and would be highly recommended. Mostly when they talk about what kind of movie, it is.

But this was a domestic production science fiction film. As for the brain hole, the plot inside it was not too strange. It told the life of young people, unlike the traditional fantasy movies these foreign sci-fi movies, which have to bear the pressure of a savior.

But in life, there were always bright sparks. As the villain's foreign military-origin society, it tried using every effort and made every way to steal the secrets inside the base, but it did not expect to cause indescribable terror.

This is so much fun that the villains are crushed by all-around technology.

When the back-guard robot went alone to copy their old base alone, it provoked the public and he started clapping his hands until they turned red. All this because of the sense of realism of the vigilant robot which was bursting with the close-up shot where it did not use the money for special effects CGI. It was no exaggeration to say that it was a second man.

There was a screen shock with a natural plot, these factors gathered in a domestic film, let the audience naturally bombed the net.

Tianya, Sina, Ant technology, Tencent, Kai Mao.com.

Almost all comprehensive news websites were scrambling to give a big publicity title to "She from the alien". Speaking about the rise of domestic science fiction movies! With the realism of the picture which surpasses Transformers, it is a landmark work of domestic movies.

At noon that day, according to the data of the third-party box office websites such as Cat's Eye, CBO, Time, and others. "She from the Alien" is currently expected to do 170,000 movie copy, directly breaking the previous record created by Warcraft, accounting for 76% of all movies of the day.

As of now, the box office in less than 24 hours had exceeded the 200-million-mark onlooker. Not to mention Douban Ying was rated 9.7, with a total of more than 30,000 people rating.

Monster Heavy Factory was the second most popular. Since the movie was released, too many netizens have replaced the avatar with the Monster Heavy Factory logo. But… Nationwide, only very few people can own their products.

The mechanical engineering chair is 88,000 Yuan, the carving machine is more than 1 million Yuan, and the Mechanical Colossus Type I is 10 million Yuan.

At this price, even if the visitors are obsessed with the products and admired it, how many people can buy these products? Just like the concrete pump truck from Sany company, which had become the world's leading company. Even if it breaks more industrial and technological records and the product goes against the sky. It still has no chance with the vast majority of ordinary people.

Monsters Heavy Industry's official website directly buffered unlimitedly. In the beginning, employees in the network department thought they had been hacked again. As a result, when looking at the background, the number of IP visitors exceeded one million. Which made a big explosion in the number of visitors...

Fortunately, the news that two new products of Monsters Heavy Industry are about to be released has spread. And one product turned out to be a robot, and the other product was only a little bigger than a mobile phone. But according to the previous products of Monsters Heavy Industry, even family robots are certainly extremely expensive. It seems that there are no intelligent robots and they are useless.

In the movie, the robot with a memory alloy casing and the silver-white diamond-shaped cold head is what they want. As for buying a robot that needs a remote control or to walk on wheels, they think they are not so interested.

They are looking forward to the second product, which was only a little bigger than the mobile phone. The appearance was also very beautiful, and there were three color options. Whether it was a water purifier or an air purifier, it was at least a product closely related to life.

At noon, Jiang Ya, the editor in chief of the science and technology section of Kai Mao.com, was snoozing and sleeping with his pillow. Because yesterday in the National Golden Day, editor Jiang Ya was almost busy. Last night, a vice president of a technology company wanted to advertise a new product on Kai Mao. com. Not only did the advertising cost go to one million, and he also permitted him to go to the most luxurious Club Queen Chongqing in the area for a whole night.

In the dream, editor-in-chief Jiang Ya felt a slight shake in his pocket. Glancing at it, it turned out that the phone was shaking. And he sat up suddenly from the bed because he saw seven unanswered phone calls, and now urging the same, the boss website always called.

"Mr. Jiang, what are you doing? Why is the special report of Monster Heavy Industry not available in the technology section?" The boss growled on the phone: "Also. Before eight o'clock tonight, return the report from the Monster Heavy Industry new product launch site. If I can't see your report of the technology version, don't come to work the next day."

It is not easy to find a gap when the boss is gushing. Jiang Ya, the chief editor, asks with a smile: "Boss, do the Monster Heavy Industry had paid for it? A million for home page topics, plus the live interview? "

"Give money?" The boss at the end of the phone was inexplicable.

"Monster Heavy Industry has contacted the technology section before and invited us to participate in a new product launch. I gave them a quotation. The reporter interviewed 50,000 Yuan, scrolled news in the home page 100,000 Yuan, and the special introduction was one million." The editor-in-chief Jiang Ya is very proud. Now the boss agrees to give the Monster Heavy Industry a special topic. Naturally, they paid the advertising fee.

"I will make the job myself." The editor-in-chief Jiang Ya asked for credit: "Boss, don't worry, I will go to the company to arrange it."

"Quote?" The voice on the other side of the phone seems to have been blown up by the atomic bomb: "people invited you before, how dare you even made quotes?"

"Wow, Mr. Jiang, you really give us a long face to Kai Mao. You fucking now know how many online media outlets have broken their heads in order to qualify for the Monster Heavy Industry new product launch conference? You think you done so well that you dare to ask them for a quote!"

"Ah?" Jiang Ya, the editor-in-chief, felt his head hammered.

It's not only Kai Mao.com but also Ant Technology and triumphant media, all of them almost have their intestines bruised.

Before the Monster Heavy Industry took the initiative to invite, it had been very sincere to look to set up a special interview seat but they said they were not willing. And right now, when they called again with a sullen face. The receptionist responded to them in a formal way; You are welcome to come to the interview, but the previous interview seat has been withdrawn. If you want to interview, you can reserve an ordinary auditorium.

Without forgetting to have a place for them. We do not say that there is not a location, but now they must rush to the Internet hot spot and they are also willing to stand in the aisle.

At 6:00 pm, the parking lot of the Chenggang Science and Technology Center of Yunshi City had just a dozen of internet media interview vehicles that everyone was familiar with. The online media that everyone is not familiar with, even those who can come are here. This is called enthusiasm!

Now don't care about the website of A Mao A Gou, as long as there is a news related to the two keywords of "She from the alien" and the Monster Heavy Industry. The CTR is doubled up.

In addition to the media, there are more than 200 mechanical engineering chair customers from surrounding cities.

To be honest, these people are not very pleased, and this can be seen in their eyes in the cars.

The Audi A6 is the first time that came here. BMW and Mercedes Benz alone have come to more than 30 cars, causing passers-by passing by to watch over and over again.
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