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Chapter 996: Sha Yuan’s Invitation
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12 trillion years!

Even in the Black Tower, where one year was equivalent to 1,000 years, it would still need a terrifying 12 billion years! Ling Han didn’t think he could live for that long.

According to rumors, even great elites at the Genesis Tier didn’t have a limitless lifespan.

Thus, the so-called Immortals were only beings who were more powerful and had lived for longer. They weren’t immortal in the true sense of the word.

Small Tower swayed gently, and said, “This Reincarnation Tree seedling is worth more than all the treasures you have combined. You must obtain it!”

Ling Han shook his head as he spoke, “Why must I obtain it? It’s not like I can use it.”

“Who said so?” Small Tower rebutted. “I have ways to speed up its growth!”

“Speed up the 12 trillion years?” Ling Han asked in surprise.

“I can have it grow into a small tree after a maximum of three years,” Small Tower said calmly. “It’ll possess the ability to let your divine sense experience a faster time flow.”

“F*ck! You’re definitely able to use secret techniques of time now!” Ling Han speculated, and said, “Why don’t you let me use it? Let me cultivate in seclusion for three days, but make it equivalent to 300,000 years of cultivation. When I come back out, I’ll be able to belt all of my b*stard enemies!”

“It’s because I’ve only recovered a small amount of my Source Power,” Small Tower said. “In other words, I’m only able to use the regulations of time once. Using it on you… is too wasteful.”

Ling Han sighed, and said, “Aren’t you scared of hurting my fragile mind by speaking like this?”

“That isn’t within the realm of my consideration!” Small Tower instantly became tsundere again.

Ling Han ended his conversation with Small Tower. Since Small Tower possessed such an ability, the Reincarnation Tree—which appeared almost useless to others—was a supreme treasure in his hands.

“1.5 million!” As he was lost in thought, the bid on the Reincarnation Tree had already exceeded its starting bid by 50%.

However, very few bidders were left at this price point.

It wasn’t worth it!

After all, no one could live until the day this seed grew into a towering tree. In fact, even their grandchildren, or grandchildren of grandchildren, wouldn’t live until that day. The only option was to resell it in the hopes of making a profit.

However, the high bid right now meant that there was already very little room for profit.

“Two million!” Ling Han raised the bid to an insane level.

No one dared to compete with him.

What if Ling Han didn’t raise his bid anymore? Wouldn’t the winner suffer a huge loss? As much as Zhao Lun hated Ling Han, he didn’t dare raise the bid, either. He was afraid that he would be digging himself into a hole.

The other bidders didn’t have the Black Tower, so how could they dream of such a supreme treasure? How could they dream of 12 trillion years being compressed down to a mere two or three years?

“Two million, going once.”

“Two million, going twice.”

“Two million, going three times. Sold!”

The elder was slightly disappointed as he announced the conclusion of the bid. It was the Reincarnation Tree, something that should have sold for hundreds of millions of True Origin Stones! It was a pity that its absurd growth time made it priceless only in theory.

A content smile spread across Ling Han’s face. He would have a Reincarnation Tree in two, three years, and as such, his spirit would have a limitless space to grow.

Although he was the Alchemy Emperor, the large majority of pills could only improve one’s Origin Power and Body Arts. One still needed to complete comprehension by themselves. However, with the Reincarnation Tree, he would have a limitless amount of time to undergo comprehension. Even a pig would be able to become a great elite of the Genesis Tier.

“It’s not that simple.” Small Tower instantly shattered his dreams, and said, “Entering the spirit realm of the Reincarnation Tree will consume the Reincarnation Tree’s mystical power. The more people enter, the larger the consumption becomes.”

Ling Han groaned, and said, “Couldn’t you have told me earlier?”

“I was afraid that you’d be stingy and not buy it.”


How could Ling Han be so short-sighted? He shook his head slightly. This Small Tower was truly abusive and scheming.

The auction continued, and Ling Han didn’t fight for the remaining Mountain River Stones with Li Weiwei and Ji Yun’er. Although he needed them as well, they were friends, after all, and Li Weiwei had even stood up for him before. He obviously had to return this favor.

Ling Han also purchased a few pill recipes—these were valuable recipes that were only held by a few powerful forces right now. At the same time, he also purchased some medicinal ingredients. After his lavish spending, only less than 10,000 of his initial 4,000,000 True Origin Stones remained.

However, he didn’t regret it at all. Money was only useful if spent. What was the point of keeping it? To count it every day for fun?

When the auction finished, a worker from the auction house brought their purchases over.

After paying, Ling Han headed to the private bank to retrieve the remaining True Origin Stones on the True Origin Stone Card. There were only 10,000 left, and the private bank could definitely pay this out.

Just as he was about to return to the Academy, he saw a young lady walk over and stop before him. “Young Master Ling, my young master would like to invite you over!”

This young lady was dressed in a black leather outfit, and the curves of her shapely body were especially clear. Her slender waist and curvaceous bottom provided a strong contrast to one another, and coupled with the reflective nature of her leather pants, she appeared wild yet seductive.

“Who’s your Young Master?” Ling Han asked.

“Sha Yuan, Young Master Sha,” the young lady replied. She was none other than Liu Ying, one of Sha Yuan’s female guards.

‘Sha Yuan?’

Ling Han hadn’t known who this person was before. Afterward, he had learned from Li Weiwei that it was the person who had stepped forward to prevent him and Zhao Lun from fighting. It was just that he had stepped back down after receiving some material benefits from Zhao Lun.

He didn’t have a good impression of this person. However, after pondering for a moment, he said, “Please lead the way.”

“Please follow me, Young Master Ling.” Liu Ying turned around to lead the way.

Ling Han walked behind her, yet he quickly realized that this was a mistake. The young lady before him was dressed in a figure-hugging outfit, and the curves of her firm and supple bottom swayed seductively with each step that she took.

It was incredibly difficult for him to contain himself as her swaying hips invited him to transform into a wild beast.

Ling Han hurriedly took a few steps forward to walk beside her.

Liu Ying couldn’t help but smile. She was naturally aware of what had happened, and a slight sense of pride welled up in her heart.

After walking for a while, the two of them entered a pavilion. Although it was already late in the night, the pavilion’s business was still relatively good, with a stream of customers continuing to enter and exit.

The expression of everyone in the pavilion became serious when they saw Liu Ying, and they didn’t dare steal a second glance at her.

She was Sha Yuan’s maid, and leering at her could potentially lead to trouble.

Liu Ying led Ling Han to a private room on the third level. She knocked on the door, and said, “Young Master, Young Master Ling has arrived.”

“Please enter.” The voice of a man traveled out from the room.

Liu Ying pushed the door open and let Ling Han enter first.

Ling Han didn’t hesitate as he strode into the room. Sha Yuan was currently drinking, with a young beauty cuddled in each of his arms. Their robes were half undone, revealing their jade-like skin, which dazzled with an alluring glow under the light of the room.

There were another three sharply dressed beauties behind the man, and each of them wore a cold, stone-like expression.

“Hahahaha, please take a seat!” Sha Yuan didn’t stand up, and he pointed to a spot opposite him as he spoke.

‘Is this how he treats guests?’

Ling Han was already displeased, yet he still accepted Sha Yuan’s invitation and sat down. He wanted to know what Sha Yua had invited him over for.

“I’ll be frank and straightforward with you. I want the secret technique that you used to cultivate your physique.” Sha Yuan didn’t beat around the bush, and he continued, “I can pay you however many True Origin Stones you want!
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