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Monster Factory Chapter 246: Limit Tes

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The master craftsman has always been direct since there is no euphemism in his inventive spirit.

The line is a line, or a line is not a line, there are no other paths.

Obviously, the chief engineer in charge of the test thought it wouldn't work, so he still let the pressurized chamber rise the pressure to three megapascals.

Zhang Yutian laughed wryly and smoked in an out of the way corner. Obviously, it was no longer necessary for him to say anything.

The Monster Heavy Factory can’t make a big ocean this time.

“The test will begin.”

When everything was ready, the chief engineer rushed to the intercom.

The chief engineer’s voice has just fallen, the pressure chamber and the circulating water station have not yet come to open the valve.

"Buzz ~ Um ~ Um ~!"

Three iron shield-like flood walls fixed on the test bench ejected three silver-white metals to the top of the test floor and were closely attached to the water flow valve.

Zhang Yutian heavily rubbed his eyes.

When he glanced over, he could not seem to find the top of the floodwall, there wasn’t even a gap.

How did it change in the blink of an eye?

The chief engineer was also ruined by such an abrupt visual illusion.

"Buzz ~ Um ~ ~."

For two seconds, there must be three silver, shiny metal walls.

There were no gaps.

They hadn't noticed any gap before, there is only one possibility.

Between the metal baffle and the base, the gap is very small, so small that it is easy to ignore.

For example, the gap between the engine piston and the cylinder is small enough to be ignored.

High-precision slitting, along with extremely fast pop-up speeds.

If it’s only these two points, then they have completely Bested the product of Amano Heavy Industries.

Zhang Yutian's heart thumped quietly.

Zhang Yutian was quite comfortable.

This kind of product that can be produced in the middle of the night is definitely not able to pass the stress test.

Because Zhang Yutian did not see the rubber strips on these products.

There is only a blistering sound of:

"Gu-Du-Du-Du-Du-Du-Du" in the water flow tank.

A minute passed, and there were no signs of water seepage behind the three metal walls.

Two minutes passed, and the people on the scene had already started talking.

Three minutes passed, leaving behind the three-sided metal wall, without even a drop of water leakage.

"That’s impossible."

Zhang Yutian couldn’t keep his calm:

"Three MPa pressure, even our products have leaks. Why, when they don't even use rubber seals are there no leaks?"

"We rely on technology."

Ye Qing gave him a look.

“There is no reason to have any leakage...”

The chief engineer in charge of the test quietly asked in the intercom:

“Pressure room; is everything functioning normally on your side?”

"Everything is normal, three MPa pressure."


The chief engineer in charge of the test was a little embarrassed, and at the same time, he looked forward to it:

"So, you will put the pressure up to five megapascals."

"Understood, the pressure was raised to five megapascals after twenty seconds."

The sound of the blistering sound was heard in the sealed water tank.

The engineer in charge of the test found the three metal plates remained intact and did not have any water stains leak.

"Up to seven megapascals!"

The chief engineer in charge of the test decided to put the dots on the I, but it was not to fight against the Monster Heavy factory.

Only for a purely professional curiosity.

Many companies bring their products to test them and often end up detecting problems.

He wants to test where the limit of the product is.

"Up to seven megapascals after thirty seconds."

Sealing The sealed tank sounds like the wailing of a prehistoric beast.

As the pressure increases, the entire sealed tank begins to vibrate.

"What’s the situation?"

The boss of Wuji Metal Building Materials was relatively close, causing the sound of the sink vibration scared him, he hurried back a few steps.

With this retreat, he just withdrew to the instrument panel.

"My God ~ the pressure value has reached seven megapascals."

Boss Wang looked at the data on the instrument panel and quickly retreated a few more steps.

Seven megapascals, if there is a jet of water, its force when hitting a person, can be considered as bad as a car accident, it is no different.

"Seven trillion pascals?"

Li, the chief of the Hailuo Door Industry, was also shocked:

"This engineer, only measured three megapascals, why is it now at seven?"

"Misunderstanding, misunderstanding."

The engineer in charge of the test was flushed by sweat and hurried to pass nine megapascals:

"This is a master product, let me go to nine megapascals to test."

After that, the chief engineer glanced at the metal flood wall that stood on the workbench, and his old face reddened further.

With the pressure at seven megapascals, the product of the Monster Heavy Factory hasn’t hard to move, and there is still no water leaking through the back.

This kind of direct crushing of all of their company's products, shocked all members present, along with their pride.

Seven megapascals is not a problem, then up it to nine megapascals?

Every square centimeter is under a pressure of nearly one hundred kilograms of pressure.

“Let's try it!”

The chief engineer in charge of the test was nervous and excited, notified the pump room.

Zhang Yutian is like a child whose beloved toy was taken away.

His stomach hurt.

Nine megapascals were the maximum working pressure of the test equipment.

It took a minute for the pressurized chamber to raise the pressure.

"Booming ~."

It seemed like there was a train in the sealed tank, and the three flood walls were the black holes leading to an unknown world.

When the vibrations were transmitted into them, the vibrations disappeared without a trace.

"This kind of sealing technology..."

The chief engineer was completely convinced, turned his head, and smiled and asked the Master Craftsman:

"Can I ask how you did it? I can’t see a rubber seal for the flood wall; how can it do that without dripping?"

"In industrial manufacturing, not only rubber materials can be used as seals."

The Master Craftsman squinted at him:

"There is aluminum, lead, indium, stainless steel, non-metal materials, ceramics, graphite, cotton sheets, aerogels.”

"We use soft metal material, as long as the gap between the two metal walls is controlled within a certain precision, it can be completely sealed."

“Metal materials can withstand much more pressure than rubber.”

"In the end, it is because of the gap in industrial technology."

"Oh this, gentlemen, you are right."

Zhang Yutian wanted to find a place crack to hide in, he could not utter a word for a long time.

"Whoop ~ Whoop ~ Whoop ~."

"Warning ~ Warning ~."

In the test field, an icy electronic sound suddenly sounded, and a red warning light was illuminated.

“The pressure in the tank exceeds the maximum limit. Please stop the test immediately. Please stop the test immediately.”

“Quick lower the pressure in the pressurized chamber.”

The chief engineer’s face was green, and the product was not subjected to the maximum pressure.

If they tried to test the product in their laboratory, the danger is too dangerous to the water conservancy laboratory, there are no horrible events that make people laugh and generous.

At the end of the test, the chief engineer really didn't know what comment to give, but he had to scratch his white head and smiled and asked:

"Master, the anti-water wave test, how big can it support?"

"The biggest one."

The biggest is a seven-level wild wave, the wave height is 6 to 9 meters, which far exceeds the biggest wave in Tianjiang’s historical records.

Upon hearing the opening of the seven-level mad wave.

The staff in the lab silently took out a dozen plastic raincoats from a storage box and sent them to each person.

Zhang Yutian, who had taken the raincoat, became even more green.
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