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The stone stele was seven meters tall and one meter wide and seemed to have absorbed an incredible amount of blood, as it gave off an incredibly pungent smell of blood. There were some words carved on it, which were: “The heavens have blessed man with countless things, but man has nothing to return to the heavens, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill.”

Even from afar, Zhao Fu could sense its dense killing intent, so he did not directly go to the City Hall, and he instead went over to this stone stele.

This was most likely the Seven Kill Stele of the legends!

Zhao Fu stood beneath the stone stele, and sensing Zhao Fu’s aura, the Seven Kill Stele immediately gave off a powerful blood-red light. Zhao Fu felt as if he was being devoured by countless traces of blood, and his aura started to become chaotic. His eyes became blood-red, and countless berserk and murderous thoughts rose up in his heart.

A while later, Zhao Fu came back to his senses, and his eyes regained their clarity. His body was covered with cold sweat – this Seven Kill Stele’s killing intent was simply too strong. Zhao Fu had unlocked Divine Sense and had a Sovereign Bloodline, making it possible for him to easily escape the killing intent. However, ordinary people would be lost within the madness and slaughter, affecting their minds and personalities.

However, this was most likely a rare treasure, and Zhao Fu looked at its description.

[Seven Kill Stele]: A treasure of slaughter that contains boundless killing intent. It can grow through slaughter and give soldiers a berserk, murderous power.

Zhao Fu was quite surprised to find that this was a treasure was one that could grow. However, he was not very willing to use it, as the Seven Kill Stele’s power was a bit too great. The 600,000 people in Great Xi City were all affected, and the effects were not temporary either.

Under the berserk and murderous power from the Seven Kill Stele, people’s personalities would change, making them incredibly cruel and bloodthirsty. Zhao Fu could recover, but the other soldiers would not.

Zhao Fu did not want his soldiers to become a group of monsters who only knew how to kill, so Zhao Fu could only give up on this stone stele.

However, Zhao Fu did not plan to destroy it, as it was a treasure that could grow from slaughter. Slaughter was something that was incredibly prevalent in this world, and the Seven Kill Stele would grow incredibly quickly in Great Qin’s hands. It had great potential, and perhaps it would be useful in the future.

Zhao Fu put the Seven Kill Stele in his ring and went to the City Hall. He looked at the blood-red cube floating in mid-air before choosing to conquer the city and relocate it.

A blood-red pillar shot into the sky, dyeing the entire sky blood-red. A blood-red dragon gave a mournful and reluctant roar, which sounded out in all directions as it turned into blood-red motes of light and dissipated.

“System announcement! The Great Xi Dynasty has been destroyed, and all of its Fate has been devoured by Great Qin. Great Qin has obtained a large amount of Fate.”

“System announcement! Great Qin has destroyed the Great Xi Dynasty and has obtained all of its Legacies.”

“System announcement! Great Qin’s City Heart has started evolving and has completed 11/30 of the evolution.”

“System announcement! The Great Qin City has obtained one-fifth of the Great Xi City’s stats.”

“System announcement! The Nation Armaments Twelve Metal Colossi and Nation-Suppressing Pillar and Clan Armaments Imperial Ruler’s Seal and Great Qin Emperor Peacock have obtained a large amount of Fate.”

“System announcement! You have conquered a Legacy City and obtained 5,000 Achievement Points.”

“System announcement! You have relocated a city and obtained 580,000 EXP!”

Zhao Fu scanned through the system announcements but did not pay them much mind. He then ordered his soldiers to clear out the battlefield, and soon, he found out why there were barely any elderly people, women, or children. The elderly people had mostly been killed, as they were not very useful and would use up food.

As for the women, they were all locked together and were not given many clothes to wear. There were many bruises on their bodies, and their expressions were quite dull. It seemed that they had suffered a lot.

There were also some children kept together in cages, and they were going to be used for food. The Great Xi City did not have much food stored up, and because they did not like growing their own food, most of their supplies came from pillaging and looting.

“These people were truly mad!” After seeing these things, Zhao Fu could not help but inwardly curse, feeling quite angry. Zhao Fu knew that he was not a good person, but he would never harm his own people.

“Collect all of the valuables and take care of the women and children. Burn the rest of the city and return to Great Qin!”

After giving out the order, the soldiers quickly collected anything of value before setting the city alight, allowing the flames to devour this mad, evil city.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu received the new from Bai Qi, and he felt quite surprised. He had never thought that the State of Chen would submit so easily, so he headed over.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Heavy and mournful drum beats sounded out throughout the northern side of the Midland Continent, and an azure dragon slowly receded into a Dragon Python.

Zhao Fu decided to give Chen Man a Lordship, and after taking over the State of Chen’s City, Great Qin obtained another two Nation Legacies, which provided Great Qin with a lot of Fate.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Chen Man knelt on the ground, feeling incredibly nervous. This was the first time that he had personally seen Great Qin’s Legatee, and he could sense the might that he innately gave off, making Chen Man feel incredibly shocked. He knew that Zhao Fu was an immensely powerful existence, as he would not be able to feel this aura from anyone else.

In front of Zhao Fu, his own King’s aura was as lowly as a peasant’s; they were on completely different levels.

“You may rise! Now that you are part of Great Qin, Great Qin naturally will not mistreat you,” Zhao Fu said with a trace of a smile.

Only then did Chen Man dare to get up. Zhao Fu had Chen Man take him around the State of Chen’s City, and he made some arrangements to have Great Qin fully take control of the city. After this, Zhao Fu felt quite satisfied and returned to Great Qin, concluding this expedition.

Following this, Zhao Fu refined the corpses of the historical Generals from Great Xi, obtaining a few Innate Talent Blood Crystals, and he called over Zhang Han.

Because they had not conquered any Nation Legacies in a while, Zhang Han was still at SS grade, nor did he have a General Star, so Zhao Fu gave an Innate Talent Blood Crystal to him.

Zhang Han felt quite excited and moved; out of all of Great Qin’s historical Generals, only he did not have a General Star. He had started to wonder if Zhao Fu did not see him as important as the other historical Generals, so he had felt quite disappointed. However, he could only admit that he was inferior to people like Bai Qi and Wang Jian.

It seemed that this was the case; as soon as His Majesty had come back, he had refined a historical General’s corpse and called him over. It seemed that His Majesty really did value him.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Zhang Han said with gratitude as he half-knelt.

Zhao Fu smiled as he said, “Alright, you may rise. Quickly use the Innate Talent Blood Crystal and increase your Grade!”

Zhang Han quickly got up and used the Innate Talent Blood Crystal. Countless blood-red traces of aura rose out of it and entered Zhang Han’s body. Soon, Zhang Han’s body had gone through some changes. His aura became more powerful, and he was now SSS grade and had a General Star.

After dealing with these things, Great Qin once again went into a period of peace. However, the dragon cry and drum beats caused the rest of the northern side to started heatedly discussing again.

They knew that a Nation Legacy had been destroyed, while another had submitted. Everyone could guess who had done this – after all, Nation Legatees were usually the most powerful existences in their region, and no one could do anything to them except even stronger existences from other regions.
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