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Monster Factory Chapter 310: One Husband Goes Off

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Choosing force to show determination, it was clear that General Babro from Nsukka took a step first.

Discovering these three fairly high-end all-terrain vehicles from General Mopu which form a convoy, they can be very patient. When they head to the airport. They do this ambush. They were very daring to choose to do it on the road from an hour from the airport.

It is enough to show how powerful General Babro can be to have this mine.

"You… turn around." An armed man came over and shouted in English, and the assault rifle was hung casually by his waist.

Chinese people, he had yelled twice before.

Whether it's his own practice or listening to his colleagues drinking and chatting.

The Chinese who come here are all submissive and ready to be slaughtered in the face of armed robbery.

They don't need guns at all, and they just have to stand next to them and they will obediently give away their money.

Sure enough, when he came to Qiao Pingxu with a short rope, Qiao Pingxu obediently raised his hands.

"Haha ~" The armed man smiled high up.

"You... raise your hands." He tied Qiao Pingxu, and he shows another short rope to the metal expert and motioned him to cooperate.

At the same time, the armed man also noticed a detail. The young man, who looks like a candid man, with the elite white-collar worker like in foreign movies holds a briefcase in the LV Peugeot.

"I'll leave you alone for a while." Huaiyu thought and grabbed the Master Metal Expert's wrist.

This elite white-collar worker, who may have never even fought, he only needs to press hard on his wrist, and the other party will cry for mercy.

"Hold his wrist and squeeze it again."


The armed man felt he seemed to be holding a steel pipe and that it was a solid welded steel pipe.

"My grass, how much strong?"

The armed man tried his best to hold the Master Metal Expert's arm with both hands, only to find out that the man was as powerful as a rhino.

Before he could yell in surprise, his hands were suddenly buckled.

The Master Metal Expert reversed the man's two hands with one hand, and the roles of the hunter and the prey instantly changed.

The temperament of the Master Metal Expert suddenly changed. Facing the muzzle of the black hole not far away, and the heavily armed personnel, his mouth angled upwards, revealing a slight indifferent smile.

There was indescribable pride in this smile.

A gust of wind blew through, blowing off his suit jacket, and there was a Glock who was handed to him by Qiao Pingxu.

Glock 18, a defensive pistol very popular with military and non-military personnel.

17 rounds standard magazine, with automatic and single-shot shooting mode, adjusted to automatic mode, can dump all ammunition in two seconds.

No one found out that the metal expert buckled the man's arm. Which seemed to be the rhythm of the metal expert being caught and tied by the rope.

The attention of these armed gunmen is also not here, because foreigners are also technical personnel and a scout and these armed gunmen can easily complete the binding task.

Those eight men who had undergone long-term training and were sent by General Mopu were the main targets of the embankment.

Everyone's muzzle was aimed at those eight generals. Three armed men with bazookas raised their aiming rods slightly.

Now that their men and women are going to bind the captives, they naturally need to raise the aiming rod to prevent accidental injury.

Glock was pulled out of his waistband by a metal expert. The terrible sense of speed, which changed from static to dynamic, made no one react.

The Glock was pulled out of the trousers belt from the Master Metal Expert. And the terrible sense of speed that changed from static to dynamic and moving made no one react.

From the Master Metal Expert clasps the arms of the armed man beside him until pulling out the Glock who is in his waist.

How fast is this moment?

Usually, humans deal with crisis situations in 0.2 to 0.4 seconds.

This is the time when a man sees a crisis situation and then his body reacts.

"Bang ~ Bang ~ Bang ~ Bang ~"

The Master Metal Expert's arm thrust forward like a sharp arrow. He raised the Glock in his hand and fired four shots in less than 0.2 seconds.

The sound of gunfire was rapid, almost connected.

Four armed men armed with guns are preparing to bring eight General Mopu to the side of the road. When the gunshots sounded, the four of them moved in an instant and then fell straight to the ground.

The Master Metal Expert turned against the men and they did not taste the bullet hitting their eyebrows. After he had issued Pavarotti and screamed loudly, the armed men who had to do a beautiful ambush in the truck woke up one after another and adjusted their muzzles unbelievably.

Someone was faster than them. The finished glyph was hiding behind an abandoned truck. Three heavy weapon personnel holding bazookas had just given their brains orders to lower the bazooka attack position.

The Master Metal Expert has already turned the muzzle, and the speed is so fast that Qiao Pingxu and the nearest eight unlucky ghosts. Visually, or in his mind, there is a feeling of a thrill that this guy is not human at all.

Three gunshots continued, and three blood flowers bloomed on the foreheads.

They didn't figure it out when their minds were frozen and they were enveloped by endless darkness. How did the Master Metal Expert do this, and with a wave of their arms? He didn't need to aim at three points and one line to smash bullets into their brows?

The moment the third person was hit, the Master Metal Expert rolled forward violently.

"Da Da Da Da ~"

The unique crisp sound of the AK assault rifle sounded. On the rear truck, dozens of armed men stood up, firing wildly at the position of Master Metal Expert.

"Poop poop!"

The bullets hit the ground, splashing countless Mars and dust, but they were doomed.

Because the Master Metal Expert had jumped a distance of four or five meters along the ground. And it was the armed man who was caught by the Master Metal Expert's wrist was beaten into a sieve.

At this point, he could no longer be called an armed person, because the AK assault rifle he was carrying was gone.

While dodging, the Master Metal Expert pulled the Glock again.

The last ten rounds were shot in a fan shape.

This time, the bullet did not bloom on the brows. It was like a sickle that cut grass, knocking down four armed men.

Qiao Pingxu's ghost screamed into the Mercedes-Benz SUV, and the other eight accompanied him until one of them was hit by an ankle with a jumping bomb.

They went to pick up the weapons they had thrown away, and the moment they picked up the weapons, they flew from hell to earth in an instant.

In the first two seconds, he still had a winning look and he was planning to take these three high-end off-road vehicles to his own armed leaders. At that moment, he was standing straight on the hot road.

There are two blood holes in his chest. is located in the center of the heart and is bleeding outwards.

In the movie, who are the Chinese people who sit in the office and taste the coffee elegantly, while processing the documents?

Why does he kill 11 of them with a pistol?

Unfortunately, he will never figure it out.

The Glock was thrown away, and the AK assault rifle full in the magazine was held in the hands of Master Metal Expert.

The team involved in the ambush no longer dared to look up.

They hid in the carriages welded with thick steel plates. And they looked as desperate as the eight soldiers who were responsible for the security of Master Metal Expert that they encountered.

The eight reborn soldiers held their arms and trembled, not like the Master Metal Expert.

Seeing the scene, the Master Metal Expert glanced slightly. They looked as if they were peerless, and almost stabbed their eyes.

This momentum is a penetrating power that erupts after you have absolute confidence in your professional field.

Fighting power of five means that his physical fitness is much higher than normal people.

Machinery is his life, and firearms are exactly one of the most classic products in machinery.

A Master Metal Expert who can play the Mechanical Colossus Type I's inverse function, whether it is driving machinery or firearms, has an innate talent.

"Jin... Jin... Master..." Qiao Pingxu hid in a Mercedes car, and tears in eyes were scared.

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