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Chapter 269: Let Me Take a Look

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Not long after Butler Lu's departure, an elder was carried in.

He looked significantly older than Shen Hong, and his skin was saturated with creases and age spots. Lying on a reclining chair, his breathing was faint, and it seemed that he would die at any moment now.

It was no wonder why the manor strictly rejected all guests except for physicians. Given the current state of the Great Herb King, it was unlikely that he would be able to hold on for long.

"You are all highly famous physicians of the Physician Guild. I beseech you to save the old master!"

Butler Lu bowed to the crowd.

"Tell us about the condition of the Great Herb King in detail!" The 3-star physician, who interjected previously, said.

"Yes!" Knowing that physicians needed to know about the medical history of the patient, Butler Lu answered without any hesitation. "The old master used to be extremely healthy until a disease abruptly struck him half a month ago. He found himself without appetite, and his physical condition deteriorated continuously, day by day, to the point that he is now unable to speak. As for the cause... We've no idea as well. We only know that his physical condition is worsening by the moment and that no medicine he ate alleviated his condition."

"Ill all of a sudden? Can it be that he has been poisoned?" A physician asked.

Usually, when one becomes ill without any signs beforehand, it is highly likely that it is due to poison.

"We've taken into account that possibility and used a unique method to check, but there wasn't any sign of poison."

The Great Herb King had been reigning over the Red Lotus City for many years, and he had close ties with the Poison Hall. It shouldn't be a difficult task to check if he was poisoned.

Since they claimed that he wasn't poisoned, that was likely to be the case.

"Let me take a look!"

A 3-star physician approached the Great Herb King and examined him. A moment later, a deep crease appeared on his forehead.

"Lips are white, breathing is inconsistent, loose skin, deep age spots, spiritless eyes..." After taking a look, the physician shook his head. "These are signs that his lifespan is coming to an end!"

A person's lifespan is determined by fate, and if one has really come to the end of his lifespan, it is impossible for any physician, regardless of how capable they are, to offer any help.

Unless his cultivation reaches greater heights.

"While the title, Great Herb King, is well-known, it is actually a title that is passed on from one generation to the other. It has only been a few years since the old master had received the title, and he is currently only in his forties." Butler Lu hesitated for a moment before answering.

The Great Herb King of the Red Lotus City didn't refer specifically to anyone. Rather, it was like a noble conferment that could be passed on. Anyone who managed to become the Great Herb King would become the sovereign of the Red Lotus City.

"Still in his forties?"

The crowd was taken aback, and even Zhang Xuan was astounded.

No one would have doubted if Butler Lu said that the elder before them was in his nineties. Yet, for him to be in his forties...

At forty, a Zongshi realm expert should have been at the peak of his power. Regardless of strength, spirit, energy, or stamina, they should be at their best. It wasn't logical for his lifespan to reach its end at this age.

"Has he consumed the [Energy Rejuvenation Pill]?"

After hesitating for a moment, the 3-star physician asked.

Energy Rejuvenation Pill allows one's deteriorating physical condition to burst with strength once more. It is effective even on those who have reached the end of their lifespan.

"He has already consumed it, but... it isn't effective!" Butler Lu shook his head.

"Even the Energy Rejuvenation Pill is useless?"

This time, the 3-star physician wasn't the only one to frown. All of the physicians had grim expressions on their faces.

The Energy Rejuvenation Pill was a grade-2 pill, and it had mystical effects on Zongshi realm experts.

Its ineffectiveness meant that the physical condition of the Great Herb King had deteriorated to an unimaginable level.

"I know a set of acupuncture routine that can stimulate one's acupoints and recover their stamina. I can give it a try!"

Saying so, Physician Mu Hong stood up.

"I've heard of Physician Mu Hong's impressive acupuncture. It should be effective." The crowd nodded.

Without wasting any time, he retrieved his silver needles immediately and pierced them into the acupoints of the horizontally lying Great Herb King.

A moment later.

Shaking his head, Physician Mu Hong walked back.

His impressive acupuncture was renowned, but it was completely ineffective on the Great Herb King.

"I have the formula for a mystical medicine here, I can give it a try..."

Someone else stood up.

Just like that, the physicians tried all of their specialties while discussing the condition of the Great Herb King. The various means and theories they raised left Mo Yu electrified.

Those who were present were the most incredible grandmaster physicians within their country, and even the worst of the lot here was much more skilled than Grandmaster Qing Yang. As a mere apprentice physician, she had never experienced such a majestic gathering. She benefitted greatly from their conversation, and her knowledge in the Way of Medicine deepened significantly.


Suppressing the agitation in her heart, she turned to Zhang Xuan and with a glance, her expression darkened.

She thought that the fellow would, like her, immerse himself in the profound theories that were spoken here. Yet, he was sitting blankly on the spot.

She was familiar with this expression. This was the confused look of an amateur who couldn't understand a single word.

Do you not understand what they are saying?

How is this possible?

Unable to believe her eyes, she sent a telepathic message to him. "Zhang Xuan, I don't understand the [Extreme Treatment Method] that Physician Mu Hong spoke of. What does it mean?"

Taken aback by her sudden question, Zhang Xuan was stunned.

He hadn't browsed through much books on the Way of Medicine, so how could he know of these theories and terms?

He pondered for a moment before shaking his head, "I don't know either. I've never heard of it."

Mo Yu's vision turned gray.

Extreme Treatment Method was a diagnosis method that assumed the worst situation to determine the root of an illness. Needless to say physicians, even apprentices would have known it. Yet, this fellow said that he has never heard of it...

"Then... What about Observation Diagnosis Method?"

She asked once more.

"I've never heard of it either!" Zhang Xuan shook his head.

There was only one 1-star physician in Tianxuan Kingdom, and he was Master Yuanyu. Zhang Xuan had never conversed with him about the Way of Medicine, so it wasn't wrong to say that he didn't know a single thing about medical theories.

The corners of Mo Yu's mouth twitched violently.

Observation Diagnosis Method referred to the standard steps of determining an illness through observation of the patient. This was one of the topics that would surely be tested for the apprentice physician examination, and it wasn't possible for any single physician to not know of it. Yet, he said that he hasn't heard of it...

To not even know the basics of the Way of Medicine and still dare to pass off as a physician to treat the Great Herb King...

Brother, are you that sick of living, or are you that bored?

Mo Yu felt a stifling sensation in her chest. At the same time, she was also baffled.

Zhang Xuan isn’t acquainted with the fundamentals of the Way of Medicine... but how was he able to diagnose the illness of the Howling Firmament Beast and Butler Lu accurately, and treat them?

While Mo Yu's thoughts were wandered, Zhang Xuan looked at the Great Herb King helplessly.

The Library of Heaven's Path could only compile a book when one executed a battle technique or when one was unconscious. Even though the Great Herb King was unable to speak a word, he was conscious.

His current situation was not much better than Shen Hong's back then, and if Zhang Xuan were to ask him to execute a battle technique for him... He would probably die before he could lift his fist.

On the other hand, if he were to reenact what he did with Shen Hong and knock the Great Herb King unconscious with a slap... It was highly likely that he would be cut into innumerable pieces before he could even read the contents of the book compiled.

Although this lounge seemed quiet, there were numerous experts lurking in the shadows.

If he were to make a move on the Great Herb King, these people would definitely charge out immediately.

"I must think of a way to knock this Great Herb King out open and aboveboard..."

Rubbing his glabella, Zhang Xuan scrabbled to find an excuse.

"I'm truly sorry. This is my first time seeing an illness like the Great Herb King's, and I am helpless before it!"

"Indeed, Butler Lu. We can't find any other possible solutions, sorry."

"My skills are still lacking..."

Mo Yu and Zhang Xuan were still deep in contemplation when Mu Hong and the others stood up and shook their heads in embarrassment.

In the end, they weren't even able to determine the illness of the other party, needless to say, treat him.


Looking at their expressions, Butler Lu couldn't help but reveal his disappointment.

Many physicians have come to and fro ever since the old master fell ill, and this wasn't his first time hearing such answers.

"Even though you weren't able to treat the old master, we're still grateful. The Great Herb King Manor will not allow all of you to make this trip for nothing..."

Shaking his head, Butler Lu was in the midst of addressing others when Physician Cheng Feng glanced at Zhang Xuan with a contemptuous gaze.

"Butler Lu, we have tried to diagnose the Great Herb King and discussed the matter, but if I'm not mistaken, this Physician Bai Chan whom you invited over has been sitting in the same spot throughout the whole time. Is it because he looks down on us, and does not think that we're worthy of his words? Or is it because he has an idea in mind and he doesn't want to discuss it with us?"

Hearing Physician Cheng Feng words, everyone was taken aback. At the same time, they recalled that the fellow named Bai Chan didn't seem to have spoken a single word throughout the entire diagnosis, as though a mute.

"This fellow has been seated the entire time!"

"Not just that, he didn't even say a single word."

"He's a mere 1-star physician, it would be weird if he could contribute to our discussions."

"It's because he knows that his skills are lacking that he chose not to speak. At the very least, he has avoided being mocked because of his words."

Recalling that the other party was just a 1-star physician, disdain flashed through their eyes.

A 1-star physician would be a respected figure anywhere else, just not here.

Given how even 3-star physicians didn't comprehend the illness, what could a 1-star physician possibly understand?

It was wise of him to choose to keep mum.

"It shouldn't be put like that. Since Butler Lu has specially invited him over and praised his mastery in the Way of Medicine, how can he possibly be afraid to speak up?" Physician Cheng Feng flashed a contemptuous smile at Zhang Xuan.

He was well aware of this Physician Bai Chan’s standards.

He felt envious of the fact that Butler Lu had invited him personally and praised him in public. This was a treatment which even he didn't receive. Now that there was an opportunity to shame him, he found it a waste to let it slip by.


Butler Lu hesitated for a moment before turning to Zhang Xuan, "Physician Bai Chan..."

Since this Physician Bai was able to determine his illness with a glance, Butler Lu was confident in his medical skills. However, the other party hadn't spoken a word from the start to the end, and this had left him perplexed.

Only upon hearing Butler Lu call him did Zhang Xuan snap back to reality. With a puzzled look, he asked, "What's wrong?"

"The matter is like this!"

Butler Lu coughed, embarrassed by the fact that the fellow blanked out while the others were examining the old master. Then, he explained, "The other physicians were unable to determine the root of the old master's illness, and they would like to hear your opinion."

"They failed to even determine the root of the illness?"

Standing up, Zhang Xuan glanced at the crowd before shaking his head.

"Since they are unable to make it, I'll give it a try!"
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