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Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 21, Chapter 188.3: How Could It Be Her?

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Their chemistry was just too impressive. Huo Yuhao didn’t have to call it out, but Wang Dong’s Golden Light Left Arm Bone glowed with golden light as all the elements of light swiftly congregated toward him before they were quickly converted into soul power and infused into their Haodong power. Huo Yuhao retrieved two milk bottles that were filled to the brim with soul power, took one for himself, and gave the other to Wang Dong. They replenished their soul power as fast they could.

No matter what was happening, it was best for them to face it in their optimal state.

The rolling thunder continued to boom, and the sounds gradually became louder, as if they were coming closer and closer to them.

Huo Yuhao immediately made a calm but precise judgment. He raised a finger toward a side of the mountain in the distance and said, “The sounds are coming from that direction. I can judge from the scale that there are at least fifty soul cannons over Class 4 firing at the same time. However, the booms are shifting constantly, and it is likely that the person using the soul cannons is running for his or her life.”

He looked up at the sky in that direction. A speck of golden light appeared on his forehead before it stretched into a vertical line and gradually opened up – his Eye of Destiny had been activated.

The Eye of Destiny gazed into the horizon, and Huo Yuhao said with astonishment, “Wow, there are more than ten thousand people’s auras over there.”

Wang Dong glanced at him with a strange look and said, “Yuhao, you’re becoming more and more like a monster. You can see even that?”

Huo Yuhao chortled and said, “I wasn’t able to at first, but my spiritual power was greatly boosted once again, and my Eye of Destiny evolved. The Eye of Destiny’s second mental sea was seamlessly connected with my body’s spiritual sea, so my spiritual power can move around in between them. I have also further developed the Eye of Destiny’s abilities.”

They had a tacit understanding, and neither party talked about the game of catch they had just played. The episode was over, and it wasn’t a big deal anyway. Wang Dong corrected his emotions and mentality, and Huo Yuhao wasn’t the unforgiving kind or the kind to bear grudges.

“Let’s go. No matter who they are, this is the Sun Moon Empire’s business. Let them fight amongst themselves.” Wang Dong said indifferently.

The Sun Moon Empire was now part of the Douluo Continent, but the tectonic plate collision several thousand years ago still proved that they were outsiders, which led the three empires that originally belonged to the Douluo Continent to reject them. This was also one of the main reasons why the Sun Moon Empire harbored thoughts of invasion.

Huo Yuhao chuckled. “Don’t be hasty – they’re still quite far away. With our speed, they cannot possibly catch up to us. I want to let you feel how mystical and incredible the Eye of Destiny is.”

“Eh? How can I do that?” Wang Dong’s curiosity was piqued.

Huo Yuhao said, “Close your eyes. I will share my Spiritual Detection with you.”

“That far? Isn’t that out of your range? Oh wait, your Eye of Destiny can boost the Spirit Eyes’ soul skills.” Wang Dong finally understood what Huo Yuhao wanted to do. The sounds that were coming from the other side felt like they were only five kilometers away – could he still use Spiritual Detection at that kind of distance?

Huo Yuhao grabbed Wang Dong’s hands. They had recovered about sixty percent of their strength through their Haodong power and the milk bottles.

Huo Yuhao closed his eyes, and the Eye of Destiny on his forehead gradually opened and gazed far beyond the horizon. A layer of soothing golden radiance emanated from it, which permeated outwards before it slowly condensed into a pale beam of golden light that fired into the distance.

Spiritual Detection Sharing with everything he had in the Eye of Destiny.

Huo Yuhao could do it alone, but he was limited by his soul power, and he couldn’t afford to expend a lot of it, and thus he would normally never use this ability so extravagantly. However, he currently had a good partner in Wang Dong beside him, so he wasn’t worried about expending too much soul power, and he was also trying to show off.

The Eye of Destiny operated continuously.

Wang Dong felt as if uncountable images surfaced in his mind. These images were flying past with blinding speed, to the point where everything seemed blurry. Their speed gradually eased, and he realized that he could see the clouds and mist in the sky. His perspective was from the sky roughly two hundred meters above the ground, and he could see everything very clearly as he looked down.

There were throngs of people in the distance. Just as Huo Yuhao had said, there were at least ten thousand pursuing soldiers. His vision became closer, but it became a lot slower, which probably meant that Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection was reaching its limit.

Wang Dong whispered, “Don’t force it.”

“Alright,” Huo Yuhao acknowledged. This was the first time he was using Spiritual Detection at such an incredible distance, and he didn’t expect the effects to be this good. Even though his soul power and spiritual power were being consumed at alarming rates, probing at such a far distance made the consumption worth it. Reconnaissance duties were at the top of his responsibilities from his training in the Ultimate Soldier Plan.

They could see with a lot more clarity as their vision became closer and closer.

There were two batches of people. There were about a hundred people running in front, and they were extremely quick. All of them had soul tools, but not a single person was using a flying-type soul tool.

This group’s cultivation levels seemed decent, and Huo Yuhao could tell from the glow of their soul rings that they all had at least three rings. However, the soul tools they were using were more mixed up and uneven. They continued to run while they unleashed their soul tools’ abilities from time to time to fend off their enemies.

However, the biggest problem that low-level soul engineers faced when using soul tools was the effective range of their attacks. Even soul cannons that didn’t lock on to their targets couldn’t reach over five hundred meters before they became Class 4 soul engineers.

The army chasing them from behind were neat and orderly. They didn’t advance that quickly, but they extended in two wings that resembled an enormous pincer as they gradually clamped down on the group of people in front of them.

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong quickly understood why people in the first group didn’t use flying-type soul tools – there were soul engineers amongst the group chasing them, and there were quite a few of them as well.

There wasn’t much difference in the soul engineers’ standards. However, in a situation like this, the group with the great army reinforcing them had the absolute advantage, and this was especially so as there were more than two thousand cavalry within the army. This made their pursuit much faster and deadlier.

The soul engineers amidst the pursuing party were meant to assert control. They didn’t come to close, and only fired their own attacks from time to time. Both parties had activated their protective soul barriers, and nobody let their guard down. At this point, anybody who used a flying-type soul tool would immediately become the main target.

“This is the first time I’ve seen a war between soul engineers on such a scale.” Huo Yuhao was immensely curious, but the escaping party was running right towards them, and maintaining his Spiritual Detection at such a great distance took a toll on him as well.

Just when he was about to withdraw his Eye of Destiny and Spiritual Detection, his body suddenly shuddered, and his eyes froze upon a certain location.

Wang Dong could naturally see what Huo Yuhao saw. The people that had caught Huo Yuhao’s attention were two young girls among the escaping group. One of them was wearing a white warrior robe, while the other carried an enormous cannon and wore a blue warrior robe.

“How can it be them?” Huo Yuhao exclaimed

“Who are they?” Wang Dong asked suspiciously.

Huo Yuhao said, “Do you remember Ju Zi and Ke Ke that I told you about? They are amongst the escaping group.” Huo Yuhao closed his Eye of Destiny as he spoke.

“What should we do? I’ll let you decide.” Wang Dong appeared especially calm. If he were alone with Huo Yuhao, he would probably throw a tantrum, but he displayed absolute trust and respect for his companion in crucial moments such as this.

Huo Yuhao’s eyes squinted as he stared at Wang Dong. “It’s very dangerous.”

Wang Dong smiled and said, “Have I ever been afraid of danger when I’m with you?”

Huo Yuhao laughed. “I will never let you get hurt for as long as I’m alive. Let’s go.” He grabbed Wang Dong’s hands as he spoke, and they ran forward while they activated the flying-type soul tools on their backs. Six pillars of soul power burst out from each of their backs and propelled them explosively into the air, and they rose from the ground and immediately flew forward.

Huo Yuhao deliberately controlled his movements, and they only flew at about five meters above the ground. The soldiers pursuing from both flanks were starting to close up, and the escaping party took the opportunity before they were about to be surrounded to break through the gap in front of them. Huo Yuhao could see from a distance that Ju Zi and Ke Ke were at the vanguard of the escaping party.

This group of soul engineers discovered their frantic flight, and Ke Ke almost immediately raised the heavy cannon in her hands. If there were enemies blocking them off in front under such dire circumstances, their chances of survival would become even slimmer.

At this moment, a voice surfaced in both Ju Zi and Ke Ke’s minds.

“It’s me, Huo Yuhao!”

Five simple words caused both young girls to shudder violently. Ke Ke’s eyes were filled with pleasant surprise as she shouted, “He’s friendly, he’s here to help us!”

Ju Zi didn’t speak. She bit down lightly on her lower lip, and there was an inscrutable expression in her eyes. How can it be him?

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong quickly closed the distance. Their flying-type soul tools slowed, and they gradually landed beside Ju Zi and Ke Ke.

“Stop running – your enemies have completely surrounded you.” This was the first thing that Huo Yuhao said when he touched the ground. At this moment, the group of soul engineers led by Ju Zi and Ke Ke had escaped onto a hill.

“How are you here?” Ju Zi didn’t even look at Wang Dong, who was much more good-looking than Huo Yuhao was. Huo Yuhao was the only person in her eyes.

They hadn’t seen each other for more than a year. Ju Zi was still so beautiful, except her complexion was a little darker than before. She appeared a lot healthier than she used to be, while her demeanor had a tinge of valiance.

Huo Yuhao smiled faintly and said, “Perhaps this is our fate. What’s the situation?”

Ju Zi replied, “These are the soldiers rebelling against the empire. A duke in the north has rebelled, and he wants to establish his own country. We are here to quell the rebellion.”

This was their fate! Wang Dong had finally met Ju Zi! Heh, heh, heh…
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