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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 993 Receiving the Gambling Stakes

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One could say that the Ninth King was courageous, yet she would shriek in fear at the sight of a rat. On the other hand, one could say that the Ninth King was cowardly, yet she even dared to fake an imperial decree.

In Ling Han's eyes, however, she was merely a lonely young girl.

That was right, she was just lonely.

Although she was the Ninth King, in possession of great power and protected by the empress like a reverse scale, she was in fact very lonely. She didn't have any companions of the same age, and the other eight kings, as well as the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire, were all too busy with cultivation to accompany her. Moreover, the guards by her side were all extremely respectful and obedient, and there was no way that they could become her friends.

This was also why she had unexpectedly praised Ling Han as a strong character when he didn't kneel upon seeing her—she had seen far too many people kneel before her. In fact, she desperately craved a friend of the same age, and this was also why Shui Yanyu had become friends with her so quickly.

With the Ninth King accompanying him, Ling Han was able to tour the entire Imperial Capital. Only when the sun started to set did the Ninth King reluctantly let him leave.

Ling Han returned to the Academy, only to find that Li Weiwei and Ji Yun'er had already come. Both of them could barely contain their excitement.

Ling Han smiled, and said, "Judging by your huge grins, it looks like you've already collected the winnings."

"Hehe, I went to collect our winnings straight away, so how would they dare to cheat me?" Li Weiwei smugly retrieved a black card and tossed it toward Ling Han. "This is a True Origin Stone Card issued by the Majestic Empire, and you can use it to exchange True Origin Stones from the Majestic Empire's private banks at any time. It's extremely easy, and you can exchange as much as you want."

Ling Han nodded in understanding. Four million True Origin Stones was no small sum, and perhaps even the Majestic Empire's private banks didn't store such a great amount of wealth.

However, he was an emperor himself, so he knew that the existence of such virtual currency would allow the number of liquid assets in circulation to grow manifold, thereby promoting the development of businesses. Anyhow, in terms of cultivation alone, how many True Origin Stones could one spend in a day?

Most of the time, True Origin Stones were merely a type of currency. With the support of a Majestic Empire, such currency could naturally be made virtual.

After collecting their winnings, it was no surprise that Li Weiwei and Ji Yun'er were both over the moon with excitement. They had gambled a mere 3000 True Origin Stones each, yet after a multiplication of 10, and then a multiplication of 100, they both had a huge wealth of 3,000,000 True Origin Stone now.

Truth be told, 3000 True Origin Stones was already a large amount of wealth. Both ladies had been reluctant when placing their bets. Now that their wealth had exploded to a whopping 3,000,000, they were naturally overcome with delight.

Ling Han was also extremely overjoyed. However, such easy money could only be made once. After learning of his freakish talents, what gambling business would dare to place high odds on him in the future?

He nodded in his mind. If he wanted to make money in the future, he would need to turn his focus back to alchemy.

He had enough wealth now, so he could lavishly spend his money on alchemy. If this weren't the case, he would become dirt poor after refining a mere few cauldrons of pills.

"That's right, I heard that one other person bet on you to win." Li Weiwei laughed, and said, "In addition to our bet, the gambling business almost broke even with what they received and paid out. They didn't earn a single cent."

Ling Han was slightly surprised. 'There was actually someone else who optimistic about my chances? Who was it?'

An aloof yet beautiful face instantly appeared in his mind. Perhaps only Shui Yanyu was aware of some of his freakish capabilities. Moreover, it was likely that only she would support him.

"I obtained an invitation to the auction for you. Don't miss it, it's held at night three days from now." Li Weiwei handed him an invitation.

Ling Han nodded as he took the invitation, and said, "I'll definitely be there."

Li Weiwei smiled in satisfaction, and then left with Ji Yun'er.

Now that their wealth had exploded, they naturally didn't care about the small morsels that they made from selling food ingredients anymore. Li Weiwei and Ji Yun'er simply asked him for some ingredients to use by themselves. These ingredients were like Spiritual Meat, and one would become addicted after tasting them.

Shui Yanyu arrived not long after the two females left.

"Wife, you finally remembered to visit your man?" Ling Han said with a chuckle.

"W-who's your wife?" Shui Yanyu's face instantly flushed red with embarrassment as she fiercely rolled her eyes at him.

"Tsk, so easily embarrassed. However, I like it!" Ling Han walked over, and was only a mere few inches away from her.

Shui Yanyu could only retreat. However, Ling Han would advance every time she retreated, and her back was quickly pressed against the wall. She had nowhere left to go. Her face became beet red, and she said, "What do you want to do?!"

"You!" Ling Han said with a nod. His entire body was pressed against Shui Yanyu's lithe and slender figure, and this caused her to tense up in nervousness.

In the beginning, Shui Yanyu still didn't understand the meaning of his reply. After a short moment, however, she finally came to a realization. She rolled her eyes like crazy. 'Ling Han is normally so serious… Who would've thought that he's actually so cheeky in private?'

"Have you decided to have kids with me yet?" Ling Han said with a smile.

"I came here to discuss a serious matter with you," Shui Yanyu said sternly.

"I'm also talking about a serious matter with you." Ling Han's large hands were already swimming over Shui Yanyu's slender body. "Hmm? It's only been half a year, yet it seems to have grown a little larger already."

"Pervert!" Shui Yanyu's breathtakingly beautiful face was glistening with allure.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "What serious matters did you come for?"

"Release me, then talk!"

"No, let's just talk like this. I'll talk about my serious matters, and you can talk about your serious matters." How could Ling Han release her now? He had already conquered her two assets, and he was currently estimating their measurements.

Shui Yanyu's body became weak, and she couldn't even summon the strength to push Ling Han away. She could only roll her eyes fiercely. However, she was stunningly beautiful, so her rolling her eyes was no different from her making eyes. This excited Ling Han even more.

"I accepted a mission that can be completed by two people, so I came to find you," Shui Yanyu finally said.

Ling Han couldn't help but laugh loudly as he said, "Is it because you miss me? So you're especially finding a reason to be with me?"

"Who misses a pervert like you!" Of course Shui Yanyu wouldn't admit this.

Ling Han tilted her chin, and said, "Girl, if you didn't miss me, why did you deliver yourself to my doorstep? Hehe, since you've already delivered yourself over, it would be rude of me not to consume you!"

He lifted Shui Yanyu up and started walking toward his room.

Shui Yanyu was scared out of her wits. What if Ling Han truly did her now? She immediately started to struggle.

"If you don't want me to consume you now, that's also possible." Ling Han smiled naughtily, and said, "However, you have to agree to a few conditions."

Shui Yanyu could only begrudgingly agree to a few of Ling Han's "humiliating" conditions. This made her beautiful face flush an even deeper shade of red.

"So, back to your serious matters, what mission did you accept?"

Shui Yanyu rolled her eyes at him before saying, "A mission to exterminate some pirates." Her breathing was heavy as she spoke, for two large hands continued to roam around her breasts. This distracted her thoughts, and she rolled her eyes, and said, "Can you stop for a moment?"

"No!" Ling Han shook his head solemnly, and said, "Did you forget the conditions that you just agreed to?"

'This damn pervert!' Shui Yanyu mumbled in her mind.

However, she had to admit that she actually really enjoyed this kind of sensation. Her reservedness as a female made her want to reject this yet accept it at the same time.

Shui Yanyu forcefully composed herself, and explained, "Students in the Shattering Void Tier Division don't have to complete any missions. However, starting from the Low Extreme Division, they have to complete a set amount of missions each year. Otherwise, they'll be expelled from the Academy."
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