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Monster Factory Chapter 189 Counter Discharge Star

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Translated by Bunny.
The sea sometimes gives infinite amazing feeling will also make people fearful of it.

Under the infinite amazing deep sea, will it be hiding some kind of unknown marine beast to human?


Ye Qing can say it with full responsibility.

However, this beast maybe is a mechanical beast which comes from a mysterious space.

The workboat anchor stop in the sea areas which have 60 meters deep, the people on board to shade one’s eye with one’s hand to look around.

Those environment protectors who have fully eat nothing to do did not even come. If they dare to come, there is a dozen of thugs who dare to fight over here and have absolute confidence to make those who come unable to go back.

Who scared of them even if among them have two NBA like strong men.

After 20 minutes long rest, two divers once again wear the diving helmet and prepare to dive into the sea.

However underwater 30 meters of depth, there is a streamline of the red light ghost, quietly hovering over there.

Strong Purifying Waste Processing Equipment hemispherical magnetic generator, accurately aiming at the above anchor workboat.

Previously Ye Qing has already tested it, and MPCV did not fear of the interference of the strong purifying equipment. If it’s not for carrying huge pollutant collection bags, Ye Qing can only use MPCV as responsible for moving the strong purifying device.

The mechanical arm is as accurate as the surgeon doctor, set up the starting parameter of the strong purifying device.

Range 100 meters.



At this moment, the two divers just following the staircase handrail and climb up to the working platform.

Then they felt that the whole body was startled as if the whole body felt goosebumps.

They thought it was because they dive too many times and facing such polluted seawater, it about time causing the resists in the heart.

They defended within a 100-meters range area seawater, turn into light purple instantly.

Before these it is still blue, in a blink of eyes it becomes purple and as if there is electric current swiftly flowing through the water.

The immense visual changes make the two divers rub their eye but discover their hand hit on the thick pressure-resistant glass.

Compare to them, and those people on the ship can felt immense of the changes.

Seawater was like conducted with electricity when turning into pale purple. They startled for a moment, soon after they cling to the side of the ship, they continuously rub their eye three times, only dare to determine what they saw is real.

“Crap! The sea has changed color.”A man with a knife scar on the arms, make a big fuss; “Tang Boss discharges what kind of sewage water over here, how can it glow.”

“Hello, hello, hello, hello Boss?” The leader is calling, when the purple light appears, his telephone disconnected and the signal is lost.

Here is the coastal water, previously the signal is a full bar. He looks confused and looks at his own cell phone, discovers the phone is a black screen.

Press down the power button, “AH” once, as if fling electrified iron to fling away the cellphone.

This Apple 6s after falling on the ground unexpected from the earphone hole, charging port, burst out a cloud of white smog.

This cloud of white smog has cause chain reaction.

Those people clinging to the side of the ship who watching the fun, almost all fierce pulling their pocket, one side pulling another side crying out like a wolf howling cry.

Those cell phones pull out from the pocket, regardless of what brand, keep on emits white or black smog.

This is the cellphone power switch with the motherboard had a short circuit emit thick smog. These people are rubbing their thigh, the eye is showing fear.

Even they break their brain they can’t figure out why when the sea emitting pale purple ray and all the cellphone like being possessed by evil spirit short circuit?

A whiff of green smoke come out of the cockpit. The ship crew that responsible of steering the ship have not discovered the change on the sea was about thinking to shout out loudly, in the end, saw a bunch of guys covering their thigh madly jumping around the deck and the floor like being throw on a dozen of the smoke grenade.

pā dā pā dā

Almost all the electronic and electric circuit device was all emitting sparkler, the crew members carry the water pipe to extinguish the fire but discover that the entire ship electric power was paralyzed.

“Cough cough this… what is this?”The ship crew member cheek turned into a woodpecker, the eye was smoke till red:“it must be caused by the purple ray, there must be something under the water”

“Quick divers quickly dive in to have a look.”

“You his mother, why you don’t go down?”The two divers at this moment with frightening complexion run to the cabin and the helmet also do not know gone where.

“Quickly set sail, we must quickly leave this damned place AH!”

“The whole ship electric circuit system has burnt, beg your mother teach me how to open the shipping method!”The ship captain saliva flying around, his expression same as the castrated donkey.

The white smoke is getting more and thicker, the short circuit causing electric sparkler successfully ignited the wiring rubber.

The people on the ship like a quail shrank in the bow shivering, and they wanted to call to find someone for rescues, even more, wanted to flee from this place which changes into devil place.

Now, these ideas become wild wishes, from the cabin it getting more and more overflow by thick smoke.

Do not know who it is from the ship’s side buckled down the lifebuoy on the waist, afterward several burning vision, nearly lit off the life-saving jacket.

“The side still has, besides me, still has, does not snatch with me…”

When several dozen people wear the life-saving jacket because the ship started to catch fire have no choice but to jump into the sea that causes people to have one’s hair stand on end, those unlucky guys struggling swimming to the shore, they already exhausted all their physical strength when they are swimming to the shore.

The first matter after they climb to the up to the shore, it was like drink laundry powder lies on the ground severally vomits.

The sea water here is simply a biochemical weapon, don’t say the strange smell that hard to describe it also followed by the intense skin burning sensation.

After coming to shore they vomit and scratch, saw a vehicle from a distance in Huanghai Avenue occasionally driving through here is like seeing long lost family, wailing and running toward Huanghai Avenue.

Nobody dares to stop the car, and these group of people looks vicious and some even have the tattoo on the neck.

Can only walk back home with both feet…

Wait until Tang Jian saw these people, they already tired until paralyze in the JinMei Chemical Industry Limited Company front gate.

They really run on whole morning only reach to the old den front gate, now their courage already becomes like a needle when mention Dragon Creek Beach all were frighten as if seen a ghost.

In Dragon Creek Beach Factory!

Two thick aluminum alloy walls, special high-pressure tank look similar to a bottle already completed casting.

Two set compressor machine cylinder, shaft, valve, connecting rod, all made from high-temperature resistance titanium alloy, completed through integrated processing.

During the process of compressor pumping in the air, it will produce a lot of heat.

The heat will cause various metal parts of the compressor to expand, therefore it might get jammed and stop operating.

Therefore, all kind high-pressure compressor not only the rotor power have to be powerful enough but also must have a good heat resistance and with good cooling capacity.

Afternoon 2 pm, Mechanical Colossus Type I lift the completed high-pressure pipeline compressor system arrive at the approximate location of the sewage pipe.

PS: I’m translating line by line and trying not to change any of the structure not sure if it does make it look like machine translate. trying to get an editor in near future.

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