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"Zhao Lun, since when did you become so impatient?" Sha Yuan laughed loudly, and said, "We'll find out soon if we keep watching."

Zhao Lun humphed in reply. He was a few hundred years younger than Sha Yuan, and Sha Yuan was already at the peak stage of the consummate level while he had only just advanced to the consummate level. As such, there was a difference of three sub-minor levels between them.

If they fought, Zhao Lun was confident that he wouldn't lose, as he had secret techniques up his sleeves. However, just as he wasn't afraid of Sha Yuan, Sha Yuan wasn't afraid of him, either.

Thus, he could only humph after hearing Sha Yuan's retort. Otherwise, being the petty person that he was, Zhao Lun would definitely think of ways to screw Sha Yuan over.

Ling Han arrived at the arena that was located halfway up the mountain. Half a year ago, he had fought against Luo Ba in this same arena. Who would've thought that he would have another mortal duel so soon?

Bai Yuansi was already waiting for him in the arena. He didn't seem impatient in the least, and sat cross-legged, looking like an unmoving stone statue.

Elites such as him would be able to maintain their mental state for a few days, let alone a mere few hours.

Ling Han stopped 30 meters from Bai Yuansi.

"You've come?" Bai Yuansi opened his eyes, and it instantly was as if a bolt of lightning had flashed across the clear sky.

'As expected of an elite at the high extreme. Just a single glance is already so powerful.'

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "I've come."

"You've broken through the medium extreme so quickly," Bai Yuansi said. "How commendable."

"It's just so-so."

Bai Yuansi faltered for a moment before continuing, "My Young Master is still in need of one more dog. If you obediently surrender, I can still spare your life!"

Ling Han sneered coldly, and said, "It's your choice to be a dog, but don't drag others down to the same low level as yourself! You're truly base to the core!"

"How dare you!!" Bai Yuansi roared loudly.


Blood started seeping out from the ears of many spectators, and this shocked them immensely. Just the might of his roar was already so terrifying.

There was a frosty look in Bai Yuansi's eyes as he glared at Ling Han, and he said, "Since you're unwilling to yield, die!"

Ling Han pointed a finger at him, and said, "I originally planned to spare your life. However, since that's the case, I won't hold back, either!"

"You speak nothing but empty threats!" Bai Yuansi leaped out, and didn't even bother to summon a weapon. He merely his spread his right hand—which was etched with nine intertwining divine patterns—and pressed it toward Ling Han.

His strength was far superior, so all he needed to do was crush his opponent head on.

A smile blossomed on Ling Han's face.


He also leaped toward Bai Yuansi.

Both of them had leaped at each other, so it was only natural that they quickly collided.


Divine light fluctuated, and waves rippled across space as Bai Yuansi's palm slammed into Ling Han's chest.

Bai Yuansi wore a look of pride. Since Ling Han was struck by his palm, his only fate was shattering into pieces. However, his look of pride quickly became one of shock and disbelief because Ling Han was not only unscathed, but was even smiling at him!

'I must be seeing things!'

He had no time to ponder why Ling Han was unscathed as he hastily shot back in retreat. This was far too uncanny.

Right at this moment, Ling Han waved his arm and tossed out a net.

Originally, Bai Yuansi would have never fallen victim to such an attack. However, who told them to be so close to each other right now? Moreover, this attack was launched during a time when he thought that he had killed his opponent.

The net unfurled and instantly entrapped him.

Although Bai Yuansi was startled, he wasn't flustered in the least. He had been to many ancient sites with Zhao Lun, and had also experienced a great number of dangerous situations. Being calm in the face of danger was the most basic attribute of elites such as him. Otherwise, what right would he have to follow Zhao Lun?


He drew his sword, and like a melody, the brilliant glow of his sword instantly echoed through the air.

"Goodbye!" Ling Han summoned a bow and immediately notched his Ultimate Arrow.

He didn't want to give his opponent any chances. He wanted to slay one of Zhao Lun's powerful followers!

Bai Yuansi's hair all stood on ends at this instant, and a sense of great danger instantly gripped his heart. He frantically tried to draw on his full power, yet to his shock, he discovered that his Origin Power had actually been suppressed!

At most, he could only wield a power at the middle stage of the medium extreme!

'What net is this?'

This thought flashed through his mind, yet at this instant, Ling Han's arrow was already pointing at his head. The arrow seemed like a fatal weapon that had been nurtured by heaven and earth, and sweat involuntarily formed on Bai Yuansi's palms.

Ling Han released his fingers, and the arrow became a streak of dazzling light as it raced out.


The arrow easily pierced through Bai Yuansi's head, and then flew out from the other side. Only the feathers of the arrow were stained with a few drops of blood.


Bai Yuansi's entire head exploded.


A deathly silence fell over the surroundings.

Who would've imagined that Ling Han could defeat Bai Yuansi? Moreover, not only did he win, he even performed an unbelievable insta-kill! If this result was flipped, no one would've been surprised. After all, Bai Yuansi possessed the strength to achieve such a feat.

Now, however, everyone's mouth was wide agape in shock and disbelief.

Indeed, there were prodigies who could win against people with higher cultivation levels. Otherwise, there wouldn't be the notion of one-star geniuses, two-star geniuses, and so on. However, the difference in cultivation level between Ling Han and Bai Yuansi was clear for all to see—it was a full five sub-minor levels!

Moreover, Bai Yuansi was himself close to the level of a three-star genius. Thus, the difference between him and Ling Han was at least seven stars.

Ling Han had managed to insta-kill someone while surpassing seven stars?!

This was unbelievable. Who could believe this?

Atop the mountain peak, Zhao Lun's expression instantly became dark.

Someone like him obviously wouldn't care whether Bai Yuansi died or not. After all, Bai Yuansi was merely a dog who did his bidding. If he died, Zhao Lun could merely look for a new dog. Would he need to worry about no one pledging themselves to him? Of course not!

The problem was, one needed to look at the owner before beating a dog. Now that his dog had been shot dead before his very eyes, where was he to put his face?

"I remember now! That's the Crimson Ground Locking Net!"

"What crimson what net?"

"Crimson Ground Locking Net! If one's trapped, their cultivation level will be suppressed by one full minor level!"

"No wonder!"

The spectators all nodded in realization. If Bai Yuansi's cultivation level was suppressed by one minor level, then his peak battle prowess would only be able to reach the peak stage of the medium extreme. As such, being insta-killed by Ling Han went from an impossibility to a possibility.

"Humph!" Zhao Lun leaped down from the mountain peak and landed beside Bai Yuansi's corpse. He glared at Ling Han, and said frostily, "You killed him?"

"If you're not blind, you can probably see very clearly!" Ling Han was drained of all energy after unleashing the Ultimate Arrow, yet he didn't back down a single inch.

Everyone gasped in astonishment. That was Zhao Lun, the number one prodigy of the Scarlet Heaven Academy, and the only child of Great General Zhao Ling Han was facing!

A dark shadow fell across Zhao Lun's face, and he said coldly, "Since you've killed my underling, there's nothing more to say. Kneel down and kill yourself!"

'So domineering!'

Ling Han roared with laughter, and said, "Young Master Zhao, are you stupid? No one can kill your underlings? It was a fair duel, and I killed him without breaking any rules. My conscience would be clear even if the empress herself were to question me!"

"Humph! You killed my underling, so you deserve to die!" Zhao Lun raised his eyebrows, and an overwhelming aura instantly emanated from his body.

"Dumb c*nt!" Ling Han sneered. He was just about to retrieve his Crimson Ground Locking Net and leave.


Zhao Lun struck a palm toward Ling Han.

He was at the consummate level, and he was more so a four-star genius. How terrifying was his attack? Moreover, Ling Han was at his weakest right now.


Ling Han was instantly hit and sent flying by the strike.

"Still not dead?" A look of surprise involuntarily appeared on Zhao Lun's face as he gazed at Ling Han, who had blood seeping from the corners of his mouth.
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