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Within the mansion’s cultivation chamber, the shutters were pulled down, barring anyone from entering. This chamber was quite solid, with anyone below the realm of Demigod being incapable of shaking it. Even if it were a Demigod, he would require many attacks before destroying it!

This chamber was twenty meters long and wide with not even a single object found on the floor.

"Chi." Xue Ying placed ten fire crystal lamps down within the chamber, brightening it up with their incandescence.

He sat down cross-legged at the center of the empty chamber. The ground was smooth, giving him a chill..

With a wave of his hand, a smooth gray pebble-like Origin Stone appeared in his hand. It was about the size of his palm with a weight of 0.5 kilograms.


Following Xue Ying’s will, the primitive World Energy stored within the stone began slowly entering his body. When the heaven and earth first formed, energy was attributeless. Such energy was known as the primitive World Energy. Absorbing such energy would be less taxing on one’s Dantian, increasing the growth rate of the Qi Sea in one’s Dantian at a speed greatly surpassing that of solely absorbing the energy from the world.

Origin Stones were similarly important to all the Transcendents – from the lower end of the spectrum, the weak and small Sky realm, to the upper spectrum, the Demigods. Furthermore, using such stones did not have any drawbacks! Some Transcendent mages would try refining medicinal liquid or pills to increase their Qi cultivation rate. Yet such methods had drawbacks to them – increasing the difficulty of breaking through any bottlenecks in the future. As for those who had far-reaching goals… they either absorbed the World energy bit by bit, or they could utilise the Origin Stones!

If such an absolute talent like Xue Ying dared to use any medicinal liquid or pills, he would only be harming his own future prospects.

"Stellar Flame!"

Within his Dantian Qi Sea, the Transcendent Qi had agglomerated into countless undulations of Stellar Flame.

Layers of Stellar Flame began circulating.

At this moment, the primitive World Energy from the stone rushed inwards to his Qi Sea. A large majority of it was absorbed immediately by the outermost layer of circulating Stellar Flame Qi. The remnants were then absorbed by the next layer of Stellar Flame Qii… so on and so forth until the World Energy completely passed through the entire Stellar Flame layer. At that stage, the primitive World Energy had been converted entirely into Transcendent Qi.

Actually, even if there was no ‘Stellar Flame Qi’ cultivation method, it was similarly possible to force a conversion! However, that method would be too slow, and it would be taxing on one’s Dantian Qi Sea. Such a foolish method of absorbing the World Energy from the surroundings would not even be enough for one to enter the Saint realm even when one cultivated for 800 years straight without rest.

Thus, even though having Origin Stones was important, having a cultivation method was just as important.


Qi began accumulating at frightening speeds, becoming thicker and thicker. Within the time it takes to brew a pot of tea, Xue Ying felt his Dantian Qi Sea had reached a state of almost ‘spilling over’. At that moment, he immediately stopped absorbing the energy.

"Just by cultivating Qi for a short time, I can feel that the Qi gathered right now exceeds the Qi I gathered in the past month of cultivation using the other method." Xue Ying was startled. Of course, another reason he had previously gathered less Qi might be due to the lack of a good Qi cultivation method. Using the Stellar Flame Qi cultivation method would increase one’s absorption rate, regardless of whether it was done through the surrounding World Energy or the Origin Stones… by approximately twenty times more.

"Next up, it’s time for me to study the secret technique." With a wave, Xue Ying took out the Magic Dragon Art.

Many other top-grade techniques like the Magic Dragon Art that were passed down from the Deity World differed from Deity-Grade techniques by a single grade.

Opening the book…

Cultivation methods that described the strengthening of fleshy body through simply absorbing the primitive World Energy were easy to understand. However, secret techniques like the ‘Magic Dragon Force’ were extremely complex and difficult to understand. There were many such secret techniques in existence, for example, Bloodshed Tavern’s Deity-Grade secret techniques specialized in killing – all of them were terrifying. Practicing a Deity-Grade secret technique specialised in killing to the stage of Perfectly as One would mean a frightening God of Killing would emerge!

In reality, the conditions required for entering Bloodshed Tavern were hard to acquire. Furthermore, how many people in the world could possibly cultivate the Deity-Grade secret technique to the stage of Perfectly as One?

Simply talking about this book in his hand, reaching the stage of Perfectly as One in the ‘Magic Dragon Force’ would already be considered an arduous task.


The golden book in his hand started emitting light. At the top of the book, a three-dimensional sigil appeared. This sigil was made up of over ten thousand densely interconnected strands of thread. Simply looking at it made Xue Ying dizzy.

"This is just the first Divine Seal of Magic Dragon Force?" Xue Ying was dumbfounded, "This should be something given for a mage to ponder, right?"

The secret technique Magic Dragon Force required the manipulation of World Energy in forming ‘Divine Seals’. By placing these seals onto one’s body, they would assimilate with the physique and eventually create a fundamental transformation to allow the fleshy body to be more proficient in generating explosive power! Comparing beasts of the same rank, for instance the sixth rank, a mutated beast would be many times more frightening than an ordinary beast. This secret technique … was precisely the technique that would transform Xue Ying’s body into something more unique and powerful.

This type of Divine Seal was termed as the Magic Dragon Divine Seal. And the simplest of such Divine Seals was the sigil right in front of him.

As for the fifth Heaven Divine Seal, it was said to strengthen his fleshy body to six times his current condition! Even though the main characteristic of the Magic Dragon Divine Seal was used to increase one’s strength, ultimately, with an explosive increase of one’s strength, the speed, toughness, and other areas would similarly increase as a form of balance.

"Isn’t comprehending this Divine Seal too difficult already?" Even though Xue Ying felt bewildered, he continued in studying it with concentration.

With more than ten thousand threads interconnecting with one another, the level of complexity was so high that it could even render Transcendent mage speechless.

The requirement of cultivating this secret technique required one to continuously let ‘sigils of Divine Seals’ assimilate into one’s body. This meant that there was no time for one to slowly imitate and copy the seal. Instead, one must form the Magic Dragon Divine Seal with just a single thought in mind. As a result, it was mandatory for one to truly understand this ‘First Heaven Magic Dragon Divine Seal’ by producing sigil upon sigil without stopping. Only then could one say they had successfully reached the first heaven of the secret technique.

Seconds ticked by, then minutes….

Xue Ying poured his entire concentration into studying the sigil of the three-dimensional Magic Dragon Divine Seal. Slowly but surely examining the sigil, he became more and more excited as he realised that each strand of thread that formed this Magic Dragon Divine Seal had a profound mystery hidden in it – none other than the Profound Mystery of Flame! No wonder the book introduced this secret technique as one that was suitable to Transcendents who comprehended the Profound Mystery behind Flame of Myriad Existences!

"The Profound Mysteries of the World could even be used in such a way?" Xue Ying was surprised. This sigil of Divine Seal in front of him gave him a world of new insights!

The First Heaven Magic Dragon Divine Seal had only contained a shallow profoundness within it.

But it was this shallow profoundness that allowed the Divine Seal to transform the fleshy body of humans! What kind of unthinkable concept is this? Xue Ying had comprehended the Profound Mysteries behind the Fire and Water of Myriad Existences, yet it remained easy to operate when it was done in a shallow manner.

However, he understood one thing.

Even after becoming a Deity, it would still be extremely difficult to come out with such a secret technique! Only those big and powerful existences within the Deity World could create a top-grade secret technique. Just by using a little Profound Mystery as the concept was enough to create a tremendously complicated First Heaven Divine Seal! Thereafter, as more and more Profound Mysteries were used, the Divine Seal would get more and more complex. After the First Heaven, there was still the Second Heaven Magic Dragon Divine Seal, the Third Heaven, Fourth Heaven, and the highest level, the Fifth Heaven!

‘Even though I cannot compare myself with those powerful existences in the Deity World, I can still take these as a reference for my training!’ Xue Ying thought, ‘I can move forward in utilising the Fire and Water of Myriad Existences more efficiently to craft spear techniques that are more formidable!’

These Divine Seals represented a brand new world.

And that world was something which Transcendents both looked forward to and desperately trained towards, inching closer bit by bit.


Following that, Xue Ying decided not to have any additional stray thoughts . He began fully concentrating in studying this First Heaven Divine Seal. Even though he had wasted three hours in trying to understand the Profound Mystery used in how these ten thousand strands of thread were formed … it did not represent being able to produce a sigil of Divine Seal with just a thought.

Xue Ying tried once in manipulating the external World Energy.

Even though forming the strands of thread with the World Energy was something that he could do with his powerful soul, subtly weaving the ten thousand threads together was really akin to separating his heart into more than ten thousand different maneuvers … causing him to completely mess the entire thing up.

"I must use a single thought to assemble it."


"I need to understand its essence." Xue Ying continued pondering over it relentlessly.

As the days passed, Xue Ying would spend his time either relaxing in the mansion or practicing his spear techniques. Occasionally, he would go out to meet his friends. As for the bulk of his time, he spent it trying to study that sigil of Magic Dragon Divine Seal.

At the same time—

The Infernal Palace informed all the Transcendents that Xue Ying would undergo his Transcendent Battle of Life and Death in half a year!

"Dong Bo Xue Ying is going to undergo his Transcendent Battle of Life and Death in half a year?"

"This is the youngest person to become a Transcendent in the past thousand years!"

Several taverns and restaurants in the Xia Capital started spreading the news. When the many Legend rankers knew of this matter, they began spreading the news themselves through word of mouth! There were many Legend rankers tempering and cultivating themselves within the capital. Usually, any Transcendent’s Battle of Life and Death would be something these Legend rankers were extremely excited about and would definitely watch! After all, how often could one ever have the chance of watching the Battle of Life and Deaths of a Transcendent?

The news was broadcast far and wide.

Within one of the small mansions in the Xia Capital, lived a certain Legend ranker. From the size of the mansion, one could easily determine that the resident must belong to a Legend ranker.

Gu gu gu A green-robed Yu Jing Qiu was sitting in the garden, feeling slightly lethargic. Long hours spent studying had turned her face pale. With a gulp, she finished drinking a cup of water. The maidservant beside her refilled it immediately once it was emptied.

Yu Jing Qiu rarely drank wine. Instead, she loved drinking clean water.

"Master, master." Suddenly, a young maiden ran in with excitement.

"This girl… What is making you so excited?" Yu Jing Qiu laughed.

"Master, I’ve heard from outside that in half a year’s time, a Transcendent expert, Dong Bo Xue Ying, will be undergoing his Transcendent Battle of Life and Death! This is the youngest person to become a Transcendent in the past thousand years." That young maiden was so excited that her face was glowing red.

Yet Yu Jing Qiu just stood there in amazement.

Dong Bo Xue Ying?

He? Did not die?
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