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Seer was one of the many unique occupations in the world, but due to its unique capabilities, it was held in high regard in the Master Teacher Continent. Not even the Master Teacher Pavilion would dare to exert pressure on them easily.

It was one thing for the young man to accuse their Seer Guild of colluding with the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe without ample evidence on hand, but to think that he would make a brazen request to ransack their premises too…

This was intolerable!

"I don't deny that I am unqualified to request a search on your Seer Guild, but this matter concerns not only a treasure of the Sanctum of Sages but the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe as well. It might just be an unfortunate coincidence, but the trail of the burglars happens to end in the vicinity of your Seer Guild. With the safety of mankind at stake, I'm afraid that I have no choice but to do this. I hope that you can understand my position," Zhang Xuan said.

"Seers usually avoid getting involved in worldly affairs, so I believe you would be reluctant to get into an unnecessary conflict. Regardless of whether I report this matter to the Master Teacher Pavilion headquarters or the Seer Guild headquarters, you will have a great deal of explaining to do. That wouldn't be desirable to you, right?"

"Are you threatening me?" the elder growled coldly as he clenched his fists tightly.

"Threaten? I am the head of the Sanctum of Sages; I would never stoop to something as low as that! However… if there is evidence to suggests that Otherworldly Demons who have stolen Sage Kui's sculpture have slipped into the Seer Guild, for the safety of mankind, I believe that no one will question my judgement for demanding a search on your Seer Guild!" Zhang Xuan replied coolly.

"Hah! What amazing pomposity this is from the head of the Sanctum of Sages!"

Before the elder could even respond, a cold harrumph sounded from the distance. Following which, two old men walked in from the side doors.

Upon seeing the two old men, Zhang Xuan's eyes narrowed warily.

To his astonishment, he was unable to see through the cultivation of those two old men!

Considering how he was currently at Saint 9-dan pinnacle, the fact that he was unable to see through their cultivation meant that they were at Great Sage at the very minimum.

Saint 8-dan pinnacle should have been the limit for a city at the level of Harvest Valley City, so for two Great Sage cultivators to appear here simultaneously…

If it was just a guess from Zhang Xuan's part before, the appearance of the two old men had him convinced that something was indeed amiss in this Seer Guild.

"I beg your pardon if I have made you feel that way. May I know who the two of you are? I am currently addressing the leader of the Harvest Valley City Seer Guild, so I must ask the two of you to not insolently interject into our conversation and learn to hold your tongues!" Zhang Xuan replied imposingly.

If they were Great Sage cultivators from other guilds, he might still hesitate a little before going up against them. But since they were seers…

All it would take was a mere thought for him to teach them a lesson. They could not even be considered a threat at all!

"I am the vice head of the Seer Guild headquarters, Qi Zhen! The person beside me is Elder Mo Qin!" The old man who had spoken earlier flung his sleeves and harrumphed coldly. "There's no way there could be any Otherworldly Demons here, and the so-called treasure of your Sanctum of Sages isn't here either. Are you satisfied now?"

"Unfortunately, no," Zhang Xuan replied coldly as he stood up and placed his hands behind his back. With an unwavering tone, he continued. "Unless you allow me to search through the Harvest Valley City Seer Guild, I won't be leaving here today!"


Not expecting the young man to say such words despite having revealed his identity as the vice head of the Seer Guild headquarters, Qi Zhen narrowed his eyes furiously. He lifted his hand, seemingly preparing to make a move, but his movements suddenly paused for a moment.

It appeared as if someone was talking telepathically to him. The next moment, he suppressed his rage and flung his sleeves back furiously once more. "Very well, you can search the premises. However, I'll only give you three minutes to do so. At the end of the three minutes, regardless of whether you have found what you are searching for or not, I'll have to ask you to leave. We still have an important ritual that we have to carry out. If we miss the right moment to make the divination, not even your Sanctum of Sages will be able to bear the consequences!"

"Three minutes? Very well!" Zhang Xuan nodded calmly.

With a thought, he took out the Book of Heaven's Path and instructed, "Vicious, scan the area and see if you are able to sense the presence of your upper body!"

"Yes!" Vicious replied. Barely a moment after he had begun searching the area, the Book of Heaven's Path abruptly shuddered a little as an anxious exclamation sounded, "Master, there's something amiss here. The auras are chaotic, almost as if there's something extremely dangerous in here!"

"Extremely dangerous?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

For Vicious to deem the surroundings with the term 'extremely dangerous', just what could be hidden within this Seer Guild?

"Hmm? The feeling vanished… Did I sense wrongly? My instincts seem to have lost their sensitivity after suffering a sharp decline in my cultivation," Vicious remarked doubtfully.

He was certain that he had sensed something earlier, but the feeling had vanished without a trace in an instant. While he still harbored some doubts, he could not discount the possibility that he might have made a mistake. His body still was not incomplete yet, so it was inevitable that his senses would be a little jumbled up from time to time.

"I see. Don't bother about the chaotic auras for the time being and check if your upper body is around here!" Zhang Xuan instructed sternly.

It was just earlier that Luo Ruoxin had given him a warning, and now, Vicious was saying something similar.

This was making him feel a little unnerved on the inside.

Nevertheless, he could not back down at this point. The culprits could very well be the same as the ones who had kidnapped Zhao Ya and his other students, so he could not afford to lose this lead. Not to mention, Vicious' upper body was also of the utmost importance to him too.

"I understand!" Vicious replied. He quickly cast aside the miscellaneous thoughts in his mind and did a rough sensing of the area. A moment later, he exclaimed, "Master, I can sense it! My upper body is indeed here! However…"

"However what?" Zhang Xuan was delighted to hear that they had managed to find the correct place, but this fact only introduced more doubts.

For the Seer Guild to collude together with the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe to steal Sage Kui's sculpture, just what were they intending to achieve?

"There's a peculiar aura shrouding my upper body. Previously, Sage Kui's sculpture was suppressing my upper body, so I couldn't sense it clearly. However, I can sense the presence of my upper body very distinctly now… It feels like they have destroyed the sculpture!" Vicious replied.

"Destroyed the sculpture? It seems like they have indeed stolen Sage Kui's sculpture for Vicious' upper body…" Zhang Xuan fell into deep thought.

If it had just been a guess before, it was apparent to him right now that the main goal of the culprits was indeed Vicious' upper body.

Furthermore, it seemed too much of a coincidence for the vice head and an elder of the Seer Guild headquarters to visit a relatively remote branch together, especially at this point in time… From the looks of it, there was a good chance that a huge number of the higher-ranking seers were colluding with the Otherworldly Demons!

Of course, that would still require further verification, but it would be best for him to assume the worst-case scenario until then.

"Where is your upper body at the moment?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"It's currently at the back of this room," Vicious replied.

"Got it." Zhang Xuan nodded as he turned his gaze over.

At the back of the room was a massive door, pitch-black in color. He tried to extend his Spiritual Perception to sense what was beyond the door, but it seemed like some kind of isolation barrier had been cast over it to prevent any nosey individuals from snooping around.

Thus, he made his way over with the intention of taking a closer examination.

However, it was at this moment that Qi Zhen's voice sounded once more. "Alright, three minutes are up. Sanctum Head Zhang, I'll have to ask you to leave right now!"

"Leave?" Zhang Xuan scoffed contemptuously. "I have just confirmed that the missing treasure of our Sanctum of Sages is located behind this door, but you seem to be in a rush to chase me away. I really can't help but wonder what your intentions are!"

Qi Zhen's pupils dilated a little upon hearing those words, but he quickly concealed it with a cold harrumph. "You said that you can just confirmed that your missing treasure is behind this door? How can you be certain of that?"

"Just like how your Seer Guild has the ability to uncover vital information through divination, our Sanctum of Sages has our own ways to tracking down our possessions. If I can't even locate the whereabouts of our stolen treasures, wouldn't I be a failure of a sanctum head?" Zhang Xuan replied coldly.

"Sanctum Head Zhang, I understand that you are anxious to find the treasures of your Sanctum of Sages, but making false accusations like that won't get you anywhere. Our Seer Guild has an important ritual that we have to conduct right now, and we don't have any time to waste arguing with you. I'll have to ask you to leave right now, or else don't blame us for getting nasty!" Qi Zhen said with a majestic wave of his hands.

"Getting nasty? Are you still intending to make a move on me?" Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes threateningly.

Who would have thought that the Seer Guild would actually be so brazen? It was one thing for them to collude with the Otherworldly Demonic Tribe to steal Sage Kui's sculpture, but to think that they would even dare to threaten him, the head of the Sanctum of Sages!

"We don't wish for it to come to that. However, if you continue making a scene, I'm afraid that we'll have no choice but to forcefully evict you!" Qi Zhen replied coldly as a belligerent aura burst forth from his body, rising straight into the heavens.

He was a Great Sage 2-dan Aureate Body realm expert!

While he might have been lacking in comparison to Sword Saint Xing, the prowess that he wielded was more than enough to deal with a Saint 9-dan pinnacle cultivator like him.


Seeing that Qi Zhen was intending to make a move, Zhang Xuan's hands moved for the Dragonbone Divine Spear wrapped around his waist, prepared to retaliate should the other party make any move of aggression. However, an explosion suddenly erupted at that moment, and the tortoiseshell-shaped roof burst open.

A figure charged in from the opened roof.

"Wu Chen?"

The figure was none other than the adolescent boy following behind Luo Ruoxin, Wu Chen!

The other party had claimed that he had some matters to deal with after they left Ancient Sage Ran Qiu's ancient domain back at the White Creek Mountain. Why would he suddenly appear here?
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