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Monster Factory Chapter 227: Is this the end!

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"Hello, Mr. Ye." Wu Qianyan had already recognized Ye Qing, and the courteousness of the morning also left a deep impression on her.

But she did not think that this polite young man would have such amazing achievements.

"Inside, please!" Ye Qing stepped aside and invited the group to visit him.

Team Leader Gao Fengming was full of expectations and nodded, keeping up with Ye Qing’s footsteps.

Among all buildings, the Mechanical Colossus Type I assembly workshop is the largest.

On the road, Gao Fengming, the team leader, pointed to the assembly shop.

Is there a production base of the Mechanical Colossus Type I?

Ye Qing answered, and he asked Ye Qing again, the single-arm manipulator in the transit warehouse, why no worker was operating it?

After entering the tall courtyard, team leader Gao Fengming asked why had not seen many workers.

Because Ye Qing was afraid that Gao Fengming will doubt that when all the hard-working and skillful masters are coming out.

They look so alike.

"Many workers are off work, and the manual processing link, I concentrated in the company, where there are thousands of employees."

Ye Qing thought that he should say 100,000 why...

“The factory at Longxitan is only highly automated and can be managed by very few workers.”

Originally planned to visit the kerbstone production work, Ye Qing first station, but he took them to the small factory that originally produced the mechanical engineering chair.

Since the assembly line of the mechanical engineering chair was made, it has been changed into a laboratory-like non-standard product production workshop.

Walking into it is like walking into the ocean of machinery.

High-energy laser cutting equipment, ultra-high pressure waterjet, pulse plasma welder, five-axis center with a tool magazine, human-like motion robot arm, etc.

These are just the heads of the high-definition team, barely recognizable, and more, he has never seen, some exquisite shapes, and unfamiliar equipment that is difficult to imagine complex mechanical structures.

The inspection team and the two mayors, as if like Grandpa Liu Wei came of the Grand View Garden, all of them were full of curiosity and questions in their minds, but it was difficult to ask and touch them because of their faces.

"I introduce you to a piece of equipment!"

Ye Qing walked to a machine with a triangular column and a silver-white mercury mirror metal in the center.

The triangular column is two meters high, engraved with an inexplicable totem pattern, which will be the inexplicable science fiction.

"What is this?"

Gao Fengming team leader can no longer resist the curiosity of the heart, he loves the industry, hate not to be able to soak in here for two days and not to leave, he will appreciate this place.

"3D holographic modeler."

“This instrument automatically scans the contours of objects standing in the center and models them with coordinate points.”

“I saw similar equipment at the film industry exhibition in Los Angeles.”

Gao Fengming team leader said, his hand couldn’t help but touched the column:

“But that needs to be built in a specially built darkroom. Many holographic cameras in the darkroom are used to photograph objects."

"There are also scanning equipment like the column, but the effect of scanning it is seriously distorted."

"That kind of equipment is only suitable for use in movies. You don't know Mr. Ye..."

"My computer can also be used in film technology."

Ye Qing said with a smile:

"The urban science fiction film starring Xu Ninggong [she from the aliens] is responsible for industrial technical support by our giant beast."

"This movie will be released, I will definitely contribute a movie ticket."

Gao Fengming's eyes are soldered on this device:

"I am sorry, it looks too sci-fi, I can... ?"

Ye Qing made a request for action.

This is what a three-dimensional holographic modeler, clearly a sci-fi prop used in the movie that Xu Jinggong filmed before.

Originally, there were four columns.

The artists in the crew estimated that they were dozing off, and the grass was drawn into three pillars.

This sci-fi prop has been left here.

Now its console has been quietly modified by the master artisan.

Gao Fengming team leader nodded to Ye Qing, and his eyes were all eager to try.

When he stood on the metal platform, Ye Qing walked to the console and arbitrarily fiddled a few buttons, then said:

"The high leader can put a posture he likes."

Team leader Gao Fengming crossed his arms...

Ye Qing pressed the 3D camera hidden in the console and shot the button.

At the same time, this nominal 3D holographic modeler was also activated.

The three columns followed by a fan-shaped green light curtain, which was very soft, like the sunbathing on the high-definition leader.

The column then rotates, and the radar sweeps two turns.

The three-dimensional model that team leader Gao Fengming expects is not displayed on display, which makes him somewhat confused.

Ye Qing mysteriously smiled and invited the deputy leader Wu Qianyan, to come and experience.

Wu Qianyan, who has long black hair, has stood up and made a very lady's sideways gaze.

After all the members of the group had experienced it, the two mayors and the accompanying directors ran up with shy faces, and a funny expression was always given to them by Ye.

All done, Ye Qing poured these character models into the U disk, handed them to the metal experts next to him, and then took them to the temporary curb stone processing workshop.

The metal fast engraving machine does not have much technical content and is simple to display.

It’s just a few kerbstones on the ground that didn’t come in handy...

Used to show the performance, it is a plate-sized, green body, under the light, sparkling green and jade.

“Jade?” Gao Fengming’s eyes were straight, and the palm-sized jade was the most delicate and green-like jade he had ever seen.

The two mayors are also stunned, and all the women in the inspection team are stunned, this...this...

The answer to this is the wild rotation of the metal fast engraving machine.

The surface of the jade is disintegrating at a rapid speed, and the green stone powder is flying.

A beautiful woman with long hair, arched eyebrows, and a beautiful face looks staring at the portrait which is stripped from the jade a little.

"This is not..."

Looking at the lively deputy mayor Wu Shunyun, the ghosts are in the green jade, and the deputy leader Wu Qianyan quickly looked.

That's right!

On this green emerald, the beautiful face of Wu Qianyan is vividly carved, or the action face she made on the 3D holographic modeler.

In the eyes of the deputy leader Wu Qianyan, fear and incomprehension are changing rapidly.

Green to the heartbreaking jade, for any woman, is a deadly poison, not to mention the jade, but also carved her lifelike face?

But what is her identity?

She is a member of the group that has been transferred to Zhongyun City for a comprehensive environmental and civilized assessment.

Now on a piece of jade worth tens of millions, her face has been engraved.

Carved and sculpt, the piece of jade is golden.

This ancient poem fully describes a perfect emerald, the value of how high.

"Mr. Ye, you, you..." team leader Gao Fengming incredibly staring at Ye Qing.

Visit and participate with the emerald worth millions!

The face of the deputy head of the inspection team was also engraved with top-level engraving equipment.

This naked, undisguised behavior!

The two mayors were almost scared and squatted on the floor, and their hearts were finished, and they were completely finished.

In the face of the emotional changes of the team members, Ye Qing smiled.

so funny!


“This is the use of aluminum hydroxide, greenstone powder, quartz powder, unsaturated polyester resin, cobalt isocyanate or cobalt alkanoate, potassium ketone peroxide, artificially fired by powder metallurgy. jade."

Ye Qing opened the container box next to it, revealing the inside, and engraved the emerald shape of Wu Qianyan's face, exactly the same hundred pieces of green jade.

"Powder metallurgy technology cost less than ten Yuan, everyone has a share."

Powder metallurgy technology?

Powder metallurgy technology!

This answer allowed the team members to be completely metalized by powder and turned into jade-like petrochemical.

The two mayors from Hell to Heaven, hate not to hold Ye Qing.

Oh, my God!

The behemoth heavy work is a good sculptural show, completely revealing what everyone is called industry.

Three-dimensional holographic modeler technology, powder metallurgy technology, top-level engraving technology, show the best!

Seeing the deputy leader dancing thousands of candles, the expression changed from the original fear to the unspeakable surprise and unbelievable.

The two mayors, their mouths slightly tilted up and watched Ye Qing.

Ye Qing also curled up his mouth and looked at them.
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