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'It seems that reaching the sixth level is my limit if I do not use the World Flowers.' Xue Ying studied the sixth array diagram on the cylindrical pillar.

Previously when Luo City Lord bestowed upon him the World Flower Seed, Xue Ying entered a World Flower because he wanted to experience how it felt like to cultivate within.

When that World Flower cultivation ended, Xue Ying was no longer in a rush to enter the next World Flower.

He wanted to squeeze all his potential out and see how far he could walk with the guidance from the Chaotic Origin Pagoda! And after being forced to desperate straits would he use another World Flower. By then, Xue Ying believed he would gain more from the process of blossoming of the World Flower! 'World Flowers' were very precious. He had to maximize any usage of them.

Hence, Xue Ying chose not to cultivate in the World Flowers temporarily.

He already fused three branches together. Furthermore, Xue Ying grasped the ten array diagrams on the third level of Chaotic Origin Pagoda spending just 10,000 years or so. After which, he maximized his stay on the third level for ten million years to consolidate his realm.

As for the ten array diagrams on the fourth level, Xue Ying spent a total of a million years before grasping them.

And the fifth level was clearly harder. But during the process, he succeeded in fusing four branches together! Hence, easing the process of comprehending the remaining array diagrams, spending a total of three million years or so to embrace all ten diagrams.

And the sixth level…

Also 55 million years after his entry into the Realm Heart God Palace, Xue Ying was stuck at the first portion of the sixth array diagram, leaving just 500,000 years of time to complete it. That was when he no longer dared to take the risk.

"World Flower."

At his hometown Primal Chaos Void, the black-robed Xue Ying directly flew into the lowest 'grayish flower bud' out of the eight buds growing on a vine.


After entering the gray flower bud, Xue Ying found himself all alone in a Primal Chaos World. The world was gradually transforming, yet few creatures and humans emerged in this Flower World. Consequently, the entire place remained cold and desolate. The living environment here was quite vile. For the full 100,000 years since blossom to wither, the gray flower world remained eternally dreary, with the number of humans emerging never breaking beyond 10,000. The humans were also one of the many creatures that formed, and they weren't able to build up into a powerful civilization throughout this period.


During this process, Xue Ying observed the transformation and changes of the Dao of Void in the short 100,000 years. Nevertheless, it was enough to give him great inspirations.

"This is too mysterious! Previously, I'd been in the pink flower, and now, the gray flower. Even though both showed me the complete development of the Dao of Void, they went in different directions!" Xue Ying felt stunned.

Just like the fusion of the five phases, in the hands of experts, they could create domain techniques that become famous.

And some experts might fuse them and create a sealing technique.

Precisely because every expert had different ideas. Hence, their utilization of the Dao was disparate too! These flowers would show the unfolding of the complete Dao of Void in different manners. The two kinds of styles were currently clashing in Xue Ying's minds, causing many ideas to appear. It was with this that Xue Ying felt extremely grateful towards Luo City Lord.

He even thought of one thing: 'I wonder what did Luo City Lord bestowed upon Swordmaster with?'

Treasures were ultimately external materials. Ultimately, it depended on the person using them! If the person lacked comprehension abilities, using these treasures was a waste. That was also the primary reason why Luo City Lord chose to help Xue Ying and Swordmaster, and not the many other Cosmos Gods.


With the deluge of inspirations coming from observing the unfolding of the World Flower, Xue Ying's originally comprehension speed that slowed to a trickle began soaring again!

These insights required thorough research.

He merely took out a little part of his attention on researching the array diagrams before comprehending them rapidly.

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And after that, Xue Ying spent the full duration of ten million years on the sixth level before proceeding to the seventh level. He once again forced himself to his limits on the seventh level, comprehending all ten array diagrams after six million years!

And it was during the seventh array diagram on the eighth level that Xue Ying was forced to use the third World Flower.

And he was once again trapped on the ninth diagram on the ninth level, compelling him to consume the fourth World Flower for cultivation.

Finally, he arrived at the tenth level!


In the Realm Heart Great Land, the higher-ups from the six great ancient nations paid close notice to the Cosmos Gods that came out. Even that 'Monarch Wu Hua' from the Summer Wind Ancient Nation had been forced out. Currently, there were only two Paragon Masters that were left inside! And Monarch Flying Snow 'Xue Ying' who originated from Southern Cloud Nation was one of the two.

"He is still inside after 90 million years?"

"This is truly terrifying!"

"For him to stay inside for so long, who knows if he might have acquired something great! Like a piece of top-graded secret treasure or other rarer items!"

"If it were so easy to acquire any top-graded secret treasures, why would there be so few in the Realm Heart Great Land? It isn't that easy to get one!"

Various locations were engaging in discussions over this piece of news.

It was normal for Cosmos Gods to become jealous since how hard was it to get a top-graded secret treasure? In the past, Southern Cloud King had been chased after by enemies into desperate traits before entering a historical remnant deliberately left behind by 'Undying Underworld Emperor', forced into swearing an oath before finally acquiring the 'Twin Realm Blade'! Other than those who had the help of unparalleled existences, it was extremely challenging to acquire a top-graded secret treasure by oneself!

Even those with a huge background and could enter the Realm Heart God Palace had a hard time finding one still.


Of course, Xue Ying being a Realm Heart Order holder that reincarnated into this world was given an opportunity known as the 'Chaotic Origin Pagoda' by Yuan. Naturally, the outcome depended on his comprehension ability.

"I'm trapped again."

The tenth level of the Chaotic Origin Pagoda.

Xue Ying was currently comprehending the seventh array diagram. He had already given himself a rule! That he had to use a 'World Flower' if he was left with 500,000 years.

According to logic, it was best for using the World Flowers during bottleneck. But this time, it was worth using multiple World Flowers to cross the Chaotic Origin Pagoda. Xue Ying even fixed his resolution that it was worth using seven to eight flowers if he could reach the end. And now, it seemed the difficulty of the trials wasn't that exaggerated. One could say that his comprehension ability was sufficiently high, reaching this stage after consuming just four World Flowers.

"The fifth."

He did not hesitate. That avatar situated in the distant hometown Primal Chaos Void dived into the fifth World Flower.

Xue Ying was determined to pass the trial!

According to the information given by 'Yuan', he would be bestowed with a 'supreme-graded secret treasure' even if he could no longer proceed further after reaching the ninth level of Chaotic Origin Pagoda! Supreme-graded treasures were items that would make even final realm Cosmos Gods red with envy. In the Realm Heart Great Land, some final realm Cosmos Gods could not even acquire one.

As for stepping into the tenth level?

And what about carving all ten array diagrams on the tenth level successfully? Reaching the limits?

Every array diagram in the Chaotic Origin Pagoda guided his cultivation. They were completely suited to him. He believed the final reward would be appropriate too.


Large amounts of comprehension from observing the World Flower led Xue Ying to take another step, fusing six branches together!

Opening his eyes, looking at the remaining few array diagrams, just pondering them slightly, Xue Ying immediately grasped them. But he wasn't in a rush to redeem the treasures. Instead, he continued cultivating until the very last moment since he had to continue his journey in the Realm Heart God Palace after leaving the Chaotic Origin Pagoda. By then, Xue Ying would no longer have such a safe environment to cultivate in.

During the final year of the 100 million years limit.

Xue Ying finally stood. Waving his hands, he easily carved on the inner walls using the void. He carved the tenth array diagram with a single breath!

"The pinnacle."

"I wonder what the Chaotic Origin Pagoda would give me after reaching the pinnacle." At this moment, Xue Ying felt slightly ashamed.

If he did not have the help from the World Flowers, reaching the fifth or sixth level would be his limits.


Xue Ying was thinking wrongly!

This trial tested him on the Dao of Void! And most Dao of Void cultivators who reached this realm in Realm Heart Great Land had avatars! The trial 'Yuan' left behind had considered the presence of avatars located in the outside world. It was impossible for any Dao of Void experts to bring all their avatars with them in.

And the moment they discovered the Chaotic Origin Pagoda!

Any Dao of Void expert would definitely disregard any price just to seek for treasures that would aid their cultivation! Allowing them to soar in strength during this period of cultivating in the Chaotic Origin Pagoda.

For instance–

Some core members from the six great ancient nations could purchase some precious treasures or seek help from unparalleled existences to maintain time acceleration, allowing the avatars in the outer world to cultivate at ten times the usual time flow! As for disciples that were favored by existences like Emperor Summer and Limitless City Master, they might even be given a huge bestow just to support their cultivation.


Many different ways existed.

In reality, Xue Ying's talent had been high. This was easily determinable after he cultivated the all by himself. WIthout the World Flowers, and instead, by relying on the contribution points he had with the Fan Clan, and finding some ways of supporting his cultivation by accelerating time, Xue Ying could still fight for a chance to acquire the supreme-graded secret treasure.

And now, with the help from the 'World Flowers', Xue Ying was able to walk even further.


The tall Chaotic Origin Pagoda let out a dazzling light.

And Xue Ying that stood on the tenth level looked upwards. By the dome, a light halo appeared with distortion. Inside the halo contained movements from the dark Chaotic Origin Energy as if it was nurturing something within.
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