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Chapter 329: Duel Agreement

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"Zhao Ya, even though there isn't much to be said about the other party's character, she isn't weak. You must be careful!"

Zheng Yang stepped forward and told Zhao Ya with a hushed voice.

"Un, don't worry!" Zhao Ya responded.

After Zhang laoshi's guidance yesterday, she opened up another ten acupoints. Even though the lady before her wasn't weak, she could only be considered to be on par with her. When it comes down to it, it was hard to say who would lose.


Leaping forward, Zhao Ya landed lightly on the sparring ring. Staring at Mu Xueqing with her black beady eyes, she gestured with her hands and said, "Let's begin!"


Refusing to back down, Mu Xueqing leaped onto the sparring ring as well. She unleashed her might, which had just risen from her breakthrough just a moment ago, and strength gushed through her as though a flowing river.

"It's beginning!"

"The battle between the two beauties..."

Seeing the two beauties facing each other on the sparring ring, the crowd immediately fell silent, fearful that they would interrupt their concentration.

"I will make you apologize!"

With a clear thud, Zhao Ya pushed against the floor and charged forth. At the same time, a howling aura which bore some reminiscence to the gleam of a sword shrouded her arms.

"The one to apologize will be you!"

Refusing to yield, Mu Xueqing also charged forward.

Peng peng peng peng!

Soon, the duo had already traded blows several times. As Pixue realm cultivators, the might of their blows caused a violent sonic boom to burst in the air.

"Incredible! Where did this lady come from? Despite her young age, she is actually able to match Mu Xueqing!"

Amidst the crowd, a young man looked at the battle with a perplexed expression.

It was the student who was ranked first in the student tournament, Zhao Wuxing.

"I have no idea as well. It seemed as though she suddenly appeared today!" Beside him, another person looked at the stage with a doubtful expression as well.

If Mu Xueqing saw this person, she would definitely recognize him as the one who was placed second in the student tournament, Liu Changyan.

Despite being the two most famous students in the academy, Zhao Wuxing and Liu Changyan couldn't hold back their curiosity to spectate the battle.

"Who do you think will win?"

After looking for a moment longer, Liu Changyan chuckled.

"In just a few days, Mu Xueqing's cultivation has improved, and the restraint in her movements has also disappeared, causing her fighting prowess to soar greatly. Even though the lady she is facing is using inferior battle techniques, her movements were forceful. Furthermore, there seems to be some kind of frosty aura to her moves, making it difficult for one face it head on... I can't really say for sure who will win!"

After hesitating for a moment, Zhao Wuxing said.

As the number one student in the entire academy, his eye for such matters was astonishing. However, regardless of whether it was their cultivation or their means, the two ladies on the sparring ring seemed to be on the same level. He couldn't say for sure who would win either.

Liu Changyan nodded in agreement. Then, he suddenly frowned, "That lady who abruptly appeared has a strong foundation, but why are her battle techniques so weak? All of the moves she has used were at intermediate-tier Mortal or so. If her battle techniques were slightly more advanced, she might have won already!"


Zhao Wuxing was also perplexed by the sight.

These two beautiful ladies had both reached Pixue realm. As long as they wished, they could easily access the high-tier or even pinnacle Mortal battle techniques. To still be using intermediate-tier Mortal at her cultivation realm, that was indeed a little lacking.

If not for the frosty aura in her body limiting the other party's movements, rendering Mu Xueqing unable to gain on her, she would have already lost.

"This isn't good!"

Zheng Yang and the others could also see the problem.

Zhao Ya's Pure Yin Body granted her a huge advantage against cultivators of the same cultivation realm. However, as the battle techniques she knew were still limited to the level of Tianxuan Kingdom, there was still a huge distance between both parties.

More importantly, it had only been two months since Zhao Ya advanced from Fighter 1-dan Juxi realm to Pixue realm. The rapid rise in her cultivation caused her to lack actual combat experience.

On the other hand, as the Little Demoness who had caused innumerable storms in Tianwu Academy, Mue Xueqing had plenty of battle experience.

Lacking battle techniques and battle experience. If not for her overwhelmingly powerful physical constitution and her powerful zhenqi, she would have already lost by now.

"Don't panic. Even though Zhao Ya is lacking in practical battle experience, it isn't that easy for the other party to triumph over her!"

Liu Yang said.

Back then, Zhao Ya's physical constitution could even suppress Lu Xun laoshi. No matter how powerful this lady was, could she be stronger than Lu Xun?

"Don't worry. Once she gets used to the tempo of the battle, it will just be a matter of time before she defeats the other party!"

Zhao Ya's disadvantage was due to her lacking battle experience. As the battle continued on, Zhao Ya would slowly get used to the flow of the fight, and by then, it wouldn't be difficult for her to defeat the other party.

"Damn it!"

Since the crowd below was able to realize this, naturally Mu Xueqing could notice it as well, and her face steeled.

Even though she wasn't the strongest female in her age group in Tianwu Kingdom, she wasn't too far from it. She thought that it should have been easy for her to teach a lass younger than her a lesson, but never in her dreams did she expect for the other party to be this formidable!

When did such an incredible freshman appear in Tianwu Academy?

"If this continues to drag on, given how condensed her zhenqi is, I will surely lose. I have no choice but to use that technique!"

Mu Xueqing gritted her teeth, and a ferocious glint appeared in her eyes.

Even though the other party was in a disadvantageous position at first, as time went by, she found the tables being slowly turned on her.

In the end, her cultivation was forcefully pulled by pills, so her zhenqi was still a little thin.


Harrumphing lightly, Mu Xueqing frowned. Her aura suddenly surged, and she released a forceful punch.

"It's Apothecary Mu's [Fallen Flower Fist]!"

A grim look appeared on Zhao Wuxing's face.

"Fallen Flower Fist?" Liu Changyan turned to Zhao Wuxing and asked.

"Indeed. It's a high-tier Phantom battle technique. It's said that when Apothecary Mu reached Zongshi realm, in remembrance of his dead wife, he created this technique. There is a total of three moves to this technique, and every single one has overwhelming strength. Even Mo Hongyi was filled with praises for it!"

Zhao Wuxing stared at the lady on stage and commented, "To think that Apothecary Mu would pass this technique onto his daughter and that she would have already mastered the first move!"

"High-tier Phantom battle technique? Techniques of such level are rare even in the capital, the other lady Mu Xueqing is facing is in trouble!"

Amazed, Liu Changyan nodded his head.

Even in Tianwu Kingdom, a high-tier Phantom battle technique was considered to be top-notch. On top of that, the other lady was lacking in good battle techniques, making it difficult for her to withstand this move.

As they expected, facing the savage pressure from the other party, Zhao Ya's face warped in shock.

"I have to go all out!"

Gritting her silver teeth, she knew that she would definitely fall in defeat if she were to continue executing normal moves. Thus, with a bellow, she pumped her zhenqi furiously through her veins.

She was putting her all into this single move.


The Fallen Flower Fist met her palm.

Deng deng deng deng!

The duo's faces reddened, and they retreated seven to eight steps consecutively before fresh blood spurted from their mouths.

It was a draw!

"Zhao Ya!"


Zheng Yang and Meng Tao dashed up to the stage.

"Seems like I have underestimated you. It is a draw today, but do you dare to fight against me three days from now?"

Flinging her arms, Mu Xueqing pushed Meng Tao and the others aside before glaring at Zhao Ya coldly.

"So be it! If you lose at that time, you have to apologize!" Zhao Ya stared back at her as well.

"Apologize? I only said that Zhang shi isn't good at teaching, what business of it is yours?"

At this, Mu Xueqing suddenly realized something and she froze. "It can't be that... you all are Zhang shi's students?"

"That's right! He is our teacher! Your action of insulting him is equivalent to insulting all of us!" Zhao Ya replied.

"I see!"

Finally understanding the reason why the other party was so furious as to challenge her to a duel, Mu Xueqing shook her head. "I am also filled with respect for Zhang shi, just that... I am being objective here. In terms of teaching, I can guarantee that our Liu laoshi is definitely superior to your Zhang shi!"

"Liu laoshi? I've never heard of him!" Zhao Ya shook her head. Then, with a proud look, she declared, "Our Zhang laoshi is definitely the best in teaching! No one is able to match up to him!"


Mu Xueqing gritted her teeth. "Since none of us is willing to concede, then let our fists do the talking! Let's meet again three days from now on, and whoever loses has to admit that their teacher is inferior to the other party’s teacher! Do you dare to accept my challenge?"

"Why wouldn't I dare to accept your challenge?" Zhao Ya nodded.

"Fine, it's a deal then! Let's go!"

Seeing that the other party had agreed to it, Mu Xueqing flung her arms, turned around and left.

It hadn't been long since she came into contact with Liu laoshi, but she felt grateful to the other party for solving the trauma in the body and raising her cultivation. Given that a student of Zhang shi was challenging his prestige, she felt a need to guard his honor!

She wanted to let people know that even though Liu laoshi wasn't a master teacher, he was in no way inferior to a master teacher!

"Let's go!"

Zhao Ya also left with Wang Ying and the others.

"These few people are Zhang shi's students?"

"This is a huge affair..."

"I've heard of Zhang shi! He's the genius who broke all of Genius Mo Hongyi's records, taking over his position as the number one genius of Tianwu Kingdom! No wonder that lady was so incredible, she is his student!"

Upon learning that Zhao Ya and the others were Zhang shi's students, the crowd below broke into a commotion.

Those students who harbored ideas on Zhao Ya immediately vanquished all of their thoughts.

Master Teacher Zhang Xuan was a rising figure in the city, and many influential powers were eager to build a connection with him.

Laying hands on his students was no different than suicide!

"Right, isn't Mu Xueqing's teacher Bai Fan laoshi? Who is Liu laoshi?"

"You still don't know about it? Bai Fang laoshi has already left the academy, and this Liu laoshi is a teacher who was just recruited today!"

"Just recruited today?"

"That's right. I was in charge of attending to the interviewees, so I personally saw the scene back then. That Liu laoshi is indeed a capable teacher..."


The student recounted the events during the public recruitment.

"With a single word, he fixed a student's aversion to studying, and with a beating, he fixed a student's violent tendencies?"

"You must be joking! There's actually such a person in the world?"

After hearing those words, the crowd was dumbfounded. They couldn't help but doubt that the other party was lying to them.

"It's true!" The student said indignantly. "You all know Mu Xueqing's personality as well. If it's not true, how could she be willing to fight with another person for him when she has only come into contact with him for such a short period of time?"


"Now that you speak of it, I suddenly thought of something. When I met the students in their class this morning, their cultivation didn't seem to be that high yet. How in the world was all of their cultivation raised in just a few hours?"


"Could this really be due to Liu laoshi's guidance? For him to be so formidable, who in the world is this Liu laoshi?"

The more the crowd discussed, the more curious they were about Mu Xueqing's new teacher.

"Ah choo!"

After leaving the classroom, just as Zhang Xuan was walking on a pavement, he suddenly sneezed. Perplexed, he rubbed his nose.

What's wrong? Did I catch a cold?
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