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Monster Factory Chapter 321: The Cool Robo

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April 27, 2020

This is impossible!

Who could use real machinery to perfectly simulate human motion gestures? Hollywood could not do it, and German machinery factories can't.

But the visual picture that subverted Qiao Shengan's imagination really happened on the screen. This kind of robot disguised with urea fertilizer bag and the most traditional things of China, when exposed to the audience for the first time, achieved an incredible effect. The shield-shaped monster logo on the robot's chest had once again become a target of praise from the audience.

As soon as it appeared, it had represented a visual feast.

The security robot withdrew a short stick and pointed at two camouflaged armored assault vehicles. The metal short stick popped open and turned into a sci-fi sword. The lens zoomed in sharply, fixed on the sword, and there were two extremely tiny saw teeth at the sword edge, moving quickly back and forth.

The battle began.

The camouflage was completely thrown away by the two trucks, revealing the assault tanks inside, and the remote-controlled machine guns on the two tanks fired simultaneously. The security robot was hit back and forth, and the machine gun, with huge kinetic energy, finally left shallow bullet marks on the dark golden body of the warning robot.

However, when the security robot moved abruptly and entered a high-speed dodging state to approach the assault vehicle. The closely followed camera clearly caught the bullet marks on its dark golden body and slowly recovered.

The security robot charged the sword's tongue of fire with and a flame of golden fire passed and the rear of the assault vehicle was cut like tofu. The special squadrons in the chariot are all scared away for their lives. What the hell is this? And the other chariot started to run wild and met the security robot in the halfway.

In the truck compartment, it happened to be the mechanical maintenance spider that needed to return to the interior of the spacecraft to supplement energy after the plasma battery was consumed. But as soon as the hero wanted to change the mechanical maintenance spider light from the low beam into the high beam. He was penetrated by a bullet through the front windshield and pierced his chest like a chisel.

After the power consumption, the maintenance spider in the dormant state was removed, and the hero was laying on the ground. Unfortunately, it wasn't the confidante who was with him, but the members of the foreign special forces who raised their guns to make him confess. So, they forced him to confess what is his origin and where he came from and why there are powerful robots far ahead of the current technology level?

Suddenly an orange-red streamer, from the sky, whistled through the night sky. The sound whose cutting through the air was overwhelming. There was a mysterious object shrouded in a brilliant orange-red glow descends from the sky. It was a machine with four columns and a silver mercury mirror metal on top. The four columns on the machine were engraved with inexplicable totems.

After the four pillars had shrouded the actor, they even glowed one after another and entered a state of rapid rotation. The surrounding space is distorted, and the light is blurred.

This is an energy shield generator. The special team saw the bullets unable to penetrate that layer of light and fled after losing a grenade. The grenade exploded, and the actor was in the energy shield generator. It was like watching a firework without sound. The silent firework light illuminated the bloodshot eyes of the famous film critic Qiao Shengan.

Real scenes from assault vehicles to energy generators, all are real scenes.

This is not the laughable prop of some films, which is laughable and foamed in molds. It's a real product that he can't pick out any flaws at all. It seems that director Ding Yin has an alien relationship and specifically seeks them to borrow.

But this is not the laughable prop of some movies, ridiculous, using the foam in the mold to mold the laughing dead props. It's a real product that he can't pick out any flaws at all.

It seems that the director Ding Yin has an alien relationship and deliberately seeks them for the real product he borrowed. Especially this security robot who was so cool and also handsome, with a silver head and dark golden body which Qiao Shengan simply loved it.

In reality, if there was such a warning robot for sale. Qiao Shengan could watch 10,000 rotten movies and making a film review against his will, all this because he was willing to buy one. Also, he always thought of the monster logo on the robot's chest.

The movie came to a critical moment.

The hero has become angry. Three sci-fi scouts vacated to pursue the enemy, while the security robot picked up the hero and flew towards the spaceship.

After watching the time, the movie only passed for one hour. Qiao Shengan breathed a sigh of relief, and it seemed that the previously scanned male lead gene map and the anti-sky medical cabin would come in handy.

Not a tragedy!

It seems that in Weibo, Qiao Shengan had a close friend who posted an unpacking picture of a chair, and the logo was on the back of the chair. He dared to take out his mobile phone and go to find the history of a friend.

While the hero was rescued in the medical cabin, Qiao Shengan also found the picture in his memory. The Mechanical engineering chair, produced by Monster Heavy Industry!

"Dear God, who will tell me, can Monster Heavy Industry create a security robot?" Qiao Shengan could not care to write movie reviews. His mind was full of the logo of the security robot just now.

With the news of several movie pictures taken with cell phones, the comments immediately skyrocketed like wild grass.

Qiao Shengan only groaned and planned to take out his mobile phone to read the comments.

"Haha ~ Did our Qiao Shengan go to the movies?"

"How about the movie? Is the movie good-looking? Can't you apologize quickly?"

"Qiao Shengan thinks this movie can score 100 points, or 99:99?"

Qiao Shengan, who has somersault to see the comments, has been waiting until the end of the movie.

With the help of the hero, the heroine finally repairs the Starship. Then the hero cried and stood in the field to see the farewell.

"Although it was a very old-fashioned parting ending, I am still moved." Qiao Shengan wiped the corner of his eyes secretly.

"During the start of the Curvature Engine, please set the jump coordinates. Search for the nearest black hole in space."

"Warning, if the coordinate point is set as a black hole, the interstellar spacecraft will be completely annihilated. If you insist on this choice, please enter the password with the highest authority. "

The heroine enters a long list of 000 without hesitation. And then, when the curved engine enters the ignition countdown. She takes the alert robot and the maintenance spider in the interstellar spacecraft. And when the interstellar spacecraft soared into the sky and became a black spot, it instantly pierced the sky.

Sitting in the sweet potato field, the hero who was crying, Gu Long got up and looked at the heroine who was smiling and approaching him.

"Aouu Aouu ~"

In the screening room, the audience howled.

Qiao Shengan followed the wolf's roar until he couldn't catch his breath, then he laughed happily and he could look at the dynamic comments just now. There are two hundred comments, half of them are ridiculous. Qiao Shengan doesn't care. He just wants to know the news related to the Monster Heavy Factory and the robot.

Suddenly a message with these three sentences came to Qiao Shengan's phone: "Since you ask, I will tell you with great compassion. Before the movie was released, the website of Monsters Heavy Industry had released two new products. One of the products is a robot, and the new product launch is scheduled tonight."

Qiao Shengan's heart, which had just recovered, was beating again with the stimulus of this comment.

A robot, new product launch!

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