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Monster Factory Chapter 247: The principle is this

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Why did they spend a whole month investigating the water situation in Tianjiang?

Also, a professional metal fatigue test?

As well produce high-end technology products?

Is a day really enough for the Monster Heavy Factory to cause the complete defeat of their own technology?

Zhang Yutian had an extremely dissatisfied heart.

"The product so strong, what did they use?"

Zhang Yutian, who suddenly thought of a key issue and sneered.

"Your product, the light hull is 12 meters high, if you want to install it on the rocky beach of Haitang Island, I'm afraid you have to dig foundations of fifteen meters deep and counting the time needed for the construction of underground buildings, concrete maintenance walk - it takes a whole year…"

"Our product requires half a year of construction."

One year to build and six months to build. There is no comparison.

The crowd suddenly stopped.

They all understood the necessary time of the construction of a flood control wall, the gap between one year and six months, was not so simple.

They can’t wait an extra six months.

The population will lose billions of Yuan.

When the island is closed for a year, it will take a long time to recover the prosperity of the past.

Mayor Qu opened his eyes wide, and he in his heart more than the amount of technology, he cares more about construction time.

“Who told you that the products of our Monster Heavy Factory needed to excavate the agate rocky beach and build a fifteen-meter deep concrete foundation?”

"You ha ~ if you do not dig up the agate rocky beach, how can you block the elevated water level?"

Zhang Yutian was like he was shot with chicken blood, fighting in high spirits:

"Looking at the world..."

"The first industrial city Cologne used the flood wall in 1984..."

"The beautiful Danube River in Austria..."

"The flood control of the North Sea in the Netherlands..."

"And the Tianjiang River in china."

"In the upper reaches of these cities, they are prone to flooding."

“All flood protection walls must have pre-excavated and built concrete pedestals...”

"Please tell me, are you going sticking glue on the agate rocky beach?"

Zhang Yutian’s emotions were out of control, but he still keeps a clear line of clarity.

The construction time has become his biggest and only advantage, and he must firmly grasp this.

Everyone is holding their breath, and Zhang Yutian’s questioning also becomes their biggest concern.

In the early days of the Ming Dynasty, Haitang Island was officially named. "Two Rivers County."

Seven years later, Governor Tan Zhonglin of Guangxu raised funds to build a branch building on Haitang Island."

Ye Qing responded to Zhang Yutian:

"As early as the early Ming Dynasty, Haitang Island was just a reef beach with river surface. The sediment in the river was slowly silting up. Today, Haitang Island has become a large island with an area of 1.6 kilometers."

"Rocky Agate Beach must be on the island of Haitang."

"Then work on the agate rocky beach, even if it is hidden afterward, the entire agate rocky beach must be plowed to build a hidden artificial building complex."

“Who can guarantee that the agate rocky beach will be restored to the same shape after the construction?”

"When the river rises, the guests who come to visit the two rivers pass through the bridge across the river. From a distance, a circle of artificially built steel walls divides the agate rocky beach into two halves, and the original ecological scenery is completely destroyed. The discerning tourists might make irresponsible remarks."

"The front of the agate rocky beach is the river, the river is muddy, and the rock is below the sand."

"The flood walls designed by our Monster Heavy Factory do not have to be installed on the agate rocky beach."

“It’s away from the agate rocky beach by dozens of meters, using large ship-borne hydraulic equipment to break into the rock layer below accurately. In the middle of the river, Haitang Island is surrounded by a circle.”

"We have calculated that the river water dozens of meters away from the agate rocky beach is only 1.6 meters deep, and the sediment layer is 2 meters thick. Our submersible floodwall will be completely parallel with the river bottom after breaking into the rock layer. The 8:4 and 4 meters deep are all nailed into the rock layer."

“Rock is a natural pedestal. When the water level of the Tianjiang River rises. The floodwall is hidden at the bottom of the risen river. Even the highest historical water level of 1957 cannot cross the flood wall we designed.”

"So, Zhang Yutian of Amano Heavy Industries, do you understand?"

There is a great quiet.

The whole experimental field was completely silent.

The test engineer holding the walkie-talkie in his hand almost broke it because of the squeezing of his fingers, ah if only he were less than forty years old.

The walkie-talkie was no longer necessary, and naturally, there is no longer any other thoughts, so the opening command of the anti-wave test was issued.

Diving flood wall?

"My God..."

"If the flood wall is installed in the river water ten meters away from the agate rocky beach, it will not only be completely perfect but also completely preserve the original ecological environment of Haitang Island."

The engineers who are two Jiangren people were excitedly trembling:

"In this way, Haitang Island can still operate as usual. Visitors could go to the beach to pick agate stones."

“There is no construction on the agate rocky beach at all, and there will be a natural landscape.”

“This is a fantastic design beyond imagination..."

"Even if the water level of the Tianjiang River rises, tourists can still fully travel to the island.”

“You can also enjoy a different and magnificent view.”

Mayor Qu Kangxin felt his blood pressure rise because of excitement:

“The river is a few meters high outside, and Haitang Island is like a paradise.”

"The most important thing is that Haitang Island, doesn't have to be closed during the year, and you don't have to close it for half a year or even close it for a day."

“Before at Liangjiang Tourism Bureau, there has been long-term complaints from tourists that the water quality in Tianjiang is too turbid. They look at the beautiful agate rocky beach, but they can't swim in the water.”

“Ha ~ ha~ If you use this type of submersible flood wall, we can completely separate the water from the other side of Haitang Island and inject clean, fresh water for tourists to swim. The floodwall can also guarantee the safety of tourists."

The engineers and Mayor Qu Kangxin have already fallen into a huge circle of happiness.

The submersible flood control wall is 10 meters away from Haitang Island and is generally parallel to the surface of the river.

Then, when the flood season comes, Liangjiang City will have a new and magnificent landscape.

A magnificent landscape created by technology, this technological landscape firmly defends the safety of Haitang Island.

The testing equipment of the water conservancy laboratory cannot fight these floodwalls. What safety aspects do they have to worry about?

This is the perfect combination of technology and nature!

"I... I... I..."

The mayor who first climbed out of the happy circle, went to Ye Qing, and he held Ye Qing’s hands:

"Please forgive me. I am too... too excited."

“Is this submersible flood wall be completely waterproof after being nailed into the rocks?”

"The pressure of nine megapascals can't cause leakage. There is no problem if the water depth is less than two meters."

The engineer in charge of the test answered the question of Mayor Qu.

"Haha ~ Mr. Ye, I represent the entire people of Liangjiang City, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and the Monster Heavy Factory for your ingenious works."

"Mayor Qu is too polite."

Ye Qing while looking at Zhang Yutian whose face was whiter than paper and smiled:

"In fact, there is also the merit of Amano Heavy Industries."

Mayor Qu turned his head in confusion and looked at Zhang Yutian.

The latter's face turned from white to green, and from green to red, and his eyes were desperate.

The original victory of Amano Heavy Industries was because there was Anqi Heavy Industry and Tianli Group.

In an inappropriate way, others wanted Monster Heavy Factory to be transferred to their group.
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