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Mountain Road second section!
Walking out of the area of white fog, Xue Ying continued his journey on the stone slab road. Suddenly, he felt an unseen force pressing down on his soul.
That was within his expectations. The second section of this Mountain Road had a specialty which was an increasing pressure placed on one’s soul. This particular section tested one’s soul and spirit! For those who had a high comprehension of the Realms, if they did not refine their spirit thoroughly enough, they would be unable to pass through this road safely. Strangely enough, reading books clearly had a great effect on one’s spirit.
One life’s experiences, the books he read, and the comprehension he had of the World would all determine one’s spirit.
Xue Ying spent close to 15 years finishing the vast amounts of books depicting the lives of the Demigods. Thereafter, he felt a rebirth in his spirit! As the saying goes, ‘Without confusion, there would be no fear’. The more books he read, the more Demigod experiences he understood, and the more he comprehended how his future cultivation would be like. And that was something Xue Ying now had which was a very clear understanding, inclusive of the truth behind this world.
Understanding these things cleared all his confusions, thus allowing him to be fearless!
The pressure is quite huge. I’ve heard that Situ Hong gave up after walking through half of it!’Xue Ying had already walked to the halfway mark of the mountain. Currently, the pressure his soul was feeling had been enough to cause perspiration to appear on his forehead. But he felt quite excited in his heart.
Very good.
The greater the pressure, the better it would be! The reason why he walked on this Mountain Road was to perfect his own spear techniques.
On an empty piece of land at the bend of the road in front of Xue Ying, there sat two ugly Transcendent natives. They were each about 2.5 meters tall with beast skins around their waists. They were also each barefoot and not wearing anything else on their bodies other than an axe placed at their waists and a single-handed shield on their sides. They were drinking wine in a care free manner.
"How long has it been since we’ve brothers have drunk such a wonderful wine. Who would have thought that before this battle, we could still enjoy this wine. Enjoying it before dying is something that sounds quite good to me," A green-skinned Transcendent native sighed.
"Wu Chen! I didn’t imagine that you would be tortured by the Xia Clan to the point where you don’t even have any fighting spirit. I am not content to just die like this! Have you forgotten about the slavery and torture the Xia Clan did to us?" A red-skinned Transcendent native beside him roared.
"Of course I’ve not forgotten about it. I definitely hate them! We are born from the World as rulers of the world. We will definitely not lower our heads before we die." The green-skinned Transcendent native gritted its teeth, "But so what? The Xia Clan is ultimately too strong. With just a thought, they can kill us or enslave us."
"Then we kill. Kill until we’re happy. As long as we kill this human Transcendent who is on this stone slab road, we’ll be able to gain 1000 years of freedom! We won’t have to be enslaved any longer!" The red-skinned Transcendent native’s eyes were full of killing intent, "And killing this human is enough to dispel some of my anger."
From the perspective of the Xia Clan, these Transcendent natives who were born from the world, had been too obstinate.
If they had combat power, then fine. It would be tough fighting against them.
As for those Transcendent Worlds with natives who were weak, those natives had long been swept clean from those worlds. If the Xia Clan truly want to kill, they would easily slaughter them all! Instead, the Xia Clan did not do it that way, and the Xia Clan was willing to accept them as long as the natives were willing to be vassals. They could live life normally, cultivating and freely. It was a life of merely being a vassal… yet most of these Transcendent natives were not willing to lower their heads. Only a few of them were willing to do so.
"He’s here."
The two ugly natives stared at the corner of the bend at the same time.
A black-robed man wielding a spear walked down the road of stone slabs. Suddenly, he stopped and looked at the two Transcendent natives.
"Just the two of you?" Xue Ying asked.
"Human, die."
The two ugly Transcendent natives thundered out at the same time. Their figures blurred, before appearing in front of Xue Ying in the blink of an eye. At the same time, natural energy formed around them. Burning flames appeared around the red-skinned Transcendent native. This flame burned crazily with a temperature that could even melt rocks to magma and then into ashes within a short period of time.
The other green-skinned Transcendent native was surrounded by cold wind. As the cold wind began forming, it started freezing everything. Xue Ying’s body was protected by a layer of Transcendent Qi, yet when that cold wind came, it invaded his body, causing him to feel alert. His Transcendent Qi was being consumed rapidly.
One with a burning flame and one with a bone-penetrating cold.
The two sides clashed!
The opposing nature of ice and fire made Xue Ying feel extremely uncomfortable. He attempted to manipulate the World Energy to suppress these two Transcendent natives, yet because they were born with the innate talent to control World Energy, and adding on to the fact that they had reached the third level in Realms of Myriad Existences, Xue Ying fundamentally could not suppress them.
Under this situation of being shrouded by ice and fire, with his soul being pressed down by the aura created by the stone slab road, this combination of factors made him feel really horrible! Furthermore, he was also under the threat of death!
Too fast!
The two of them each had an axe in their hands. One of the axes had a fiery-red stream of light surrounding it, with the space around it distorting. The other axe had an icy-cold stream of light surrounding it. Every single thing around this axe would become frozen.
Xue Ying rapidly retreated. At the same time, his spear was like a python that shot out to parry against the closest axe that had a fiery-red coloured stream imbued on it.
An extremely strong power came rolling over from the axehead, causing Xue Ying to fall backwards uncontrollably, smashing onto the membrane wall formed by the array on the side of the stone slab road. Pu, his entire back stuck onto this membrane wall, with many ripples appearing on it.
Such a powerful strength. These two Transcendent natives should have already reached the peak stage of Saint realm. Xue Ying immediately understood their combat powers.
Peak stage Saint realm Transcendent natives with a third level in comprehension of the Realms of Myriad Existences! One was good at flame-related, while another was good at ice-related. These mysteries were some extremely ordinary Profound Mysteries.
Judging solely on the physical body…
These two Transcendent natives completely suppressed Xue Ying. Xue Ying was merely just a peak stage Sky realm Transcendent, and gap between him and these natives was too huge.
But it was the opposite when comparing their Realms.
Xue Ying was far ahead above them.
Such low leveled ice-related and flame-related Profound Mysteries. Even if they were used to formulate a True Meaning, they would still be weaker by a whole lot than Xue Ying’s understanding. After all, Xue Ying’s fusion of the Profound Mystery of Water, Fire and Wind had been extremely mystical.
But I can’t triumph over them with my strength! I’ll have to depend on my Realms to score a victory! Xue Ying understood this point. Right now, he could only fight head-on against the middle stage Saint realm Transcendent natives.
"Kill him!"
The two ugly Transcendent natives continued chasing after as they deeply desired to kill him.
Suddenly, Xue Ying’s figure blurred. Six arms appeared, and he held onto three similar black spears. That action stunned the two ugly natives.
When did the human become a creature with six arms and three spears? Which human was the real one?
"Hu." Xue Ying’s figure blurred again, and suddenly three figures appeared.
There were three black-robed men standing in front of them, and all of them had a total of six arms with three spears.
"This, this…" The two ugly Transcendent natives were dumbfounded.
"Burn him."
"Freeze him!"
The two ugly Transcendent natives operated the flames and bone-penetrating ice with their strength to suppress him. Yet under this burn, those three black-robed men remained where they stood, undamaged. These illusions were after all, formed by the Laws of Profound Mysteries and wanting to destroy them was not easy.
"Receive my attacks!" The three Xue Ying figures flew out at the same time.
Two of them came from the sides while one came down from the top.
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