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His conviction had wavered when he saw the group of young men whipping out Ancient Sage artifacts one after another before him, and he had wondered if he might have got it wrong once more. However, with the tall young man's transformation, it was apparent that the group of young men before him were not from the Hundred Schools of Philosophers but Otherworldly Demons!

To be honest, even though he really wanted to trust Luo Ruoxin, there had been just a hint of doubt at the back of his mind that he could not shake off. For that, he had even attempted to check on Wu Chen as well…

In an instant, his face reddened in embarrassment.

Luo Ruoxin had trusted him unreservedly, sharing any news that she had with him without any hesitation. She even gave something as precious as Kong shi's personal handwriting to him as if it was nothing more than dirt. Yet, he had actually doubted her…

The more he thought about it, the more embarrassed he felt.

At the same time, Luo Ruoxin and Wu Chen also swiftly noticed the last young man reverting back to its original form as an Otherworldly Demon, and they were visibly startled for a moment.

"Since you are an Otherworldly Demon, I shan't stand on ceremony!" Having verified the other party's identity, Zhang Xuan could not be bothered to waste his breath on words.

With a furious bellow, he thrust the spear toward the last young man once more.


Regaining his true strength after reverting to his true form, the last young man's fighting prowess became much stronger than before. Nevertheless, he was still far from a match for the Dragonbone Divine Spear-equipped Zhang Xuan.

Soon, he was pierced in his shoulder, and fresh blood gushed out from his gaping wound.

At the same time, the fragile young man and the dark-skinned young man also had their hands full with the powerful attacks that Zhang Xuan sent their way from time to time. They could hardly find any time to catch their breath, let alone assist the last young man!

Knowing that they would be defeated if this went on, the fragile young man bellowed anxiously, "Quick, grab the Celestial Amulet of Legacy!"

"Alright!" the scholarly young man before the amulet quickly replied.

He was currently in the midst of battling Luo Ruoxin.

The young lady's attacks were neither fast nor powerful, but every strike carried some kind of unpredictable danger that would kill him the moment that he let his guard down. After trading a few blows, the scholarly young man found his arms becoming numb, and his face paled from the damage that he had accumulated thus far.

They were all Sempiternal realm cultivators, but for some reason, the members of trio before them were each more frightening than the last!

The tides were simply not in their favor. If this went on, they might really lose their lives. Thus, the scholarly young man gritted his teeth and tossed a book out.


As soon as the book appeared, it warped into a cloth that could conceal even the heavens. It fell right upon Luo Ruoxin, isolating her from the rest of the world.

"The writings of an Ancient Sage?" Luo Ruoxin's face darkened as she hurriedly raised her palm to strike the cloth around her.

However, all of the force that she exerted was completely absorbed by the cloth, preventing her from breaking out.

The writings of an Ancient Sage harnessed immense powers, such that even Half-Ancient Sage experts would be unable to break free, let alone Sempiternal realm cultivators!

"Hu!" Heaving a sigh of relief, the scholarly young man turned his sight toward the Celestial Amulet of Legacy.

With a flick of his wrist, he took out a token and pressed the token against the seal around the amulet lightly.


As soon as the token came into contact with the seal, the latter began dissipating at a visible rate.


With a swipe of his hands, the Celestial Amulet of Legacy was already in his grasp.

"Let's go!" Having acquired the item that they had come for, the scholarly young man quickly beckoned to his comrades as he whipped out another jade token.

He crushed the jade token forcefully, and a spatial rift swiftly appeared around him and swallowed him whole.


"Let's go!"

Seeing that they had achieved their objective in the ancient domain, the fragile young man and dark-skinned young man quickly grabbed the exposed Otherworldly Demon before retrieving a similar-looking jade token and crushing it as well.

"Where do you think you are going?"

Not expecting the young man to actually have such a method of escape, Zhang Xuan quickly tapped his finger ahead.


The space around the three young men froze in place.

The Spatial Quintessence of Sealing had the ability to seal all energy disturbances within a given space. The jade tokens that the young men were using were probably some sort of Teleportation Formation, so by sealing the space, he would be able to prevent them from escaping!

As expected, the three young men who were just about to escape through the spatial rift abruptly froze in midair, unable to move or escape.

"Speak! Where did you take Zhao Ya and my other students?" Zhang Xuan roared with wintry killing intent.

"Zhao Ya? Do you mean the host of the Pure Yin Constitution?" the fragile young man asked.

"That's right!" Zhang Xuan eyed the three of them with a threatening gaze.

"If you want to find them, meet us at the Temple of Confucius!"

With a cold sneer, the fragile young man crushed an amulet that had appeared in his hand at some point in time.


A calamitous surge of sword qi suddenly burst forth from the crushed amulet, tearing the sealed space in an instant.


With the disappearance of the sealed space, the silhouettes of the trio immediately became illusory, signaling that their teleportation would be successful the next instant.

"Since you aren't willing to speak, you can die now!" With crimson eyes, Zhang Xuan drove his spear right toward the three.

He had gone easy on the trio in order to acquire news regarding Zhao Ya from them. However, since it was confirmed that they had taken her away, and they were already on the verge of escaping, he could not hold back his killing intent against them anymore.

Those three young men might be powerful, but against the current Zhang Xuan, they were not even close to being a match at all.


With raging might, the spear thrust forth.


With a cold harrumph, the fragile young man flicked his finger, and another surge of sword qi burst toward Zhang Xuan once more.

Zhang Xuan was intending to use his spear to crush right through the sword qi, but a force behind him suddenly tugged him away.


Wherever the sword qi passed, the annihilation of space could be seen, leaving a long gorge of dark destruction.

Seeing such a sight, cold sweat dripped down Zhang Xuan's head.

If someone had not pulled him back, he would have been sliced in two back there!

But in the moment that he dodged the attack, the three young men also successfully slipped through the spatial rift and vanished.

A myriad of emotions bottled up in Zhang Xuan—helplessness, frustration, and anger—culminated into a deep, long sigh. Turning around, he saw Luo Ruoxin standing right behind him with a disapproving frown on her forehead.

"Do you want to die? That's an amulet left behind by an Ancient Sage, and it harnesses a tenth of an Ancient Sage's strength… There's no way you could have stood against something like that!"

"A tenth of an Ancient Sage's strength?" Zhang Xuan's face paled in realization of what he had just faced.

It was no wonder that surge of sword qi was so powerful! Even if it was just a tenth of an Ancient Sage's might, it was not something that the current him could stand against.

"Humph! I didn't think that they would have an Inscripted Amulet of an Ancient Sage and even a Dimension Flit Amulet!" Wu Chen walked over with a complicated look on his face, seemingly pondering deeply over something.

"Dimension Flit Amulet?"

"It's a special type of amulet inscripted by an Ancient Sage specializing in spatial arts. It works similar to a Teleportation Formation when crushed, transporting the user over a distance of a million li. To even have such an artifact in their possession, it seems like they must have spent a very long time preparing for this operation," Luo Ruoxin explained grimly.

"It can transport a person over a million li away?" Zhang Xuan clenched his fists tightly.

If only he had known that those young men had such artifacts in their possession, he would have killed them right from the start!

Had he just crushed their cultivation, they would not have been able to use the Dimension Flit Amulet!

Even though the Dimension Flit Amulet allowed them to travel through space, if their cultivation was too low, they would not have been able to survive the spatial turbulence from the travel!

"After all the effort we have put into this, the Celestial Amulet of Legacy still ended up falling in their hands…" Wu Chen shook his head bitterly.

"It's fine. No matter who obtains the amulet, they will have to unlock the seal at the Temple of Confucius eventually. As long as we camp there, we'll be able to get in as well."

It was a huge disappointment that the Celestial Amulet of Legacy had slipped through their fingers, so they could only console themselves as such.

"Fret not. They might have gotten away, but they didn't manage to take the Celestial Amulet of Legacy away with them!" Zhang Xuan said.

"They didn't manage to take the amulet away with them?"

Luo Ruoxin and Wu Chen glanced at one another, unable to comprehend the young man's words.


Instead of answering the doubts of the duo, Zhang Xuan turned his gaze toward the adolescent boy sculpture not too far away and asked, "May I ask if my words are correct… Celestial Amulet of Legacy?"500,000 km
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