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Monster Factory Chapter 14: Recruit-a-friend

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Chapter 14: Recruit-a-friend

Translated by me, edited by Kai.

“You’ll understand once you see the picture.” Ye Qing wrote down her WeChat id, then snapped a couple pictures of the stone strips.

Her WeChat id is that of a cell phone number, a very normal one at that. Ye Qing reckoned this is her private number.

Therefore, this WeChat account, is naturally her private account.

Wouldn’t that mean that I get to access her pictures?

Having accepted the friend request on that side, he immediately opened up her friends circle. Because the cell phone only supports a 2G network, Ye Qing hurried to office and connected to the WiFi.

“Ah ha! Pictures!” Some nice looking food and scenic pictures peaked Ye Qing’s interest. Unfortunately, after scrolling down multiple pages, Ye Qing still couldn’t find a picture of her.

Ultimately after scrolling through countless pages of pictures, he still couldn’t find one with a person in them.

“Mr. Ye, have you sent the picture yet?” Xia Muqing messaged.

“Sorry please wait a moment, my internet here is pretty bad.” Ye Qing uploaded the pictures into chat pronto.

Having received the pictures, Xia Muqing immediately replied with a shocked monkey face emoji.

“I’m sorry! So sorry!” Xia Muqing apologized non-stop. Furthermore she sent over a sincere apology saying she’ll look into where the problem occurred right away.

Ye Qing on the other hand can only respond with please find out soon.

For an order of 10,000,000 yuan, if Ye Qing’s factory had accepted the complete order without samples, and made some random mistake during the first shipment, then Ye Qing will most likely waste a couple thousand yuan, fly over and have them cover all the expenses and ask for compensations.

Tiancheng corporation naturally can’t behave like this, but in the face of a 10,000,00 yuan order, they also can’t ignore it.

Sure enough, not long later Xia Muqing called back saying she found the source of the problem. The mistake happened at the warehouse. Yesterday they had a delivery for another client from another part of the country that is the exact same as Ye Qing’s order, except they wanted stone strips instead of curbstones.

What Ye Qing ordered are finished products. Except when the warehouse was packing them, for some unknown reason, they also packed Ye Qing’s to be stone strips.

Xia Muqing also said that the ones in charge there have already been heavily criticized. Furthermore, they’ve also lost this month’s bonus.

“So do you want the trucks to transfer the strip back?”

“You can keep that batch. All you just need is some stone cutters to chop them up, since the width and height are all correct. I’m really sorry about this.” Xia Muqing apologized non-stop and said she’ll send over another batch later today.

What else can Ye Qing say, since there is a mistake in the order, then naturally there would be some compensations.

“Stone cutters?” Ye Qing smacked his head. The factory itself makes cutting machines!

Hanging up the call, Ye Qing yelled out: “Hulks! Get over here, we’re gonna make some cutting tools.”

Sang Qing destroyed the contract for the rest of the cutting machines, but there are still many components of the second cutting machine lying around. Although they’ve been cleared out by the hulks, but they’re just lying there. So might as well as make one out of them.

The machine bed has already been welded, all that’s left is smoothing it down. If it’s for self use then not smoothing it down is fine. As long as it’s got a workbench, guide rails, a power source, and a control panel then it’s basically usable.

Ye Qing supervised and quality controlled, while Hulk One and Hulk Two assembled. After skipping over the smoothing, polishing, painting and other exterior related steps, Hulk One and Hulk Two finished assembling the machine in a little over an hour.

“Ding ~ ”

The cell phone carrying the [Monster Factory] app suddenly vibrated.

Ye Qing opened it and saw: System notification: Constructed one simple stone cutter, peons who participated have their experience increased by 2%.

Under the careful manufacturing of the peons, this simple machines has been granted special properties.

Simple stone cutter (Quality: Inferior)
– Cutting efficiency +5%
– Sellable

“This also works?” This clearly is a surprise for Ye Qing. So anything the peons make has it’s own properties and more importantly, is sellable.

The stuff from the shopping center, although strong, but only he can use it. As soon as he sells it, it drops to a normal item without any properties.

Furthermore, as long as peons create an item, they are awarded with a set amount of experience.

With experience then there must be a leveling up system. As soon as levels are increased, then their stats are also increased.

Of course, the factory itself can level up, but currently Ye Qing only has a level one factory bonded to him.

As soon as he recruits a total of 10 peons, the factory will level up.

According to the system introduction of the level 2 factory, not only does it’s effects increase but also gains the ability to recruit another kind of monster and gain a lottery draw chance for a new blueprint.

When the time comes, monster factory will become his spearhead into the world stage.

The factory can at most level up to level 9. Then it has the capability to produce almost anything. From something as small as a screw to as big as a passenger plane.

Think about it, a passenger plane with capacity +100%, flight distance +100%, stability +100%.

If sold with the same price as a regular plane, then isn’t this the end of the other plane manufacturing businesses?

Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, but in front of the Monster Factory, they are all trash.

Of course, everything needs time to develop. Similarly, there is a long road ahead if he wants to reach the pinnacle of world and surpass global manufacturing businesses.

Leveling up step by step is the key, at least leveling up to level two is pretty easy. As soon as Ye Qing gets paid for the first batch of curbstones, then he can easily level up the factory.

After connecting the power for the cutting machine, everything is normal.

If Ye Qing wants to move the several hundred kilogram stone strips, without Hulk 1 and 2, then he can only use a suspension system. Which as of now, is purely a waste of time.

Now with the strength of Hulk One, with just one trip, he can move 4 strips and neatly arrange them on the cutting tool’s workbench.

Under the efficiency bonus of the factory, the peon’s personal bonus, and the machine quality bonus, an unprecedented efficiency was achieved.

Ci ka ~ Ci ka ~ Ci ka ~

The sesame gray marble strips, under the blades of the stone cutter, were just like butter. Possessing almost no resistance as it was cut apart.

The cut is smooth and leveled. It’s as if it has already been sanded smooth by sandpaper.

Hulk Two is in charge of the rapid metal engraver. As soon as the stones are cut, he immediately picked it up and placed it into the engraver.

20 seconds later, it’s as if a splendid and magnificent court lady pulled back her veil and revealed herself to the world.

Hulk One and Hulk Two possess a certain form of beauty while working. Their exaggerated muscles allows them to complete manual labour that is impossible for regular humans easily. Their every action is both meticulous and precise just like a machine, with no extra wasted movements.

Unable to be lazy, play tricks, nor be idle on the job.

Ye Qing standing there alone, is sticking out like a sore thumb. Excessive and unnecessary.

A piece of curbstone weighs at least several dozen kilograms. If counting on him to move them, then after moving several pieces he’ll be dead tired as he lies there panting.

However before long, Ye Qing found a new problem.

When Hulk One finishes cutting a piece of curbstone, he needs to place it onto the ground. When operating the rapid metal engraver, Hulk Two must move a couple of steps to retrieve the curbstone, then, after engraving, neatly placing it back onto the ground

Although they have fast movements, but this still wastes a little time. Although it’s just a little, but with a workload of 250,000 pieces of curbstone, every second counts. Especially when there is only 2 months to produce them. According to this workrate, there is no way he’ll finish on time.

Hiring a peon cost 100 gold. Ye Qing still have 170 gold remaining, hence decided to recruit another one.
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