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Monster Factory Chapter 320: The Field is Full

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The screening hall was full at midnight, and it was full at two in the morning.

Almost anyone who had watched the movie had to use the most exciting language to describe the movie in social circles. Since the promotional video could only reflect the wonderful five minutes inside the film. "She from the Alien" film was simply shocking and exciting.

Everyone knew that blockbusters burned money, and above all in a qualified science fiction movie, mainly in such a film where the special effects CGI time, took the majority. But most viewers didn't have a very obvious concept of special effects burning money.

Let's put it this way, the domestic film special effects production team is always charging per second when producing special effects CGI that can only be called a blockbuster in China.

Simpler, it was needed twenty thousand to thirty thousand Yuan to do a one-second sequence. If it was a complex picture, especially CGI related to monster humans, the price was higher. And the audience joked saying that domestic sci-fi movies are special effects of fifty cents, which is quite correct.

In order to save costs, many crews use existing models already available abroad or reduce the fidelity of CGI special effects to save prices. But those are all based on the false. If there is a monster to shoot, there is no need for a dime of CGI special effects fee. And in the end, they take shots, they did not have to worry about how to save time and money.

The biggest difference between the two is the gap in visual experience brought about during movie viewing. No matter how realistic the CGI effects are, it is hard to escape the eyes of the audience. Especially when interacting with people, the coordinate points are not handled well. So, the actor becomes acting against the air, which can see the embarrassment of the audience.

The live shooting, it is true in itself. Whether it's light, shadow, color, interaction, everything looks so natural.

By the next morning, all major movie theaters chose to make the addition. The filming could be started at 7 am, and the time of entering and exiting was reduced to 15 minutes.

The advantage of the National Day golden week is that they don't have to go to work. Even at 4 a.m., they can grit their teeth to watch the film.

At 6.40 in the morning, the sun has not yet fully risen, the breeze is blowing. And the coolness of Wanda Studios in Shanghai City has begun to gather more than 500 people. They are waiting anxiously and lamely. It's the crowd stamping their feet and covering their heads with the clothes.

An Audi slowly parked in an underground parking lot. A well-known Sina Weibo film critic, Qiao Shengan, with more than five million followers, held a movie ticket and got on the elevator in a huff. Seriously, as a professional film critic and the most successful film critic in China. He shouldn't have been coming in line to watch the movie in the cold wind so early. There should be an appointment with three or five friends, and the movie distributor will personally provide a screening room for the private venue.

Okay ~

It's the National Day golden week, and all the auditoriums have been vacated to "She from the alien", Qiao Shengan can only take tickets to watch the movie. Before the movie was released, Qiao Shengan had reprinted the promotional video on Weibo. In the beginning, he commented that the promo for this movie was wonderful. But according to the domestic situation, most of the movie content and the promo requested two special effects teams.

Qiao Shengan did not say that the movie was not good, he said that domestic movies still have a long way to go. Director Ding Yin and Tian Hou Xu Ninggong did not have to rush to prove themselves. They could first shoot some martial and good arts themes at home, wait until the level of domestic special effects has improved, and then shoot this alien science fiction theme that was not easy to hit the pot.

Before the original movie was released, Qiao Shengan's words were supported by a lot of fans. But from eight o'clock last night, more and more people who have watched the movie "She from the alien". Let him quickly delete its critic from the Weibo and apologize to the entire supporters.

Last night, Qiao Shengan was brushing the action film full of stars of the Republic of China but did not expect that Weibo was almost exploded by the supporter of "She from the alien." After reading those comments, Qiao Sheng was anxious and almost dropped his phone. It was only early in the morning; he came to the cinema with a sigh of anger and prepared to use a stabbing film review. To leave those who were supportive of "She from the alien" and push him to apologize shut up.

Twenty minutes later the movie started.

The shocking spacecraft forced the landing scene. Because of the previous promotional video, Qiao Shengan was shocked and shocked. But anyway, there is mental preparation.

However, when the first of the film that is. The heroine changed the concept of superseding by scrap Santana. Qiao Shengan's cold attitude couldn't hold up any more, he was completely immersed in the world created by this film. He was stabbed and forgotten by him long ago.

After transforming the supercar, the heroine went on to college, and she studied bioengineering. As a result of the huge gap in civilization, the heroine always said some nonsense that was very neurotic to the professor accidentally.

The heroine was very silly and naive in order to get a diploma. To help her improve her level of study because she slept as an excuse. The heroine was tricked into a medical cabin full of inexplicable sense of science fiction, and the gene analyzer was used to reconstruct the complete her human gene map.

Fortunately, the hero had seen through her little trick and hides this genetic map that can make all the countries in the world crazy.

The peaceful life was broken because of the hero's trick. He used a mechanical repair spider to open a car repair shop, but when he was repairing a car driven by a foreigner, the foreigner discovered one doubtful clue. They are a large arms quantity with a military background.

After a secret investigation, the police felt there is something wrong with that dry lake where the hero and heroine lived in. A team of well-equipped and heavily armed special operations squadrons quietly invaded by commercial freighters. Then arrived in an advanced armored assault vehicle disguised as two civilian vans, they came here, and they were ready to investigate and incidentally take away mechanical maintenance spiders.

The most part of the film started with this. It was located on the edge of the sweet potato field, and the security robot disguised as a scarecrow was the first to discover them. The laser beam swept over the assault vehicle with the truck's shell covered by the extraterrestrial detection spectrum.

"This is a secret military base. If you are not busy, please leave immediately." In the moonlight, wearing a bag of urea fertilizer, wearing a broken hat, wearing rainproof rubber shoes, the robot slowly walked to the front of two trucks.

The audience laughed directly, Qiao Shengan also laughed. The robot in front of them is definitely the most grounded one they have ever seen. Because the actor thinks of camouflage, he uses his own fertilizer pocket and tailors to disguise himself as a scarecrow.

The response from foreign special warfare squads was extremely direct, and the assault rifle with the muffler installed made a blast.

"Ding Ding Ding ~ Ding Ding Ding ~"

Thirty metal sparks exploded, and the guard robot whose urea fertilizer pocket was broken slowly raised its head. And took off the hat in the eyes of the special battle team.

The angled, diamond-shaped faces outlined by silver-white metal are exposed in front of the special operations team. On the metal skull, a pair of cold green light green electronic eyes. Quietly watching the two trucks, just like advanced intelligent life, looking at a group of carbon-based monkeys.

"Why... what?" The fighters were disturbed and frightened.

A bold member smashed a grenade in the past, the roaring explosion sound. And the firelight rushed from the guard robot, and those things used to disguise were completely broken, revealing its true body.

It has the condensing and texture of metal, like a dark golden robot streamlined body cast by Bai Alchemy. Metallic muscles are as shiny as mirrors without any damage. Qiao Shengan covered his mouth and shouted in disbelief. This... this robot is not even a computer CGI production.
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