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"Husband, you're so weak." Tuoba Qing suddenly said as she coldly looked at Zhao Fu with her blood-red eyes.

Zhao Fu felt a chill within his heart and looked at Tuoba Qing in confusion. He did not understand what was going on – the Tuoba Qing in front of him seemed to still have her memories but seemed to have become a different person, wanting to kill him.

Zhao Fu did not know what to say. He looked at the cold Tuoba Qing with complex feelings; he liked the happy and cheerful Tuoba Qing much more. However, the old Tuoba Qing was gone, and he was powerless to do anything about it.

If only he had more power to change everything and make it like it was at the start. However, he was too weak and was just like an ant.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu's soul felt as if it had fallen into a deep abyss, and blood-water covered him. His consciousness became hazier and hazier before it disappeared.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the Chaos Imperial Star in the sky gave off an even more intense blood-red light. The star started to rotate as an extremely monstrous power exploded out of Zhao Fu's body, and black and blood-red flames rose out of his body.

Tuoba Qing's expression fell as she was pushed back a few meters by this power and was forced to let go of Zhao Fu's neck.

Zhao Fu's body floated into the air, black and blood-red flames continuously wrapping around him as a powerful aura rushed out like a wild wind.

The whites of his eyes became black while his pupils remained the same color, making him seem much eviller. Two fangs grew out of his mouth, his ears became pointed, and two horns also appeared on his head as his hands became sharp claws.

Now, Zhao Fu's aura was completely different as if he had become a different person. His aura was filled with coldness, violence, evilness, and bloodthirstiness – just like the Chaos Imperial Star.

Tuoba Qing looked at Zhao Fu, her expression becoming more and more serious. She grabbed at the air and a blood-red sword instantly formed.

Zhao Fu's head leaned back before turning to look at Tuoba Qing with his terrifying eyes. A savage, evil smile appeared on his face, causing a chill to spread through Tuoba Qing's heart.


Zhao Fu's body disappeared and instantly reappeared before Tuoba Qing. He grabbed at the air, causing a black and blood-red sword to form as he slashed towards Tuoba Qing.

Tuoba Qing's gaze was cold as she used her full strength, causing an aura even stronger than before to burst forth as she too slashed towards Zhao Fu.


The two swords gave off shocking power as they collided, creating a gigantic explosion A shockwave blasted out, destroying everything in the surrounding 1,000 meters.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions continuously sounded out as the two people began an intense battle in the air. Countless sword lights flashed out and collided, causing gusts of wild wind to fill the surroundings. Rocks were blown into the air and trees were slashed in half, as if a terrifying catastrophe had descended.

"Heheheh!" Zhao Fu laughed like a monster as his sword sent out an ocean of sword qi that rushed towards Tuoba Qing, blasting her body back hundreds of meters.

A trace of blood leaked out of Tuoba Qing's lips, and her expression became savage. She raised her hand, causing countless traces of blood-red aura to shoot into the sky. The sky seemed to be torn as a massive, crude-looking hand, giving off boundless power, stretched out and pressed down towards Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu felt as if there were countless mountains weighing down on him, pressing him against the ground.

However, the massive hand did not disappear and continued to press Zhao Fu into the ground, causing a massive handprint to appear on the ground.


The ground continuously trembled as massive stone pillars stretched out of the ground, giving off a sealing power – it seemed that Tuoba Qing wanted to seal Zhao Fu.

The blood-red light coming from the Chaos Imperial Star became even brighter, making it seem like a blood-red sun. The cold, devilish aura also became more powerful, while black and blood-red arcs of lightning appeared below the gigantic hand.


A clear sword hum sounded out as a shocking sword light slashed out, splitting the hand in half. Zhao Fu's body was covered with black and blood-red arcs of lightning as he got up and ferociously looked at Tuoba Qing as he charged at her.

Tuoba Qing raised her blood-red sword, and countless traces of sword qi flowed out, forming a long dragon. As Tuoba Qing slashed out, the dragon roared and gave off a boundlessly sharp aura as it shot towards Zhao Fu and seemed to tear through the sky.

Zhao Fu showed no fear and instead ferociously smiled. He gripped his sword with both hands and slashed out with all his strength, sending out a massive sword light that split the dragon in half and continued on towards Tuoba Qing.

Tuoba Qing once again stretched out her hand, causing a blood-red energy barrier to appear. As the massive sword light smashed into it, a cracking sound could be heard as the barrier was massively cracked, but it still blocked Zhao Fu's attack.

However, Zhao Fu's body suddenly blurred, and he disappeared before reappearing behind Tuoba Qing. His sharp claw instantly pierced through the cracked energy barrier, startling Tuoba Qing. She tried to use all her power to defend but was still sent flying by Zhao Fu and coughed up a mouthful of blood.

After crashing to the ground, Tuoba Qing lightly smiled and got to her feet before saying, "Husband, today I'll show you what Human's Power is!"

Suddenly, the world seemed to become silent again as figures that gave off unrivaled auras appeared. They were all illusory figures and quite hazy. Their appearances and auras were all different, and there were men and women, old and young.

After these illusory figures appeared, they all entered Tuoba Qing's body, causing a shocking power to explode out. This power was more terrifying than before by hundreds of times, and even if Zhao Fu lost consciousness, he would still feel terror.

"Arghhhh…" Zhao Fu continuously shouted as he released all of his power. The blood-red light that the Chaos Imperial Star seemed to become corporeal, and it gave off a power that seemed to be able to destroy the world.


A brilliant pillar of starlight descended from the Chaos Imperial Star, landing on Zhao Fu's body. Countless arcs of black and blood-red lightning rampaged in his surroundings, continuously destroying the ground, and an even stronger aura rose up from Zhao Fu's body.

Suddenly, a figure appeared within the pillar of light and grabbed Zhao Fu's head and slammed it towards the ground. A massive explosion sounded out as shockwaves blasted out. After the dust dispersed, a 1,000-meter wide crater had appeared in the ground.

Tuoba Qing's hand was pressing Zhao Fu's head against the ground, and there was blood coming out of Zhao Fu's head. His aura was incredibly weak, and his body lay there without any strength.

"Husband! With your strength, you were able to force me to use Human's Power – that shows your potential. I acknowledge you."

Tuoba Qing took her hand away and lightly took off the Desolate Blood Mask. Her gaze was no longer cold, and it had some feeling within it. She lightly smiled as she took Zhao Fu into her arms as if she had returned to her normal state.
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