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Monster Factory Chapter 141: He is just incredible

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Chapter 141: He is just incredible

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Ye Qing, being the one leading all those people, naturally attracted many eyes.

The majestic appearance of several dozen people made up of all these foreigners and their translators and drivers, appearing just like a foreign high ranking official and their entourage, naturally attracted lots of attention.

Disney’s vice president of Asia, Neville, walked beside Ye Qing and used his fluent mandarin to invite Ye Qing to a private conversation during the evening banquet.

“No problem Mr. Neville, the meeting room has a small bar, we can have a drink while we discuss the terms.” When Ye Qing and company walked past the lobby, two exquisitely dressed receptionists came forward to politely inform the party to follow them.

The room booked for dinner was a small sized banquet hall that could easily fit a hundred people and even had a dedicated bar.

Ye Qing, unintentionally looked at another lively banquet hall when walking past in the hallway, yet saw a familiar person.

Li Huaxing’s secretary, who was a sister with much grace and attitude.

She was called Zhang Mei, who was currently standing at the door chatting away with a 30 some year old lady in an evening dress.

Ye Qing currently had a bunch of people behind him, which meant no stopping for a nice conversation with Zhang Mei, so he could only nodded in her direction and say: “Hi Sister Mei.”

“Oh, hi President Ye.” Zhang Mei who was just standing there chatting also saw the party behind Ye Qing and thus warmly asked: “Ye Qing, you are also here to attend a banquet?”

“Yup, right next door.” Ye Qing waved and walked past.

“Alright, please go on ahead, I’ll come by later for some drinks.” Zhang Mei politely commented.

When Ye Qing and co went into the banquet hall next door, the lady in the evening dress beside Zhang Mei looked on towards the place where Ye Qing disappeared into.

“Director Xia, you’re interested in President Ye?” Zhang Mei asked out of curiosity: “This President Ye is just simply incredible. Do you want me to introduce you later?”

“No, no, I was looking at that foreigner beside him.” This Director Xia denied: “That man who was beside him looked just like Disney’s vice president of Asia, Mr. Neville.”


Zhang Mei wasn’t too surprised. Ye Qing’s company completely stole the wind of this year’s exhibition and his mechanical engineered chairs even managed to win the award for being the most innovative.

Just the mechanical engineered chairs alone could bring in hundreds of millions in sales monthly. Although Huaxing Heavy Industry currently surpassed this number, that was all due to the 20,000~ workers manufacturing things as small as screws and as big as several hundred ton mine haulers.

Since a single product was able to make hundreds of millions monthly, don’t mention her, even China’s richest man would pay attention of him.

So the sight of Disney’s vice president of Asia coming to Zhongyun to discuss business with Ye Qing didn’t surprise her. This was just like when the chairman Li Huaxing went to those poverty ridden countries for signing events, there would always be Kings and Queens present.

“Last year during Shanghai film festival, I had a chance to talk with Mr. Neville.” Director Xia recalled: “It’s just that too long has passed, so I’m not really sure. If it really was Mr. Neville, then why is he here in Zhongyun?”

“Why don’t we go to them for a toast later? There’s still really a big difference when you put Disney’s​ vice president of Asia in front of that man. Even our chairman said how incredibly this young man was. In less than a year, they might already be miles ahead of us.”

“How can you say such things. Who doesn’t know of Li Huaxing? Your Huaxing Heavy Industry is ranked with the top 500 companies in the country and is one of Zhongyun’s top tier industries. I don’t and won’t believe that that young man is even stronger than Chairman Li.”

“If it’s just comparing earnings and skills, then there’s really no such thing as a comparison.”

“Truely?” Director Xia found this completely inconceivable: “Then I definitely need to come with you later, but I’m also going to drag Xu Ninggong along. How can I, an auntie like figure, go alone?”

Director Xia’s full name was Huang Ranxia, Xu Ninggong’s publicity director.

Different from those must be cared for super stars, Xu Ninggong only had three people beside her: a manager, a publicity director, and a living assistant.

Tonight’s banquet was hosted by the governmental party, and they even invited some of Zhongyun’s famous companies.

Xu Ninggong’s next new movie would be mainly filmed in Zhongyun and even includes some factory scenes.

Li Huaxing rarely ever went to these boring events, so he sent his assistant with the invitation, which was why Huang Ranxia was discussing with Zhang Mei to see if they could film the factory scenes at Huaxing Heavy Industry.

Then they conveniently meet Ye Qing and Neville passing by, so whether it was to greet Nevile or to get connections with Ye Qing, Director Xia felt that she definitely needed to pay a visit.


On Ye Qing’s end, the banquet was started immediately, as they still need to sign contracts at eight.

This was only a simple order and contract confirmation, so the costs could be paid when the products were delivered. That was why, when the banquet began, he immediately brought Kong Tao with him to cheer toasts with everyone.

Eight different companies, eight separate tables, each with English fluent managers and workers accompanying.

The foreigners had no restraint at all, as the separate bar was filled with all kinds of internationally renowned liquors. Jiannanchun, Maotai, Bacardi, Smirnoff, Remy Martin, and many more. Each table also had their own waitress, and Ye Qing even let them have their choice of drinks.

Yet in the end, what kind of drinking was this? It was practically like watching people drinking water, USD priced water.

Ah whatever, it was all gonna come back anyways.

For example, when with the Compass Group, Ye Qing immediately began to spew bullshit hardships after downing two cups, about how the dragon’s mold might cost even more than the entire structure’s combined material costs.

“Dragons are creatures of mythology, so we don’t have anything to reference. Therefore, to attain the wanted level of detail, I must ask many top tier mold makers for help.”

“Mr. Ye, China’s artistic designs are famous throughout the world. I even know many graphic designs in many games and movies that are all done by Chinese companies.” The Compass Group representative said: “As for the price, I know the alloy trees at the exhibition gallery was two million each, so how much is this dragon going to cost Mr. Ye?”

“This point must be made clear, graphic designs are graphic designs.” Ye Qing quickly gave him a crash course on the difference between the two: “Industrial drawings to mold are completely different from graphic designs to molds.”

“For example, a graphic designer can create a great picture of a car in under half a day, but the picture, apart from being a good picture for a desktop background, actually has no real use.”

“Industrial molds, don’t mention cars, lets just take tires for now. The decorative patterns on any tire must be built off of serious precision and real data. After the surface of the tire, they still need patterns on the side of the tire, the shape of the wheel hub, the size of the bolts, and the shape of the air pump.”

“These coordinates are only the basics, there’s also the need to set up the machining path for machining.”

“When even a tire is this complicated, then can you imagine just exactly how complicated a never before seen dragon will be?”

The representative from the Compass Group was completely shellshocked by this string of theories, and even had thoughts of backing out. As according to what he said, exactly how much was this going to cost?

“Then Mr. Ye, just how much would this dragon cost?” The representative was actually debating if he should just cancel the order if it became too expensive.
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