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Since it was the Pavilion Master Seal, it should have some kind of ability that allowed it to rally or command the master teachers. If he could tame it, he might just be able to find a way out of their difficult situation without causing bloodshed.

Grasping the token tightly, Zhang Xuan willed, Flaws!


A book materialized in his head.

"The Pavilion Master Seal of the Master Teacher Pavilion, an artifact forged by an Ancient Sage. It's created by fusing three droplets of Kong shi's divine blood, and it wields formidable offensive prowess against souls… Flaws: Undetectable!"

Zhang Xuan froze on the spot. Undetectable? How could this be?

On his journey, he had seen a diverse range of weapons. Regardless of whether the weapon had been forged by a formidable master or a rookie blacksmith, he would be able to find the flaws in it easily. There were no secrets that they could hide from the Library of Heaven's Path.

Yet, the book compiled on the Pavilion Master Seal actually reflected the flaws as undetectable.

What was going on?

A thought surfaced in Zhang Xuan's mind. Could Kong shi be of the Discarnate Constitution of Divination as well?

The seers found those with the Discarnate Constitution of Divination unreadable, and even the Library of Heaven's Path would have difficulties trying to peer into it. Both he and Luo Ruoxin possessed the Discarnate Constitution of Divination, and that would explain why the Library of Heaven's Path did not work on either of them.

Considering that the Pavilion Master Seal was made from three droplets of Kong shi's blood essence, perhaps the reason that the Library of Heaven's Path was unable to find a flaw in the token was because of his Discarnate Constitution of Divination affecting the results.

Zhang Xuan pondered for a while before nodding. That should be the case…

Considering how even the young prodigy of the Zhang Clan possessed such a constitution, surely it should not come as a shock that a man as great as Kong shi would possess such a constitution as well.

That was also probably how he had managed to dominate the land, overcoming the countless traps that the Otherworldly Demons had laid for him, and eventually ushering in an era of prosperity for mankind.

But if I don't know the flaws in the seal, how am I to tame it? Zhang Xuan frowned.

In the past, whenever he tamed a weapon, he would first find a flaw in it before exploiting the flaw in order to tame it. Otherwise, going by normal means, even ordinary Saint artifacts would require a year or two before pledging their servitude. Clearly, he did not have that much time to waste.

Let me try my blood!

Zhang Xuan tapped his finger, and a droplet of blood dripped from the fingertip onto the seal.


As if a smooth lotus leaf, his droplet of blood simply flowed around on the surface of the seal, showing no signs of being taken in. After flowing for a while, the seal fell onto the floor.

Zhang Xuan's eyebrows leaped up.

Ordinary artifacts would absorb swiftly absorb any blood that they came into contact with, thus taking in the will that was infused into the blood as well. However, for some inexplicable reason, the Pavilion Master Seal was not taking in his blood at all. This was the first time that Zhang Xuan had seen such an artifact.

It expresses intimacy toward me, but it refuses to take in my blood. How in the world am I supposed to tame this artifact?

He had thought that given the surprising intimacy between him and the Pavilion Master Token, he should be able to tame it with ease. Yet, who could have known that it would turn out to be even more troublesome than any artifact he had seen before?

Hong long!

While Zhang Xuan was still distressed by the lack of response from the seal, he suddenly heard a resounding explosion, and raising his head, he saw that the City Defense Formation had already fully formed. Ren Qingyuan and the others stood loftily in the air above, and they gazed down on them with such coldness in their eyes that it almost seemed like they were helpless goats waiting to be slaughtered.

Forget it, there's no time to tame it anymore. I'll just have to look into it later… Zhang Xuan thought as he placed the Pavilion Master Seal into his storage ring.

In response to his act of putting it away, the Pavilion Master Seal obediently entered his storage ring, not resisting at all.

This reminded Zhang Xuan of an occurrence in his previous world. An ordinary looking fellow fell in love with a diva, and he could ask her out and chat with her. However, whenever he wanted to further their relationship, he would be heartlessly pushed back. In the end, what he thought was love was actually just a backup plan for the diva!

Such was the case with the Pavilion Master Seal. It was very obedient to his touch, and it did not resist even when he tried to stow it into his storage ring. However, when he tried to tame it, it simply refused to respond at all.

"Zhang Xuan, if you still have the slightest nostalgia for your identity as a master teacher, I ask you to hand the Pavilion Master Seal over. Otherwise, I shall make sure that the Poison Hall and the soul oracles become a thing of the past today!" Ren Qingyuan bellowed coldly.

Previously, he had still been considering the possibility of capturing Zhang Xuan alive and forcefully putting him under control. However, the fact that the other party dared to snatch his Pavilion Master Seal and even stow it into his storage ring… there was no longer any room for reconciliation.

To have the Pavilion Master Seal snatched away in public was a huge disgrace to the Master Teacher Pavilion, and to make the situation worse, his two students were influential figures—one of them controlled the Poison Hall while the other one had inherited the heritage of the soul oracles.

If he did not exact swift punishment upon them, things could really blow up. For one, the enemies of the Master Teacher Pavilion could seek to ally themselves with the Poison Hall after hearing that they had succeeded in snatching the Pavilion Master Seal, thus bolstering their might. At the same time, the failure of the Master Teacher Pavilion in protecting their insignia of authority could result in their allies losing confidence in them, and that had to be avoided at all costs given the impending crisis looming ahead of them.

"Make us a thing of the past? Try it then! Let's see how many people you are willing to offer as tributes for our deaths!" Wei Ruyan harrumphed coldly.

She flicked her wrist once more, and the poisonous aura around her swiftly diffused around the area to form something reminiscent of a barrier around her and the others.

Regardless of whether it was weapons or zhenqi, anything that came into contact with the light barrier would be afflicted by the poisonous aura. Not even 9-star master teachers would be spared from that.

"Fools!" Ren Qingyuan sneered coldly as he raised the sword in his hand. "Master teachers, activate the Kui Xing Formation!"

Hu la!

The 9-star master teachers swiftly got to action, and in the blink of an eye, an unimaginable amount of energy was channeled from the surrounding buildings and the formation into the tip of his sword, imbuing it with the air of a conqueror.


The energy focused on the tip of the sword shot forth as a golden ray of light, tearing a massive rift in space as it crushed downward. When it came into contact with the barrier of poisonous aura, it visibly paused for a brief moment, but the next instant, it pierced right through it as if tearing a sheet of paper in two.

"Humph!" With a furious bellow, Lu Chong expanded his soul to several dozen meters large once more, and he swiftly traversed through space consecutively, using his soul energy as a thread to forcefully stitch up the spatial rift so as to forcefully stop the ray of light.

"Using your soul energy to stitch the spatial rift? As expected of a soul oracle, you do have some unique means. However, I would like to see how long you can last!" Ren Qingyuan jeered as he pushed the sword in his hands downward along the ray of light.

Si la!

The sword descended with overwhelming might.


Lu Chong's face turned crimson as the stitches made out of his soul energy creaked under the immense pressure of the sword, visibly reaching the limits of its durability swiftly.

He was not weak by any means, but the formation that consisted of sixteen 9-star master teachers, including Ren Qingyuan, was simply something far beyond his league.

At the same time, the sword was also attempting to forcefully drill a way through the poison barrier that Wei Ruyan had formed, causing her face to turn pale and sweat to flow profusely from her forehead.

"Teacher, we are already reaching our limits!" Wei Ruyan exclaimed anxiously as she shot a swift glance toward Zhang Xuan.

"Un…" Zhang Xuan nodded.

While his two direct disciples were defending against the attack from the formation, he had not been slacking around either. He had made use of the time that they had bought to examine the formation closely, and he had managed to find quite a number of flaws that he could exploit. However, those flaws were some distance away, and given his current circumstances, he was not able to reach them.

"I'll point a direction out to you two, and one of you will have to rush out to strike it hard. Once that's done, the formation will immediately be undone…" Zhang Xuan said.

But halfway through his words, a resounding boom filled the air, as if something had broken. Following which, the imposing Ren Qingyuan from a moment ago suddenly lost all of his momentum, causing him to nearly plummet from the sky. The abrupt dissipation of energy from his sword caused his zhenqi to go into turmoil, and he spurted a mouthful of blood out.

Ren Qingyuan forcefully calmed down his jolted zhenqi before turning around to bellow, "What happened?"

Just a moment ago, the energy that the formation was supplying to him had suddenly halted. If not for his powerful cultivation, he could very well have died from the rebound.

"Reporting to Pavilion Master Ren, we aren't too sure either." A master teacher flew over and exclaimed with trembling lips, "The Master Teacher Pavilion that stands at the center of the formation… suddenly ran away!"Kui Xing refers to Dubhe, the handle of the Big Dipper Constellation, and at the same time, it's also known as the God of Examination in Chinese mythology.
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