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Someone who had become a Demon Cult Leader was definitely a crazy believer!

Moreover, the devils and demons had found ways to infiltrate the Xia Clan since long ago, and hadn’t been completely eradicated yet, even up to this point. They also had many powerful skills like Devil God’s oath, space-time contract and all sorts of other methods. All these could be used to completely control the core elite believers! To be completely submissive both in life and death, the soul would reside in the Devil God’s place. Living or dead, they would forever serve the Devil God.

"Not good!" Xue Ying’s face changed when he looked in the distance at Lu Huai Ru, whose face portrayed hysterical insanity.


The great hall floor suddenly surged upwards. Immediately afterwards, the floor completely exploded. The great hall’s pillars also collapsed and exploded one by one.

Jing Qiu and Si Bai Rong, who were hiding in the corner, also became pale.

Ning, ning, ning.

It was too late for Jing Qiu to cast a powerful magic spell. She could only cast some weak spells for protection. The frost armor she cast over her body was already the best spell she had at the moment, but it only could defend against a Silver Moon knight’s attack power for a while. Jing Qiu also cast an angled frost wall in front of her.

She clearly want to reduce the impact as much as possible with the angled frost wall, but at the moment, the whole great hall was exploding. The scale of which made Jing Qiu terrified, could her magic resist the impact?

"No, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die…" Si Bai Rong’s eyes were filled with horror. He immediately crouched down, hiding behind the angled frost wall. He also saw Jing Qiu, who was completely enveloped by the frost armor. His eyes flashed with coldness, instantly grabbing Jing Qiu’s arm and pulling her to stand in front of him.

A Silver Moon Mage’s defense could also deflect a lot of an attack’s force.

"Si Bai Rong!" Jing Qiu’s eyes were filled with shock and anger.

"Jing Qiu, just sacrifice yourself for me. I can take care of your Yu Clan in exchange." Si Bai Rong fully hid behind Jing Qiu’s body, making her, his shield. The frost armor had a damage reduction effect. Otherwise, the vibrations caused by a knight’s attack could vibrate a mage to death. It was due to this effect of the frost armor that Si Bai Rong considered Jing Qiu as the best shield.

With Jing Qiu in front as his cover, his chances of survival increased significantly. As for whether Jing Qiu lived or died? He didn’t care.

Although he had always been wooing Jing Qiu, this was because of Jing Qiu’s strength and appearance. Faced with a life or death situation, he undoubtedly valued his own little life more than hers. He still hadn’t lived long enough.

"Damn, wretched Si Bai Rong!!!" Jing Qiu was shocked and furious. She had initially crouched at the bottom of the angled frost wall, with her hands positioned in front of her. However, because she was grabbed by Si Bai Rong, it had become difficult to protect herself, so the possibility of her dying had now increased significantly.

She was angry.

However, she was unable to break free, a Silver Moon knight’s strength was too much for her.

She hadn’t been killed by the fearful Demon God Emissary, but in the end she would die at the hands of Si Bai Rong… it was so unfair.


"Not good."

The moment he felt the floor starting to explode, Xue Ying immediately reacted. A black shield appeared in his left hand. This shield came from the Demon God Emissary’s magical storage rings.

A spear in his right hand and a shield in his left hand.


Lightning fast, Xue Ying charged into the distance. At this time, he had completely merged with his Primordial Bloodline. A faint blood-red aura circled around his body. His speed soaring frighteningly fast, he fluttered around the room. Most of the floor had already exploded, many stone floor pieces, big and small, flew apart at an astonishing speed.

Clang, clang, clang, the shield in his left hand continuously blocked the stones, while the Flying Snow God Spear whipped some of the bigger stones away, crashing them into the walls or into some pillars, and sending them as far away as possible.

In the middle of the explosion….

Xue Ying instantly rushed for more than 100 meters towards Jing Qiu and Si Bai Rong, who were currently hiding behind the angled frost wall. Although he had a shield in one hand and the Flying Snow God Spear in the other hand, some of the debri would still hit his body. The explosion residue thrown around were numerous and they were coming from every direction, while all this time he only used his physical power so he could move faster.

With his Legend ranker power, Power Bloodline might and protective dou qi, this kind of explosion could barely hurt him. Most of the stones burst apart from his protective dou qi, only a small number of stones passing through and puncturing holes in his clothes. Even so, Xue Ying’s body was stronger and tougher.

His body easily resisted the impact from the explosion.

"This Si Bai Rong!" Xue Ying rushed over to them. When he saw that Si Bai Rong had used Jing Qiu as a shield, a cold glint flashed in his eyes. "Really shameless!"

"Get lost!"

Xue Ying grabbed Jing Qiu with one hand, while simultaneously kicking Si Bai Rong’s body. Si Bai Rong immediately turned pale.


How much force did Xue Ying’s kick have? Si Bai Rong was sent flying with his body curled up, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood. Although he had grabbed Jing Qiu’s arm a moment before, the frost armor automatically absorbed the pulling force, so Jing Qiu didn’t suffer any harm at all. The female mage could only stare at her savior.

Xue Ying didn’t hesitate. He retracted the Flying Snow God Spear, hugged Jing Qiu with one hand, and with the other he picked the biggest shield available to block their back from the explosion’s impact.


Jing Qiu had been filled with despair when Si Bai Rong grabbed her and used her as a shield, leaving her vulnerable to the impact of the explosion.

However, a black clothed youth had suddenly flown across the distance with terrifying speed. He’d been so fast that he left behind numerous after images. Jing Qiu saw multiple Xue Yings with the Flying Snow God Spear in one hand and a shield in the other hand coming their way, his expression sharp and perfectly calm, not a shred of panic on his face.

Xue Ying was deflecting all of the exploded rocks, stone pillars and numerous debris.

At this moment…

Jing Qiu felt that Xue Ying’s body was enveloped by light, just like the great heroes of the legends!

At this moment, her feelings were aroused.


Xue Ying had kicked Si Bai Rong with one foot and simultaneously pressed Jing Qiu to his chest, protecting her. Although there was a layer of frost armor between them, but Jing Qiu suddenly felt at ease, just like a child in her father’s arms.

Xue Ying wasn’t focusing on unnecessary things, he made sure the shield covered their backs.

Rumble rumble… …

Countless stones were coming from every direction. The explosion this time had caused the whole hall to collapse. The stones in the ceiling and walls were all crumbling down. Debris of different sizes came towards them in a shower. "No!" A shrill scream came from Si Bai Rong. Against this wave of explosion, he struggled to defend himself with a shield, but after getting hit by numerous stones, his body protective dou qi shattered. After that, his weak body couldn’t resist at all. In mere moments, numerous cuts appeared on his body. After several hits on his head, his consciousness faded and he died.

It was extremely difficult to protect one’s life when facing such an explosion. Perhaps only a Legend ranker could have survived.

Heng. Xue Ying squatted, Jing Qiu’s body pressed against his, completely protected. Xue Ying’s left hand penetrated into the ground, positioning the shield so it could protect them from the impact.

Bang bang bang!

Numerous stones came falling down, and the slanted frost wall collapsed, not able to withstand their assault any longer. Quite a number of them pounded against the shield, several stones even hitting Xue Ying’s feet.

Humph! Xue Ying’s left hand clutched deep into the ground. He tried to stabilize their bodies while the shield in his right hand was blocking the stones. He was completely focused on fending off the impact.

Under Xue Ying’s protection, Jing Qiu wasn’t affected at all. Her head lowered, she could only see Xue Ying’s palm tightly gripping the floor.

Looking at his powerful hand, Jing Qiu felt at ease.

"Be careful!" Suddenly – an urgent warning.

Rumble rumble… …

The whole hall collapsed, boulders falling from above.

Xue Ying immediately enveloped his body over Jing Qiu to protect her. At the same time, he positioned his shield above them. The whole hall collapsed with ‘rumble’ sounds, numerous stones falling down. Almost instantly, Xue Ying and Jing Qiu were covered by thick layers of stones.


Slowly, the surroundings quieted down.

The shield was still above their heads.

Xue Ying and Jing Qiu were beneath it, enveloped in darkness. After the explosion had gradually dissipated, their surroundings turned pitch black.

Heng. Xue Ying frowned slightly. His right leg was crushed, but considering his body’s strength, this was nothing more than a flesh wound.

"Are you okay?" Jing Qiu asked him worriedly. She had heard Xue Ying’s grunt, .

"I’m fine." Xue Ying’s voice was still calm, although his right arm supporting the shield felt tense. The pressure from the weight of the debris was around 15,000-20,000 kilograms, "Wait a moment. I will break open from under the rocks so we can get out."
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