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Just as the golden dragon spoke, Zhao Fu's body instinctively reacted. Just as he was about to act, Tuoba Qing pointed out a snow-white finger towards him.

Instantly, the heavens and earth seemed to lose their color as the world's source energy madly gathered, forming into a heavenly finger. It seemed to weigh down on the world, causing the space around it to collapse.

Zhao Fu's body froze, and his heart beat wildly in fear. Cold sweat ran down Zhao Fu's face as he found that he could not use any of his power. Under that finger, Zhao Fu felt like he was just an ant, and it was the first time he had felt the aura of death so closely.

"Am I about to die?" That was the only thought in Zhao Fu's mind because there was simply no way to retaliate against this finger, and a trace of despair appeared in Zhao Fu's heart.


The finger's power was like a meteor descending, causing a shocking explosion. Shockwaves instantly rippled out, destroying the ground within 100 kilometers. All trees, grass, birds, and beasts were completely annihilated, causing the world to seem to fall silent.

Tuoba Qing gave off an aura that seemed to reign above all worlds as she stood in the air, looking like a god as she stared at the massive crater with her blood-red eyes.

Suddenly, a devilish, blood-red star slowly appeared in the sky, giving off boundless blood-red light and an aura of suppression. It seemed to dye everything around it blood-red, and in just an instant, the entire human world seemed to turn blood-red.

An aura of coldness, bloodthirstiness, and disaster spread out from the sky, and countless people looked up in shock. They felt as if they had been dropped into icy water and continuously trembled.

Countless birds, beasts, and insects could only lie on the ground in terror and despair, not daring to make a bit of noise. The entire world fell silent.

In fact, the terrifying aura even spread through the massive rift and entered the Fish Scale world.

Immediately, all of the Fish Scale people felt a chill that stabbed at their minds. They all came to the surface of the water and were shocked to find that the human world had become a blood-red world. That terrifying aura was coming from the human world – just what had happened over there?

Everyone in the human world looked at the descending blood-red star in shock, and the Legatees all hurried over, understanding that something big had happened at Great Qin.

Cough… cough… within the crater, a few coughs sounded out as Zhao Fu slowly climbed to his feet, a trace of blood at his lips. His body was covered with blood-red starlight, making his body look like a starry ocean – this was the power of the Chaos Imperial Star.

Tuoba Qing coldly looked down at Zhao Fu, who looked back at her. He found that the young woman in front of him seemed to have become a different person; she was no longer pure and bright. Instead, she was cold and extremely powerful.

"Hah!!" Zhao Fu roared as he released all of his power, including his Emperor's Power, City Lord Seal, and other City Lords' City Lord Seals.

A shocking amount of power exploded out of Zhao Fu's body, causing berserk gales to sweep through the surrounding 10,000 kilometers.

Blood dripped out of his left eye as his golden pupil continuously spun and became blood-red colored.

"Heaven and Earth Absolute Seal!" Zhao Fu shouted as he pressed his palms against the ground. The ground instantly cracked as millions of chains exploded out towards Tuoba Qing.

There were finally some changes in Tuoba Qing's expression. She stretched out a hand and grabbed at the air and twisted, causing the space in front of her to seem to twist and become a vortex. As the countless chains shot into the vortex, they were all shattered.

Zhao Fu's terrifying eyes coldly looked at Tuoba Qing, and he once again pressed his hands against the ground, causing blood-red light to shoot into the ground.

Clang, clang, clang…

Suddenly, countless chains shot out from behind Tuoba Qing, bringing with them immense force as they rushed towards her.

Tuoba Qing slightly tilted her head, and her blood-red pupils constricted as an enormous wave of power rushed out, once again shattering the chains.

"Hahhhh!" Zhao Fu once again roared, his appearance becoming somewhat savage as an even stronger power flowed out. Countless blood-red arcs of lighting appeared around him as the ground beneath him started to give way.

Clang, clang, clang…

The sounds of countless chains once again rang out as countless chains stretched out around Tuoba Qing, giving off frightening power as they shot towards Tuoba Qing.

Tuoba Qing once again stretched out a hand and closed it, causing a round, blood-red crystal to come out of her palm, and a blood-red energy barrier spread out.

Clang, clang, clang…

Under Zhao Fu's control, the chains' target changed as they wrapped around the blood-red energy barrier and tightly bound it. More and more chains wrapped around it, forming a 100-meter wide ball of chains in the sky.

This scene was incredibly shocking and was something that ordinary people would never see. The countless chains not only bound the blood-red energy barrier but also temporarily sealed Tuoba Qing's terrifying aura as well.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

Thousands of chains then burst out of the ground, connecting with the ball of chains in the sky before slowly dragging it towards the ground. If Zhao Fu could drag her into the underground sealed space, he would be able to successfully restrain her.

The ball of chains greatly resisted, making Zhao Fu feel quite difficult to drag it to the ground.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu felt that the ball of chains lost all resistance, but before he could feel delighted, a blood-red sword light slashed out of the ball of chains, cutting countless chains into segments.

In the next second, Tuoba Qing's figure appeared before Zhao Fu and punched at Zhao Fu's chest with her right hand. Zhao Fu's body flew backward and smashed through countless rocks and trees before stopping. Many of his bones had been broken and his chest was a mess.

After suffering this strike, Zhao Fu coughed up a mouthful of blood and did not even have the strength to get up.

Tuoba Qing had already arrived before Zhao Fu again and grabbed his neck with one hand and lifted him up. Her eyes coldly looked at Zhao Fu as she started to apply pressure.

Zhao Fu felt more and more pain in his neck as if it was going to be squeezed apart. He could barely breathe anymore.

Was he going to die at the hands of his own woman? Zhao Fu felt quite bitter, and looking at Tuoba Qing in front of him, he could not help but think back to the time he had spent together with her. He felt quite regretful – if he had known repairing the Desolate Blood Mask would end up like this, he definitely would not have done it. However, now that things had come to this, there was nothing he could do about it.
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