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Monster Factory Chapter 245: Victory Tianzhu was crushed by Mount Tai

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Even if it is an iron shield, this is an iron shield that can't be seen anywhere else.

On the dark metal surface, there was no trace of casting or polishing.

The sharp corners at the bottom are located at the centerline position without any difference.

On both sides of the dark metal, there is a silver-white line.

Even more, it looks like an iron shield.

"Mr. Ye, your product..."

Mayor Qu Kangxin was completely shocked by this kind of iron shield.

Yesterday, Ye Qing said on the phone that he would provide a high-tech flood wall solution.

The most important point is that the island of Haitang can be opened normally and not be closed for even a day.

"If you really rely on these iron shields, then the city of Liangjiang wants to make 10,000 pieces, which can also be purchased from local factories."

"Mr. Ye, I want to tell you something very serious."

Zhang Yutian tried his best to calm down.

He could not lose his demeanor:

"We are in a rigorous hydraulic test experiment. You have got an iron plate. Isn't that equivalent to bringing a hammer over and comparing it with a sculpture?..."

"Don't mind, Mr. Ye. I'm a straightforward speaker. If I said something wrong, please don’t take it to heart."

Zhang Yutian had a straight face.

"Mayor Qu, the promise of our Monster Heavy Factory, will naturally not let you down."

Ye Qing did not care about Zhang Yutian:

"Don't worry about chatting. He who Laughs last laughs best, the test is about to start. First, we should look at Amano Heavy Industry’s product,"

Zhang Yutian glanced at the product that was about to be installed.

He said:

"Mr. Ye, after seeing our product, I believe that you will have a more in-depth understanding of the industrial-technological prowess of Amano Heavy Industries."

After five minutes, the test will begin.

For this test, the Liangjiang Hydraulics Laboratory deliberately modified the test equipment to ensure a high degree of consistency with the flood wall.

"The pressure chamber is pressurized."

"The circulating water station is ready."

“The pressure detection system is normal.”

The engineer with some gray hair said into the walkie-talkie:

"Let the test begin."

With the order, the recording cameras placed on both sides of the test bench began to work at the same time.

Sealing the water flowing from the sink.

Three silver-gray metal walls about one centimeter thick are slowly rising from the bottom.

The bottom is the hydraulic lifting structure.

If they can win the order from Haitang Island, these exposed hydraulic lifting structures will all be installed in a concrete passage under the ground to facilitate regular maintenance.

Thirty seconds later, the waterfall-like water flow was slowly blocked by three silver-gray metal flood walls.

The waterfall-like water flow disappeared without a trace, and only the blistering sound of the "Glub ~ Glub ~" in the sealed water flow tank.

The pressure gauge has jumped to three megapascals, and four minutes have elapsed.

There are no obvious leaks in the gaps of the three flood walls.

Of course, it is impossible to do without any leakage.

The water flow of three megapascals is equal along the rubber sealing strip, and it must withstand the pressure of 33 kilograms per square centimeter.

The sealing strips of the three flood control panels have a total length of more than 50 meters.

Who can guarantee that no water leaks?

In the past five minutes, behind the flood control wall, there has been a trickle of infiltration.

Zhang Yutian is still the kind of self-satisfied because, in this test, this leak has exceeded the standard of many.

When their products are installed on Haitang Island, the amount of water leaking from them will not affect the beach.

“The test passed.”

The face of the gray-haired engineer showed a rare smile:

“You can make the seal for this step, which is beyond my expectations.”

"Power of technology."

Zhang Yutian said modestly in three words:

"These rubber seals are of non-toxic polymer rubber, have good oil and water resistance. Even if soaked in water for a long time, no degradation will occur."

"Good, let's do the next test."

The engineer smiled even bigger.

The next one is the anti-water wave test, wave manufacturing equipment that can simulate a maximum of 7 levels of wild waves.

The 7th level of the wild waves, the wave height is 6 to 9 meters, which has far exceeded the biggest wave in Tianjiang’s historical record.

Because this set of equipment is prepared for simulating waves, it is used to simulate the inland rivers.

Anti-wave test, if the flood control is strong throughout five waves, lasting a thousand beats, will it be qualified to pass.

When the heavy flood control wall was transferred to the wave test platform, the baffle was used.

A wave four meters high slapped on the silver-gray flood control wall.

"Boom ~."

The flood wall is like a wild boar, which makes loud vibrations.

The sound continued, and the second wave followed.

"Boom ~."

"Boom ~."

The waves did not stop, and the scene was filled with water.

Detectors behind the floodwall, faithfully record the vibration parameters generated by the flood wall every time the waves hit it.

On the instrument display, a wave pattern similar to the human heartbeat is continuously moving.

The engineer who led the test looked back and forth on the flood wall and display.

If the vibration becomes larger and larger, it means that the metal material of the flood wall will be fatigued and will be deformed at any time.

However, the flood control wall of Amano Heavy Industries has been holding for over half an hour, and the vibration amplitude is still within the qualified limit.

These are violent tests that simulate extreme water waves that are almost impossible in the Tianjiang River.

As long as they pass the test, Haitang Island can guarantee 100% safety.

"The test passed!" The engineer has clapped his hands happily.

"I am convinced, in the end, is a joint venture, the technology is so good."

Wuji Jin's boss Wang sighed.

"Behind Amano's Heavy Industries, there must be Anqi Heavy Industry, and the funds must be from the Tianli Group. Of course, it is very powerful."

Li Zong of the Hailuo Door Industry has a constipated expression:

"We seem to be here to be humiliated."

"Mr. Ye, now do you see the strength of our Amano Heavy Industry?"

Zhang Yutian felt that his victory balance here has been carried by a Taishan Dong-like force.

"It's our turn to test."

Ye Qing continued to ignore Zhang Yutian.

"Ha ha ~."

Zhang Yutian took two steps, went to Ye Qing, and said quietly:

"Mr. Ye, you are not trying to grab our Amano Heavy Industry's project?"

"Let us look here, as long as Mayor Qu and the eyes of the engineers are not completely paralyzed, you can't grab the project with your Monster Heavy Factory..."

"I am not targeting you alone, but saying that Amano Heavy Industry, but also the Anji Heavy Industry behind, the things you have made are all rubbish."

Ye Qing touched the nose and nodded his head.


Zhang Yutian's face flushed red:

"Well, I will have to watch your work. You can take out the broken iron shield and turn on the vaporizer."

With the help of the machine, the three shield-shaped flood walls from Monster Heavy Factory were quickly installed at the port of the sealed water flow through, which is a deep pool-like reservoir, enough to accommodate the strength of the flood wall.

When the three beautifully designed flood walls are fixed, the top is just the same as the bottom of the water outlet.

The engineer in charge of the test immediately ran over and shouted:

"Wrong. You should block the flood wall directly at the water outlet."

"Nothing is wrong." The Master Craftsman on the side looked at the little old man.

"Right? Then tell me, you have such a solid flood wall, do you have long legs, that you can climb up by yourself later and block the water outlet?"

"Who told you it was solid?"

The Master Craftsman said as he took out a strangely shaped wrench from his backpack.

With a click of a button on the wrench, a triangular protrusion behind the flood wall opened.

When the orange-sized cover was removed, the worker slides over the cable and the card at the front end of the cable with a bunch of quick wrist movements.

Screwed in the slots of the interface inside the lid.

The engineer and Zhang Yutian were a little stunned.

These flood walls must also be plugged in.

Mayor Qu thinks that he should go over 100,000 Yuan because he really can't think of how this product can work, and not delay the normal opening of Haitang Island.

"What is the maximum working pressure for your test equipment?"

The Master Craftsman looked at the engineer.

"9 MPa."


"So, please adjust it to 9 MPa."

“There it's at 9 MPa."
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