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The only person who could be able to gather so many soldiers to attack the State of Wei was Great Qin's fearsome Legatee. After all, Wei Xin was familiar with all of the factions in his region.

Wei Xin had never thought that the day would come when Great Qin's legendary Legatee would arrive at his doorstep. Now that Wei Xin saw Great Qin's true strength, he felt quite shocked. After all, there were over 100,000 soldiers, and Great Qin's overall strength wasn't weaker than a system main city's now.

Under the town walls, Great Qin's soldiers made way for Zhao Fu, who was wearing a black cloak, making him seem quite mysterious. He rode on Little Black, whose hooves and eyes seemed to have green flames around them, making him seem quite terrifying and powerful.

This was the first time that Wei Xin had seen Great Qin's Legatee, and he was indeed a powerful, mysterious, and demon-like existence.

Zhao Fu raised his head and looked at Wei Xin on the town wall, and he said in a dignified tone, "Lord Wei Xin, based on the relationship between our nations in history, if I can restore Great Qin, I can give you a Lordship and allow the Wei family to continue existing."

If a Legatee was willing to submit to him, Zhao Fu would be happy to accept him. After all, having a Legatee submit was much more beneficial than conquering or destroying one.

However, Zhao Fu wouldn't allow there to be another King in his nation, but a Baronage wouldn't be able to satisfy most. Therefore, Zhao Fu could confer a 'Lordship.'

Lords had higher statuses than Barons, but they were lower than Kings. It was often used in the Warring States Period, and those who couldn't be Kings were Lords.

Zhao Fu had already made a large concession, and if the State of Wei was willing to surrender, Zhao Fu would treat Wei Duo well. However, if Wei Duo was unwilling, Zhao Fu could only slaughter the State of Wei.

"Hahaha…" Wei Xin started to laugh as he loudly replied, "Great Qin Majesty, the State of Wei submitted to Great Qin before, but we won't continue those days. When the second emperor of Qin got rid of the State of Wei, we severed our relationship with Great Qin, and I have decided to fight against Great Qin."

Wei Xin spoke quite forcefully and emotionally, and all of the soldiers on the town wall yelled, "Fight against Great Qin!"

These voices were not only filled with battle intent but also a willingness to die – after all, it was clear that the State of Wei couldn't defeat Great Qin.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and said in a cold voice, "Are you really willing for everyone here to die with you? Aren't you going to think of your subjects?"

"We are willing to fight with His Majesty against Great Qin!" At that moment, many of the residents walked up to the town wall holding all sorts of tools and equipment.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and didn't try to convince them anymore. He guided Little Black to slowly turn around and said with killing intent, "Attack!"

Bai Qi looked at the town wall and immediately yelled, "Hundred Ghost Illusionists!"

Hearing this, the Hundred Ghost Illusionists walked out from the group, raised their staffs, and chanted their incantations. They then stabbed their staffs into the ground. Formless energy rippled out, and the atmosphere started to become eerie.

Zhao Fu had long since discussed with the Commanders and Generals about how to attack the State of Wei's Town, and they now put the plan into action since Wei Xin had refused to surrender.

Now, all of the 300 Hundred Ghost Illusionists had broken through to Stage 1, and the Dark Ghost World they cast could cover one side of the State of Wei's Town.

As such, they had waited until most of the residents and soldiers had gathered to the eastern town wall before casting the Dark Ghost World – only then would they be able to deal a fatal blow.

Ghostly qi started to started to rise up from the ground, and Wei Xin felt that something was off. Just as he was about to yell, it was already too late. The ghostly qi spread incredibly quickly, and it arrived at the eastern town wall in the blink of an eye, dragging everyone there into the Dark Ghost World.

"General Wang, General Wei, take 40,000 soldiers each and attack from the southern and northern sides." Seeing that the Dark Ghost World had taken effect, Bai Qi gave out orders to Wang Jian and Wei Liao.

Wang Jian and Wei Liao nodded as they split off with their soldiers, attacking from the two other sides.

There were currently 8,000 soldiers and 20,000 residents at the eastern town wall. The Town only had 60,000 residents, and with nearly half of them at the eastern side, the northern and southern sides had practically no defenses.


A dragon's cry tore through the sky and could be heard in the surrounding 10,000-kilometer radius area. At the center of the area filled with ghostly qi, a violet pillar of light shot into the sky, causing clouds to quickly gather. The wind howled as a majestic violet light dyed the sky.

The violet light slowly condensed into a 100-meter long violet dragon that gave off a powerful might, terrifying all creatures that saw it.

As the violet dragon appeared, an intense violet light also appeared around Wei Xin, looking like a violet flame. The ghostly qi around him gradually dissipated, causing those within the Dark Ghost World to gradually regain consciousness.


At that moment, a black pillar of light shot up into the clouds, and an even more domineering dragon's roar tore through the sky. An incredibly savage and overbearing black dragon appeared, giving off a ferocious aura.

As a fellow Legatee, Zhao Fu knew what sorts of tricks Wei Xin had at his disposal, so he was prepared. The savage black dragon was 300 meters long, and after it appeared, it flicked its tail and vigorously shot towards the violet dragon.

Even though the violet dragon was much smaller, it showed no weakness and gave off a brilliant violet light as it rushed at the black dragon.


A massive explosion sounded out as the two massive beasts clashed, and a shockwave rippled outwards. All of the clouds in the sky dispersed, and the violet dragon was knocked back by tens of meters – the black dragon was evidently much stronger. However, the violet dragon didn't back down, and it roared as it gave off a powerful aura and charged towards the black dragon again.

As the two beasts clashed in the sky, massive explosions sounded out, making it seem like a natural disaster. The massive destructive power of their fight obliterated parts of mountains and destroyed countless trees and boulders.

As the violet dragon and black dragon fought, the violet light around Wei Xin's body died down, and the 300 Hundred Ghost Illusionists continued to cast the Dark Ghost World. The ghostly qi started to become denser.

Those who had just started to wake up were once again dragged into the illusion. Because Wei Xin still had a faint layer of violet light around him, the ghostly qi was unable to get close to him.

Seeing this, Wei Xin wanted to explode out with his Fate, but two figures flew at him. One was a young woman with a large blood-colored sword, and the other was a boy holding a dagger. Both of them had a black mark on their foreheads.

Those marks gave off majestic and domineering auras, causing both of their eyes to turn red and for their bodies to give off traces of a black and blood-red aura. They seemed as if it would be possible for them to kill gods.
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