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Monster Factory Chapter 293: One body shock.

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Knightley asked him if he couldn't understand the precision machining industry, especially the difficulty of high-precision machining.

The exquisite master reveals an unpredictable smile and walks to the pile of precision mechanical parts placed carefully on the cushion.

Escaped splint, hour wheel, span wheel, needle wheel, stem, tourbillon, spring.

These parts, only from the perspective of grinding accuracy, can really make a large number of old workers in China ashamed to drill ground seams.

"The problem is with the parts you have fitted."

The words of the Master Craftsman made a group of white-bearded old workers under the Staffin Group unable to sit still.

They take their beard and stare at the master, asking him why he came to the conclusion that the fault was on them.

"Even without even measuring, I came to this conclusion." Knightley shook his head and smiled confidently: "You are unfounded to ridicule our Staffin Group."

The Master Craftsman is calm and continues to say: "The needle has a breakpoint working state, but you can't even check out the most basic troubleshooting."

"Do I need to laugh at this kind of thing?"

Knightley and the group of white-bearded old workers behind him seemed to be hit by the key, and the expression solidified.

The maintenance and repair of mechanical watches is the masterpiece of their group of white-bearded old workers. On the fifth floor of the shopping mall, there is also a separate Gothic decoration, which is full of noble nostalgic and famous clubs.

They claim to be able to repair any antique mechanical watch, and it also collects the most complete limited edition of famous watches in China.

Now they even have a mechanical watch that they have designed and manufactured, and they can't find out the fault.

All parts are not damaged or deformed, and there is no change inaccuracy.

The group of white-bearded old workers had no choice but to give the reason to the Chinese side. But the Master Craftsman hit the blood and pointed out their cowardly behavior.


The mechanical watch made by themselves can't even detect the most basic faults. Does this require people to laugh at it?

It should be them, laughing at themselves.

"You... how do you prove it?" Knightley glared at his eyes, all convinced.

"Want to know which part is the problem?" The Master Craftsman used his hand to slip over a part inadvertently.

"This way, I will give you some answers."

"If I finish, you can't judge where the problem is." The Master Craftsman carefully looked around the group of white-bearded old workers and nodded: "Then you are..."

"Stupid to a level."

Maybe it's because of the lack of confidence. When he was swept by the little old man who seemed a farmer. This gang of a group of white-bearded old workers, who had high attainments in the field of precision parts, suddenly got nervous.

Something is inexplicable…

They are worried about becoming fools.

This feeling is like a teacher saying in front of a student: I tell you how to solve the problem. If you still can't figure out the correct answer, then simply clean up the blackboard and go home to plant the land may be more promising.

In the minds of this group of white-bearded old workers, the Master Craftsman calmly gave the answer.

"You made a mistake that made you look down on your hands."

"Making large mechanical watches is not a very difficult technology in itself. But you blindly think that when you make a large mechanical watch, you can still control the travel time error within the ten-second error range of a common watch. Instead, you use a design with the same complex structure as a watch. "

"The same processing technology, and design ideas, to create different parts size. If mechanical manufacturing is so easy, then what about 10,000 tons and 50,000 tons of hydraulic hammers? All use 10,000 tons.”

"I won't say that the precision of the parts you made is worse than what I have done with my eyes closed."

“Let’s talk about the most important tourbillon in it.”

"The balance of the balance on the tourbillon looks beautiful. But you used this kind of mentally retarded wire structure to go around this giant mechanical watch with a diameter of three meters?"

After the Master Craftsman finished speaking, on the side of the young vice-president Knightley, the group of white-bearded old workers who looked older than Master Craftsman. All their eyes turned into cockfighting eyes and stared at the Master Craftsman.

There is no swearing, and they have hints of squatting. It was straightforward to tell them the problem was on the tourbillon they were most proud of.

And even the parts on the tourbillon were pointed out in detail.

Their redesigned wheel is equipped with three layers of blue steel hairspring.

A tourbillon consisting of more than seventy parts. It is the core device to distinguish between noble watches and ordinary watches.

An ordinary mechanical watch, for example, has a price of 10,000 Yuan. The mechanical watch with the tourbillon device is sold for 200,000 Yuan.

The tourbillon, which was specifically designed to overcome gravity, successfully controlled the travel time error of the mechanical watch to the second level. The balance wheel above the tourbillon and the hairspring above the balance wheel are the soul devices.

As one of the largest manufacturers of watch parts in Switzerland, the Starfinch Group is a housekeeping business.

Of course, when making this huge mechanical watch, the tourbillon will naturally be used to show its noble blood.

The tourbillon controls the second wheel movement, while the second wheel moves one circle, which drives the minute movement to one frame. And the minute wheel movement to make one movement, which drives the hour wheel to move one against.

Therefore, the tourbillon is the basis of precision. Of course, the parts on the tourbillon have problems, and the whole clock will follow the problem.

"No...no...no." There was a white-bearded old worker who stuttered and said with panic: "If there is a problem with our winding structure, why does it run for three days before, there is no problem?"

The Master Craftsman asked him curiously, "because of the idiocy of the designer, are there few cases of operation failure in a short period of time?"

The group of white-bearded old workers quickly surrounded the tourbillon like a celestial wheel, and the most important balance wheel had been removed.

The Master Craftsman said that their design of swinging wheel and winding wire was simply mentally retarded.

However, all the balance springs have mosquito-like winding solutions. Although they made some changes on the balance wheel, the hairspring did not move.

After the group of white-bearded old workers look at the structure of the hairspring later, and they really found some clues.

The mosquito-like elastic hairspring can evenly distribute the gravity deviation caused by gravity. The size is getting bigger now, it seems that the hairspring...

"I can't tell you the feeling. I think it's a little wrong. However, due to the lack of technology, there is nothing wrong."

"Do you think this structure can't distribute gravity deviation more reasonably?" The Master Craftsman had a kind appearance of being a teacher: "and then there may be problems such as vibration in the filament?"


The group of white-bearded old workers who have been assigned to the idiots, like the Thunder and all white-bearded old workers are shocked.
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