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Monster Factory Chapter 15: Worth it?

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Chapter 15: Worth it?

Translated by me, edited by Kai.

Workers can only be recruited from certain buildings in the factory, and a level 1 factory can only support 10 peons.

After he pressed the hire option, another cloud of gas appeared out of thin air in the workshop. When it dissipated, another peon with the same green skin, massive muscles, and tusks appeared.

“You’re called Hulk Three, now go help them transfer the curbstones.”

With Hulk Three doing the picking and placing in the middle, the processing speed raised by half.

Ye Qing observed the 3 peons as they worked. Truth to be told, the speed and precision they are working with is the same as if they were working with processed curbstones.

Undoubtedly the stone strips are much cheaper, which would result in a higher profit.

Maybe I should buy stone strips and process them myself.

Of course, there is only one stone cutter at the moment. If he wants to process the stone strips into curbstones then he must get 2 more. This way they can work in shifts, 2 on, 1 off.

Otherwise they could run out if they are working for long periods of time.

Ye Qing gave Xia Muqing another call to let her change the complete curbstones into stone strips. Furthermore, this also applies to future purchases.

Xia Muqing naturally isn’t against it. The only difference between stone strips and completed curbstones is only in the last cutting step. Without this step, the total purchase price is lowered by 1,000,000 yuan.

Subtracting the cost of labour and the material costs, Xia Muqing isn’t losing much from the deal.

6 hours later, a total of 1200 pieces of carved curbstones are completed.

The mistaken batch of stone strips, once processed, left Ye Qing with 200 extra pieces than he originally ordered. This mistake is truly very beneficial for Ye Qing.

Knowing that he only has a couple of thousand left, Ye Qing called for a previously used transportation company and had them transfer the newly packed carved curbstones.

As for the exchange spot, it was determined to be one of the bureau’s constructions sites.

Currently, they haven’t started to work on the city’s main streets yet as the city construction management bureau decided to start next monday. That is also when Ye Qing needed to start delivering the carved curbstones.

Although delivering the product right now is still early, since Ye Qing is seriously broke, he must exchange these carvings into real money.

Not long after Ye Qing make the call, the bureau chief and 2 vice chiefs hurriedly drove over to inspect the product.

If they were normal curbstones, even if there are 1,000,000 pieces, there is still no way that the chief would be willing to come over and perform the inspection personally.

What Ye Qing possessed are artistic curbstones. Zhang Ledong is looking forward to using these curbstones to beautifully answer the questions handed down by the higher ups.

The curbstones have already been unpacked, and are surrounded by a large group of old geezers. Each one of them is pointing and stroking the stone with looks of excitement.

Just as chief Zhang Ledong got off the car, workers recognized him and consciously moved away creating a path to the stones.

Chief Zhang Ledong’s virtues aren’t far off from these workers. In his eyes, these wonderful stone carvings are just like his ungraded test answers.

Right now, bureau of landscaping and forestry, bureau of city management, bureau of tourism, bureau of cultural affairs, bureau of health and sanitation and many other bureau chiefs are all expressing their anxiety, delight and frustration. Since they are all trying to come up with ideas that incorporates both culture and science to improve the city.

Theses bureau chiefs haven’t even come up with any concrete plans, yet the city construction management bureau has already come up with a perfect proposal. Furthermore these all important carved curbstones had 1200 pieces finished in advance.

So who gets the credit?

Of course it’s him. The whole proposal, from recommendation to the signing the contract to receiving the first batch of products, is all done by him.

One step ahead, always ahead.

Chief Zhang Ledong can confirm, when the main streets of the city have their curbstones swapped out, would definitely boost the city’s aesthetics. It will also pave the way for his future in politics.

“Chief, are you satisfied with these carvings?” Ye Qing noticing the dazed Zhang Ledong staring at the stones, can’t help but ask.

“Very!” Zhang Ledong yelled, cutting Ye Qing off: “I’m very satisfied. I can’t wait any longer. It’s decided. the construction workers will begin tomorrow, first goal, switch out all the curbstones on Caiyi bridge.”

“Then the payment for for these curbstones……” Ye Qing hesitated: “My factory is really small. In order to make this batch of stones, I’ve already used up all of my available funds.”

“We’ll immediately transfer the payment as well as the down payment for the next patch of 50,000 pieces. In addition you’ll receive an extra 30%.”

With the wave of chief Zhang Ledong’s hand, a suit wearing staff membering immediately ran over and asked for Ye Qing’s company account number.

“Oh right, Xiao Ye comrade. Can you switch out the drawings to be whatever we come up with?” Zhang Ledong, who’s been examining these curbstones non-stop, suddenly came up with some wonderful idea, and happily asked Ye QIng.

“No problem. To be honest I also find these type of pictures too monotone. Court lady pictures work well with Caiyi bridge, but our Zhongyun’s main streets will need some other special drawings.”

There was no need for Ye Qing to come up with the drawing, so naturally, Ye Qing has no objections.

“Good, good, good.” Zhang Ledong said: “Carve out all of our Zhongyun’s history on them. Every main streets can’t have duplicates.”

Ye Qing who is about to receive a huge payment, naturally agreed. Saying this idea is just too perfect, he probably couldn’t have come up with this perfect idea.

“Haha ~ “ Zhang Ledong laughed to the point that his eyebrows looked as if they’re dancing to disco.

Having taken his leave from the several chiefs, Ye Qing returned to the factory.

1200 pieces sold for 72,000 yuan. And the down payment for the next batch from the contract also rose by 10%, totalling to exactly 1,000,000.

1,070,000 plus yuan, is currently lying comfortably in Ye Qing bank account. Safe from everyone.

This is 1,070,000 yuan! Ye Qing is happy to the point of being crazy.

With this large sum of money, Ye Qing felt as if his back is much stronger than before. You have to realise that earlier, Ye Qing was reluctant to buy well packaged cigs.

Now, the money for a brand new BMW 730, is just lying there in his account.

Furthermore, earning these types of large income will only happen more often in the future.

“Woman, cars, houses, watches, yachts, can’t miss out on any of them!” Having refreshed the account summary of his bank account multiple times, Ye Qing is still daydreaming about his new future.

Of course, when the contract is completed and all the funds have been paid, then Ye Qing still needed to pay a trip to the tax agency to pay off the taxes on this deal.

However the higher the tax he needs to pay, the more Ye Qing is earning. Hence he was naturally receiving benefits with taxes.

“Di di ~ “

Not long after the money appeared in his bank account, the monster factory app made the phone vibrate again.

“Congratulations on earning money with the monsters.”

“Do you want to turn a portion of this money into gold?”

Ye Qing remembered that the introduction had specified the exchange ratio of cash to gold is 1:100.

Although unwilling, he definitely needed to exchange a portion. Otherwise he can’t hire more peons to level up the factory.

Ye Qing is seriously looking forward to the level 2 factory, especially for that blueprint lottery chance.

Pressing the exchange button, the system asked Ye Qing to input the amount of gold to exchange.

Ye Qing gritted his teeth and typed in 800 gold.

“Ding ~ Deducting money from the company account. Please retrieve 80,000 in cash before trying the exchange function again.”

Ye Qing without a second word, pulled out his checkbook, filled one out for 100,000 yuan and *pi pa, pi pa* smacked on all the necessary stamps.

A company in need of cash needed to write a check and retrieve it from the bank.

Fortunately, there is a bank in the industrial park. Ye Qing spent half an hour and brought the cash back into the factory. Leaving behind 20,000 on his card, he had the rest transferred into the monster factory.

A sudden light surrounded these 8 stacks of bills. Under Ye Qing’s unwilling looks, the 8 stacks all disappeared into thin air.

The moment the stacks disappeared, a ding dong sound can be heard and within the gold column of monster factory is an extra 800.

“Summon!” Ye Qing, bit his lips and hired and summoned 7 new peons.

Since he is going to do it, then he may as well as spend it all. At least now he is able to level up the factory to level two.

This is definitely worth it!
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