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Lord Xue Ying 281 Pilfering Away the Frui

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Xue Ying looked towards the three people before him. Before coming here, he had naturally received relevant information regarding them from Palace Head Chen. They actually formed the strongest team of Demigods sent over from the Deity World by the Temple of the Earth God. Lying on the chair was a tall and sturdy man with red hair—the weakest of the team, Bo Bo. Ba Han was the tall, thin man garbed in thick outer clothing. As for the gold-armored teenager sitting in the pavilion and eating desserts, he was the leader of the team as well as its strongest member, Wu Mai Hai!

This team of Demigods came from the Deity World!
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Xue Ying felt an invisible wave of suppression washing over him the moment he looked at the three. The feeling was especially strong when it came from Wu Mai Hai, the one who had the appearance of a teenager yet released a terrifying aura of destruction…as if anyone who dared come near him would be immediately torn apart. His existence represented the final level of t
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