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"We can only briefly see what happened in battle," Chi Qiu Bai laughed. "But that four-armed old man died under that move, and he was able to experience how formidable that move was. There has to be a reason why he suspects that that move was either an embryonic form of a grade two or grade one True Meaning!"
"Grade one? I don’t even dare to think about it!" Faction Head Si Kong Yang shook his head.
Grade one True Meaning…
Across the countless worlds, even in the Deity World, it would be a peak True Meaning, a legend among the legends.
With just a grade two True Meaning’s name, — True Meaning of Great Destruction, True Meaning of Reincarnation, True Meaning of Time Stoppage, True Meaning of Yin Yang, True Meaning of Space, True Meaning of Minute, and many others, it was seen as terrifying much less to say those on the highest tier, the grade one True Meaning. Each and every grade one True Meaning represented a part of the fundamental essence of the World.
"Haha, I guess this Transcendent native isn’t that knowledgeable," Gong Yu laughed. "But since Dong Bo Xue Ying can complete the Mountain Road mission with just ordinary fighting experiences, equipment, and secret techniques, and considering the battle, fellow elders, from what I can see, I feel that there is more than 80 percent chance that it is a grade two True Meaning."
"I’m inclined towards grade two True Meaning embryonic form as well," The black-haired old man added.
"Who would have thought that our Xia Clan will see another powerful Transcendent with a grade two True Meaning emerge," Si Kong Yang lamented, laughing at himself. "And I had almost destroyed it myself!"
Previously, he was merely suspecting.
However, after watching the combat scene and hearing what the four-armed old man said before dying, the certainty of Dong Bo Xue Ying grasping hold of an embryonic form of a grade two True Meaning increased greatly!
"You have been suppressing Dong Bo Xue Ying harshly before this," The black-haired old man said. "This time, you should atone for it."
"Naturally. When one knows his mistake, he will correct it!" Faction Head Si Kong Yang nodded. "I’ll push his ranking directly to number one right now!"
"Directly to number one?" Chi Qiu Bai laughed.
"Definitely number one! Even if it was not an embryonic form of a grade two True Meaning, just having an embryonic form of a grade three True Meaning is enough," Si Kong Yang said. "None of the other young Transcendents have even grasped hold of the embryonic form of a True Meaning, and furthermore, Dong Bo Xue Ying is still young! It is more than enough for him to be number one. Furthermore, there is a high chance he comprehended a grade two True Meaning embryonic form. Oh right, fellow elders, we must not let others know of this. Everything related to Dong Bo Xue Ying’s combat power must be kept secret."
"Rest assured, it will be kept between the four of us," The black-haired old man, Palace Head Chen nodded. "Just tell the others Dong Bo Xue Ying has formed the embryonic form of a grade three True Meaning. We’ll also remind Dong Bo Xue Ying of this matter as well."

"We also need to arrange some protective treasures," Si Kong Yang said. "I’ll have to trouble you with this, Old Chen. The treasures our Water Daoist Faction can bring out aren’t enough."
"Certainly," Palace Head Chen did not disagree.
The power the Infernal Palace Palace Head holds was extremely powerful. After all, he was someone absolutely loyal to the Xia Clan, and thus had some precious treasures belonging to the Xia Clan’s clan protection treasures.
Clearly, Xue Ying’s status had surged up crazily, and he was now someone the Xia Clan would protect!
The four Demigods discussed with each other before confirming the protective treasures they would give Xue Ying. As for Xue Ying, he was not in a hurry to leave the mountain. Instead, he remained at the end of Mountain Road, on the peak of the towering mountain.
I cannot look down upon all Saint realm Transcendents. Thought Xue Ying, as he looked at the dead body of the four-armed old man. He reflected upon the match, absorbing the experiences from the battle.
In the second section where he met those two Transcendent natives, even though they were peak stage Saint realm Transcendents, their comprehension of the Realms was too low. All they had were empty strength and speed… the moment he suppressed them with his comprehension of the Realms, they died easily.
But this four-armed old man was clearly different! The Xia Clan had forbidden him to use any Transcendent weapons, thus he had to battle with his bare fists! Furthermore,, with just his comprehension of the grade seven True Meaning, the True Meaning of Water Waves, he was still able to exert his own strength exquisitely, causing Xue Ying to defend awkwardly. After his weapon clashed against his fist, he incurred heavy injuries.
If he had not broken through, then at the very last moment of despair, he would have admitted defeat and let the treasure spirit save him, and if the spirit came too late, he would have died.
Even though I’ve broken through, Xue Ying thought, Those truly powerful peak stage Saint Transcendents have powerful weapons, and will have their own True Meaning as well. Never can I look down upon them.
The embryonic form of my True Meaning is being perfected.
And my combat power is becoming stronger.
The day he grasped hold of his True Meaning would be the day he would get to laugh at everything under the heavens. Right now, he was still too green.
The embryonic form of True Meaning I have this time.… Xue Ying lifted his finger, lightly drawing it in front of him. Three colours of Profound Mysteries were seen revolving around his finger, seemingly holding the power to break through space. Space had many layers, and that attack of his had pierced through many of them.
At the instancewhen it pierced through space-
Xue Ying’s soul and mind experienced that illusory scene once again. In the vast void, there were huge planets revolving around slowly…
The end of everything, and the beginning of everything.
The origin of time.
All Myriad Existences had become one. He could feel and understand all the Profound Mysteries, which were agglomerating and fusing into one entity.
Cultivators would comprehend the World in order to understand certain Profound Mysteries. But at this moment, it felt like everything in the World had been condensed into this sphere, forming a point.
A point of extremity? Xue Ying’s heart was beating really fast.
As his finger lightly drew out in front of his eyes, layers of space were pierced through, and even the flow of time had been obstructed. All the energy existing in the world avoided this particular point-like water wave.
Is this a point of extremity? The Myriad Existences originated from one. Cultivation will have a final destination, but that is also the beginning of everything? Xue Ying really did not dare believe that he had touched upon this point of extremity, but he had touched just a strand of the most outer layer. But regardless of that, it should be related to the True Meaning of Extremity!
What I comprehended should be a branch of the True Meaning of Extremity.
If I were to give it a name… it should be called the True Meaning of Extreme Piercing. Xue Ying thought.
This True Meaning of Extreme Piercing was a branch of the True Meaning of Extremity, and should be a grade two True Meaning!
The True Meaning of Extremity was, by nature, perfect, with everything belonging to one single entity. It had an extremely powerful offensive ability, and it also had a frightening defensive ability. It could even affect space and time, and the Myriad Existences… after all, True Meanings that could be considered as grade one were all perfect and without flaws.
And this Profound Mysteries of Water, Fire, and Wind had yet to condense out that sort of perfect, flawless, embryonic form of True Meaning.
The three elements – Water, Fire, and Wind.
Water and Fire complemented one another, allowing the power to increase greatly.
Wind could aid in making fire stronger! Fire could also make wind stronger!
Furthermore, Wind could also make the waves of water stronger, and vice versa!
These three elements would complement and aid one another, allowing their power to revolve around and stack on top of one another… before finally, under the perfect fusion of their Profound Mysteries into a single point, pierce and destroy all obstacles! Even though it only represented a branch of the True Meaning of Extremity, the embryonic form of True Meaning of Extreme Piercing still had the capabilities to pierce through everything, and was something really terrifying.
Extreme Piercing represented a purely offensive direction of the True Meaning of Extremity, with a terrifying piercing power inherent within.
Within this point of extremity…
Everything could be penetrated!
And it was a frightening True Meaning that based itself entirely offensive!
True Meaning could be categorised. Like Chi Qiu Bai’s True Meaning of Void Cleavage, and Great Elder Ao Lan’s True Meaning of Life, they were grade three True Meaning. So why would Chi Qiu Bai be given the reputation of number one under the heavens? It was because his True Meaning of Void Cleavage was, precisely, a True Meaning that followed the extremity of an offensive direction, causing it to be frightening during battles.
According to this reasoning…
The True Meaning of Extreme Piercing was a grade two True Meaning, and one that went down the road of extreme offense! This was the reason that made that four-armed old man suspect this embryonic form, which had been so terrifying, might even be a grade one True Meaning’s embryonic form.
In reality, it was grade two embryonic form of True Meaning.
Just that it was a True Meaning driven to an extreme direction!
The Profound Mysteries of Water, Fire, and Wind would have different results when they were combined differently. Previously, when he was fusing them to create illusions, Xue Ying was able to comprehend the grade three embryonic form of True Meaning of Illusions! But Xue Ying was not satisfied. Right now, this composition was enough to let Xue Ying feel that it had reached perfection in the fusion between water, fire, and wind.
Water, fire, and wind were excellent in offense, but weaker in defense and other areas.
True Meaning of Extreme Piercing is already quite formidable. Xue Ying frowned. Despite his reasoning telling him that this was already extremely formidable, he was still dissatisfied.
What I am chasing after is the perfection of my spear techniques!
I am very satisfied in the area of offense.
But how can a perfect spear technique only have offensive abilities? Xue Ying shook his head, Mn, I’ll deepen my comprehension of this True Meaning of Extreme Piercing, allowing my attacking power to become stronger! But I must not slack in other areas and ensure they are perfected too!
Satisfied with his thoughts, Xue Ying took a step and flew out of the mountain peak towards the bamboo house mountain.
At this moment, four figures broke through the skies and greeted Xue Ying.
Bamboo House Mountain.
The spring was filled with warmth. Within a bamboo house, a purple-robed disciple, sister Zhuo Yi, walked out of the house. She stood within her own bamboo house’s small courtyard, looking at the beautiful scenery of nature. She was feeling quite pleasant.
"Big brother Eternal Wind is a really good person. He even teaches other with his whole heart." Disciple sister Zhuo Yi had a smile on her face, "He is unmarried right now. I don’t believe that I cannot move his heart."
Zhuo Yi was quite confident of herself.
She had long ignored the other Transcendents of the Scarlet Cloud Mountain World. Situ Hong was just an inconsistent idiot, while Xue Ying, even though he was still young, he had no future ahead of him.
"Only brother Eternal Wind is the best!" The more she interacted with Chi Qiu Bai, the more she became obsessed with him. However, he did not reciprocate her feelings and had no interest in her. Still, Zhuo Yi felt that she would succeed over time.
"Mn?" Zhuo Yi looked out at the jade pillar within the courtyard with confusion.
Clearly, there had been a new ranking written on this jade pillar.
"Ranking number one: Dong Bo Xue Ying, Profound Mystery of Water, Fire, and Wind, third level, has completed the Mountain Road life-death mission."
Zhuo Yi could not control her emotions and she widened her eyes. She rubbed them a few times just to confirm what she just saw.
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