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Xiu, Zhao Lun had already reached Ling Han, his fist crashing down on him.

Ling Han stretched out his arms to parry, but he immediately discovered that, to his shock, Zhao Lun's arms had actually become akin to flowing water, bursting through his defences and striking towards his chest.

Peng, he was immediately sent flying, and only landed after turning three somersaults midair. He looked down, and his chest had actually been corroded, and bones could be seen.

Indeed, it was this kind of attack.

"Hahaha!" Seeing that his blow had taken effect, Zhao Lun burst into sudden loud laughter, and once more brandished his fists in a series of attacks.

This was the ancient technique that he had cultivated, called Corrosive Water Three Thousand. Previously, he had stayed underneath a waterfall to observe the rhythm of flowing water so that he could master this ancient technique.

And now that he was using it, the might of this move was indeed incredible!

In that moment, Ling Han did not have any good way to respond to this move, and could only retreat continuously.

Zhao Lun had definitely not done something as simple as turning into liquid. Otherwise, with the power behind the attack of a Mountain River Tier cultivator, even a huge river could be beaten into billions of water droplets, so Zhao Lun would be turned to "a torn body and crushed bones".

In the present case, Zhao Lun was showing the full flexibility attribute of water, and no force could be exerted on him at all.

'No matter how sky-high your strength is, can you still hurt even the tiniest bit of me?'

"Hahahaha, this is what true power is!" Zhao Lun laughed madly, delivering punches in quick succession.

With the boost from power of the nation, he was now superior to Ling Han by a sub-minor level. Furthermore, power of the nation still had the effect of protecting his divine sense, and now, his Corrosive Water Three Thousand had become a threat to Ling Han's physique. No matter from which angle he looked at it, his victory was assured.

"In a battle of equal levels, I am the true invincible one!"

Hearing Zhao Lun's boasts, Sha Yuan revealed an expression of defiance. However, he had no choice but to admit that in a battle at equal level, he was indeed not a match for Zhao Lun—he could not defeat him in the past, and even more so could not beat him now.

This move of transforming himself into flowing water, an ancient technique that was filled with a corrosive ability, was really too terrifying.

"Just become a pool of corroded liquid!" Zhao Lun laughed loudly, his eyes exuding a cold, manic light.

The fact that he had been pressured by Ling Han to the extent that he had to reveal this ancient technique ahead of time made him extremely displeased. It should have been one of his biggest trump cards, used to suppress powerful foes, yet now he had revealed it ahead of time. He would definitely be targeted by others, and they would definitely try to find a way to counter it.

Thoughts streaked through Ling Han's mind like lightning. Previously, he had used the divine patterns of flame to erase the poison of the corrosive waters, so could he use them to restrain the other, then?

He was a believer in getting things done. As he coagulated an arrow, he had already circulated the divine patterns of flame. Xiu, the arrow of Origin Power shot out, and light red appeared on the original white of the arrow.

Zhao Lun was unafraid, not even bothering to block. He wanted to use the same trick again, and allow the arrow to pass through his body.

Pu, the arrow reached its target, and shot into his left shoulder without erring, but unlike he had expected, the arrow did not shoot right out without dealing any kind of damage to him. Instead, his expression changed drastically into one of astonishment as a hint of pain appeared on his face.

Black smoke was actually streaming out of his shoulder, and there was a faint smell of burnt meat.

Zhao Lun stumbled back, an expression of absolute disbelief and shock appearing on his face.

… Ling Han actually broke through his Corrosive Water Three Thousand!!!

'How is this possible?!'

Don't think that fire would be able to overcome water. If the Corrosive Water Three Thousand could be easily overcome by flames, then what need was there for him to spend such a long time to cultivate this technique?

The corrosive water was extremely poisonous, and was unafraid of flames. At least, as far as he knew, if one wanted to overcome his corrosive water, it was only possible if that person's power dominated over him completely. One attack, and his body would be completely shattered as he would collapse, heavily wounded. That was the only way the Corrosive Water Three Thousand would stop functioning.

Ling Han's power was definitely not as strong as his!

Then there was only one reason. His flames were of terrifyingly high quality, and might even be not the least bit inferior to his corrosive water. That was the only way his flames could overcome his water.

Incredibly jealous, he could not help but ask, "What technique is this?"

It should be known that he had spent a few decades just to successfully cultivate this technique! Meanwhile, the other party had broken through to the Mountain River Tier not even a full year ago, yet had already cultivated a secret technique that could match his ancient technique. How could he accept this?

This was a blow heavy enough to practically twist all his views on life.

Ling Han gave an 'oh', and then said, "It's not any technique. I just obtained Flame Mountain River Stones from the Flame Cave, and after refining them, I obtained divine patterns of flame, but I didn't imagine that they just so happen to be able to restrain your power."

Zhao Lun was gaping in shock. It was actually so simple—he did not even cultivate any kind of secret technique, and merely refined a few Mountain River Stones? He was really about to cry.

However, he immediately recalled the effects of the Gravity Mountain River Stone—they were extremely amazing. The Mountain River Stone that Ling Han obtained definitely had to be of a special attribute, gifting him divine patterns of flame.

'Damn! Damn! Damn!'

He cursed repeatedly in his heart. Were the divine patterns of flame really so powerful? It should be known that he, too, had obtained a Flame Mountain River Stone, though he had not done so personally. Instead, it had come into his hands by paying a copious amount at an auction. However, the divine patterns of flame were definitely no match for Corrosive Water Three Thousand.

'… Wait!'

Zhao Lun suddenly exclaimed, "How many Flame Mountain River Stones have you gotten exactly?"

"Not too bad, just seven!" As Ling Han spoke, he continued to rush towards Zhao Lun. Now that he knew how to oppose the Corrosive Water Three Thousand, what further threat did Zhao Lun pose to him?

Peng, peng, peng. He wrapped divine patterns of flame around his fists. This was much simpler than adding them onto the arrow of Origin Power. Seven divine patterns glowed at the same time, and his fists were burning with flames. One punch, and Zhao Lun was spitting up blood repeatedly.


Zhao Lun's eyes were practically about to pop out of their sockets—how precious were Mountain River Stones with special attributes? Even a genius like him could only manage to land on the Crimson Lake's island twice, and obtain just two Gravity Mountain River Stones. And Ling Han actually f******* got seven; he was practically a monster!

This became the straw that broke the camel's back, shattering his fighting spirit. Furthermore, he had endured so many arrows just now, so how could it have had no effect at all? He did not have as tough a physique as Ling Han, and was merely using his Origin Power to forcefully suppress his wounds.

But he had to stretch out his nine-meter golden body, and also had to suppress his wounds; how much pressure did he have to endure? Now that his fighting spirit had collapsed, he instantly could not hold on anymore.


He was thrashed by Ling Han, and this time, he was really like a beaten army in total collapse—it was no longer possible to turn the tides.

"Let's see you be arrogant! Let's see you be domineering!" Ling Han was treating Zhao Lun like a punching bag, striking continuously.

"Didn't you want to kill me? Come on, then!

"You just bully others because of your higher cultivation level and your better background; what difference is there between you and those profligate spoilt young masters?"

"What Number One Genius? Absolute crap!"

The more Ling Han spoke, the more furious he became. He transformed his anger into force behind his punches, and endlessly pummelled his fists onto Zhao Lun's body.

"Have you had enough!?" Zhao Lun shouted. He was the only son of the Great General Zhao; when had he endured such humiliation before?

"You can't take it already?" Ling Han raised his foot, just about to step down on Zhao Lun's face.

Everyone had almost stopped breathing from the shock. If this foot landed, then a huge enmity that would not end until one was dead would really form between both parties. But upon further contemplation, it was apparent that Zhao Lun wanted to kill Ling Han, so there did not seem to be anything else left to fear.

"You, you dare!!" Zhao Lun meanwhile was so terrified his face had turned completely pale. If his face was really stepped on in front of so many people, what pride would he have left to face others?
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