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The Buffalo Criminal Boss was smoking all over its body, as if it were a half-burned tree root. Although the monster's vitality was very strong and its actions were extremely unscrupulous - it actually used its subordinates as shields without any hesitation - the high-tech equipment of the Predators was certainly not that easy to deal with!

Sheyan timed the explosion to go off before the Buffalo Criminal Boss entered the core area of the explosion because he was worried that the Boss would die. Even so, the hard rocky ground around the Boss had been shaved away by more than a foot and were showing clear signs of melting. Glass had even formed in some places. This fully illustrated the horrifying power of the explosion.

But even now, neither Sheyan nor Ronnie could inspect the detailed information of the Buffalo Criminal Boss. The only useful information that they managed to probe was that the Boss still had about 70% of HP left.

But this was not their greatest finding. Their greatest finding was that the weapon used by the Buffalo Criminal Boss was not a purple heavy metal totem, but a black giant tree totem. No matter how powerful the black giant tree totem was, no matter how much it boosted the Boss' spells....it still came from a "tree", and things that came from a tree often shared a similar property - they were flammable.

During the explosion just now, the Buffalo Criminal Boss could only take care of itself and could not spare any effort to protect the totem. It only just realised that its favourite weapon sadly had only a small section remaining, and that small section was still burning away.

If the remains of the giant tree totem was shrunk hundreds of times, it would look exactly like a cigarette butt that had just been extinguished but was still emitting smoke. Dardanian looked a little sad; he had a vague feeling that the totem could have been of great use to him.

Time was pressing. This was true for both sides.

The contestants had to settle everything as quickly as possible before the Predators found them. The Buffalo Criminal Boss had to reach the outside as quickly as possible to save his Kurut minerals.

Therefore, without any warning or exchange of pleasantries, the two sides immediately clashed head-on!

The Buffalo Criminal Boss made a hoarse, horrible bellow as it charged towards the Iron Golem and Ramtas who had rushed ahead.

Amid the ear-piercing sound of steel distorting, sparks flew as one of the Iron Golem's huge steel arm was bent by 180 degrees. The Iron Golem was rendered useless right from the start.

Ramtas, on the other hand, was kicked at the front. A series of bone cracking sounds could be heard coming from its huge body. It vomited a liquid the colour of rust.

But from behind Ramtas' head, three long quills had shot out in time towards the Buffalo Criminal Boss' chest.

Two of the long quills missed, but the last one happened to strike a burning wound on the Buffalo Criminal Boss' chest and penetrated into its body without much effort. Although the Buffalo Criminal Boss immediately pulled the long quill out, the barbs on the quill tore away large chunks of its flesh. The Buffalo Criminal Boss howled in pain.

Everyone's eyes lit up when they saw this. The Buffalo Criminal Boss may have very tough skin, but the explosion had clearly burned away some parts of its skin, so the defence on the burned parts was greatly reduced. This was a great time to attack the Boss.

Sheyan was the first to strike. After smashing a curse-mix, poisonous smoke covered the area. Sheyan was shocked to discover that the Buffalo Criminal Boss was very resistant to the shockwave of the curse-mix. The shockwave should have caused a 3-second stun and even had precedence, but the Boss was only stunned for about a second. The slowing effect of the smoke cloud was also weakened to less than 10%!

The only explanation was that this guy was likely a high-tier legendary creature! It may even be on the same level as Paul the Octopus, the giant monster in the Pirates of the Caribbean! That was why its resistance was so strong.

But a second of stun was enough for Sheyan's formidable teammates to do a lot of things. For example, Ronnie had already marked the creature with the 'Mark of Death' and was lying in wait in stealth state about five meters away from the Buffalo Criminal Boss. This distance was just outside the creature's attack range and was also the optimum distance for Ronnie to instantly rush into the fight.

Dardanian shot out six seeds that looked like black thorns with dense barbs on them. They looked extremely sinister. Three of the seeds were swiped away by the Buffalo Criminal Boss, while the other three shot into the burn wounds on its body and instantly sprouted. Their roots that were as tough as steel and as greedy as ants grew at an alarming rate, causing the Buffalo Criminal Boss to roar in pain.

Just as the monster tried to rush forward, Pokan, with his face still pale, used his power to wrap a huge rock on the slope next to them with mud, creating an even bigger rock that was at least three meters in diameter, and sent it rolling down!

The Buffalo Criminal Boss had just moved about five or six metres before the rock ran into it. It could only cross its arms above its head and withstand the collision. It ended up being knocked more than ten metres back.

Aldaris took this opportunity to throw his sinister, dark red bone dagger, 'Mage-Nemesis'! The dagger was very inconspicuous at night. It tore through the night like a dark fish and stabbed into the lower back of the Buffalo Criminal Boss from the side.

The 'Mage-Nemesis' was a sinister dagger that was very thin and very sharp. It had no handle, just a blade. After penetrating into the Buffalo Criminal Boss' body, it went in at least ten centimeters deep, completely disappearing from view. A surgery was probably needed to pull it back out. Aldaris' sinister dagger was as hard to get rid of as bone-sucking maggots!

Aldaris chanted a long string of incantations. A large, strange symbol at least a meter in diameter emerged in front of him. Upon closer inspection, the symbol seemed like it was woven from multiple white electric snakes! It looked extremely evil!

On the large, bizarre symbol was a hard-to-detect line which was inconspicuously linking it to the dagger on the Buffalo Criminal Boss' waist. With a flash of the symbol, a bolt of lightning struck out at the monster! The lightning was so powerful that the monster trembled all over.

Sheyan had already seen this move before. About every five to ten seconds, this bizarre symbol would automatically generate a bolt of lightning to attack the enemy, with the 'Mage-Nemesis' playing the role of a lightning rod. Meanwhile, Aldaris would be free to either escape or cast other spells.

Aldaris continued to chant. A dark blue rune appeared in front of him. He pointed the rune towards Pokan, whose MP was almost depleted.

The rune floated towards Pokan and landed on his wand. The next second, a dark blue vague, hard-to-detect line, as if it existed on another plane, also extended from the wand to the 'Mage-Nemesis'. The Buffalo Criminal Boss' MP was then continuously absorbed to be fed back to Pokan!

Aldaris' multi-tasking caused the power of the lightning rune to become weaker and the attack intervals to become longer. However, he had also "resurrected" Pokan, who possessed powerful support abilities, so the advantages far outweighed the disadvantages.

Within a short period of time, the team had built a very strong battle system which could go on the offensive and defensive.

The Buffalo Criminal Boss had already been greatly weakened by Sheyan's trap - not only did it have just 70% of HP left, its tough skin was also damaged and its magic staff was also gone - but it was, after all, a powerful legendary creature.

A sharp black light suddenly appeared from the two giant aneurysms on the monster's shoulders, gobbling up the night. Then, like a gorilla, it raised its hands and roared.

At that moment, all of them felt as if the Buffalo Criminal Boss had turned into a huge black hole. A strong force of attraction sucked everyone towards it.

All of them naturally resisted the force hard. The Buffalo Criminal Boss just laughed sinisterly. Suddenly, the force of attraction disappeared completely. The humans had just heaved a sigh of relief when the monster roared again and the strong suction force appeared once more.

The continuous, unending cycle finally collapsed their resistance! Ronnie, Paul, Dardanian, Sheyan... They were all pulled together to a spot right in front of the Buffalo Criminal Boss. The creature made an angry howl. A sharp black light appeared on both its palms, and the space around its palms seemed to shatter. It then slammed its palms down!

Such was the insane power of a high-tier legendary creature! The terrifying power to exterminate a whole team in an instant!
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