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Monster Factory Chapter 168: Industrial Waste Purifying System

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Chapter 168: Industrial Waste Purifying System

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Metal Specialist: Possesses a very keen sense for all metals and has an incomparable gift in metal smelting. With them, you now possess a living metal encyclopedia.


+15% increase in manufacturing efficiency
+15% increase in metal performance
“Metal smelting?” Ye Qing beganto to talk with himself as he looked at this introduction. Metal smelting was very broad and general subject. Picking, purifying, refining, and quenching were all major subtopics within this broad topic.

At the same time, all iron and steel industries put metal smelting techniques as priority number one on their investment and research list.

Here’s a simple example. When the same iron ore was brought to different smelteries, the resulting steel would have a giant gap in performance.

Some smelteries’ outputs possessed lots of impurities, are brittle, cracked easily and rusted easily. On the other hand, other smelteries’ results had high hardness, were anti corrosive, and were very strong.

There had always been a difference in techniques, even chefs could be sorted by ranks 1, 2, and 3.

And just from the introduction alone, this new Metal Specialist was clearly one of the best chefs, belonging to the very top of the pyramid.

Ye Qing, who now possess the Metal Smelting Center, the very best of smelting equipments, would be able to pump out steel that was incomparable with what was available on market.

However, it also had a major flaw: it could only facilitate the use of arc smelting techniques.

Powder metallurgy was impossible, and so was electroslag remelting.

Powder metallurgy techniques were currently very popular. Take oil bearings for example. When graphite was added during its creation, this non metal element would be able to absorb lubricating oil such that when it’s in use, it would be able to non-stoppingly release lube to minimize its wear and tear.

This kind of technique was straight up impossible for smelting furnaces. But in the field of metallurgy, this was just the basics.

Ye Qing, in one go, hired four of these Metal Specialists. When the summoning mist dissipated, these iron colored, horned monsters opened their fiery colored eyes.

“Hello boss.” The four Metal Specialists even had a hint of metal in their voices.

Ye Qing first nodded, then walked up and began to examine the pitch black armor they were wearing.

“What’s the purpose of this armor?”

“This is the isolation armor. Its able to protect us from harm in high temperature situations.”


The most common thing at in a smeltery was high temperature. It was just that Ye Qing still hadn’t gotten around the basic theory of this armor.

However, this armor was specifically made for the Metal Specialists, so no one else was able to use them, not even Ye Qing.

After studying it a bit more, Ye Qing once again turned his attention back to the blueprints.

A spinner appeared on the screen, which Ye Qing pressed after rubbing his hands together for luck.

When the spinner began to slow down and the pointer stopped moving, a blueprint with the name [High Power Forging Machine] appeared in front of Ye Qing’s eyes.

Having completely read its brief blurb, Ye Qing was seriously thinking of how lucky he was to pull such a powerful, heavy machinery.

Finishing with his single spin chance, the screen changed to the Shopping Center, where the four black tech blueprints up for sale were [Ultra carbide alloy technique], [Lifelike Flight System], [Fully Automated Assembly Platform System], and [Industrial Waste Purifying System].

The blueprints each cost 5000 gold pieces, but Ye Qing simply gave the price no hoot, as he bought them all in an instant.

These blueprints were all simply great. For example, the Fully Automated Assembly Platform. Ye Qing believed that this was completely and utterly a first rate assembly hen. It was literally a weapon of mass destruction in the field of mass production.

Furthermore, the Industrial Waste Purifying System should be an overall upgraded version of one of the third rank’s black techs, the Environmental Purifier.

Before, Ye Qing felt this was too complicated to build, but now it was a must build.

Because the Dragon Creek Beach was completely surrounded by chemical wastewater. Previously, Ye Qing had already blocked up the sewer pipe a couple of times, but the Dragon Creek Beach was right next the ocean, which already contained many years worth of unmoved chemical waste.

From the looks of things now, a verdant hills and limpid water Dragon Creek Beach could be a possibility.

It was just this Lifelike Flight System left Ye Qing completely stumped and without knowing where to begin.

Conventionally mechanical flight was achieved by propellers and turbines, but this Lifelike Flight System relied on mechanical wings, to fly like a bird……

This is seriously some high tech sh*t!

Civilian use blueprints also increase by a bit, which Ye Qing bought out as well.

There were also a lot of other upgrades. For one, the M.P.C.V. also received an upgrade. Finally, no longer did it look like an excavator, rather it was more like one of those deep sea submersibles from those sci-fi movies.

“Since the rush to Rank 4 has been completed, then next on the list is the redevelopment!”

Now that tech, equipment, and funding had all been gathered. (It’s time to du du du dueeeel!! EXODIA!!). The area that originally belonged to the old shipyard had already been completely developed on. So, wanting to expand production capabilities, then he must open up new new workshops, especially after getting his hands on the Fully Automated Assembly Platform.

Ye Qing felt that the first phase of the expansion plan should be put in action.

The next day, Ye Qing, with a thick stack of planning documents that were rushed out during the night, arrived at the Blue Sky Tower.

Within the large office, when all 300 employees saw Ye Qing, they were all stunned speechless.

Because they hadn’t seen their president for a good couple of days, and he now looked completed dejected and depressed, unlike the confident and at ease him from before.

His hair was a complete mess, and he even had blood traces from staying up late and working overtime.

This was unavoidable. Ye Qing had spent all of the past several days in in the underground base producing, and had piloted the M.P.C.V. to the point of having P.T.S.D..

“Purchasing department, all in the meeting room now.” Ye Qing waved the shopping list in his hand for them to get back to work.

The Purchasing department had ten people in total. The manager was called Qiu Yi, who was 30 something and very earnest. When all ten of them arrived in the meeting room, Ye Qing indicated for them all to take a seat.

“President, what’s the task?” Qiu Yi, seeing how serious Ye Qing was, and remembering what department they were, immediately figured out that a large, important task was coming.

“In the upcoming week, your entire department will probably have make a trip to every corner of the country.” Ye Qing handed out ten sets of printed documents, kept one for himself, and pointed to it: “In the upcoming period of time, our company’s manufacturing region will be taking part in a comprehensive expansion.”

“The raw materials needed are on a massive scale. Just the concrete needed, under my rough estimate, amounts to at least 300,000 tons.”

“300,000 tons?” Qiu Yi almost cried out in shock. What kind of idea needs 300,000 tons of concrete?

A cubic meter of concrete weighed around 2.4 tons. 300,000 tons of concrete, if spread out to a meter thick, was enough to fill 17 entire soccer stadiums.

“Yes ~ Current the price of concrete is pretty cheap. 300,000 tons is only 70 – 80 million.” Ye Qing was super satisfied with their shocked expressions, especially those of the female juniors. It was just too damn eye pleasing.

“For all the materials listed on the shopping list, you guys need to get them all from the makers. For example, the copper cables. You guys should get them from Baosheng, Hengtong, and similarly nationally famous makers.”

“One this can guarantee the material’s quality, and two the price will also be cheaper.”

“The rest are all the same. I’ve already circled out brand names for you guys to pick from.” Ye Qing pointed to the shopping list once again: “You guys can divide the tasks however you choose. When you’ve come to an agreed upon price, send it to your manager or myself. If I think the price is right, then the company will directly transfer the money to their company’s account.”

“Timeframe is a week. When each of you come back and are able to complete the task, there’ll be a 10K bonus waiting.”

Just as he finished, Ye Qing keenly felt ten pairs of scorching eyes staring at him.

Ye Qing straight up filtered out the males, welcomed the stares of the 4 pretty ladies, and smiled back.
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