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Lord Xue Ying 249 Huge Trouble

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The ‘Oceanic Forest World’, one of the major Transcendent Worlds that adhered next to the Xia Clan, was currently occupied by the Beast Clan.

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Ao wu~ In the vast Oceanic Forest World, many different kinds of roars and neighs rang out.

On a gigantic treetop was a wooden house.

In the wooden house, a white-haired old man was currently flipping through the book. He was none other than the highest ranking leader of the entire Beast Clan—Great Elder Ao Lan.

A blurred figure hovered in the distant sky before it flashed and appeared in front of this wooden house. Cat ears topping her head, a thin yet delicately pretty woman appeared, fur on her face. Clearly, she was a beast that transformed into the shape of a human."Great Elder," The cat-woman greeted respectfully.

"Mn?" Great Elder Ao Lan glanced up at her.

"We have went through every single method, yet we just can’t find Dong Bo Xue Ying." The cat-woman said in grief and indignation, "We’ve tried our best already!"

"Fine, chil
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