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"Of course not." The blue-robed young man shook his head. "His cultivation level is so much higher than Ling Han's, so even if he won, it would be an embarrassment. So, why would he accept?"

Yet the bodysuited beauty said, "Young Master may not know, but Zhao Lun still has a personal grudge with Ling Han."

"Oh?" An expression of surprise appeared on the blue-robed young man's face. How could this be? What kind of abilities and background did Zhao Lun have? To be blunt, even if Ling Han wanted to offend Zhao Lun, he shouldn't have a chance to.

This blue-robed young man's name was Sha Yuan, and he was the third son of the Great General Sha Jing of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire. He was also his youngest son. His talent in martial arts was similarly amazing, and he had long since advanced into consummate level of the Mountain River Tier 1,000 years ago, and by now, had reached the peak stage.

Ordinarily, he should have left the Academy, but if the son of the Great General Sha was determined to remain at the Academy, how could they dare to chase him out?

To the rich and noble, the Scarlet Heaven Academy was not just a place for cultivation. In truth, the conditions in their own homes were considerably better. The reason why they came to the Academy was for making connections, and to accumulate their own power!

Among those that could enroll in the Academy, who was not a genius? For example, Zhao Lun himself had three great followers, and each of them was a two-star genius, and according to rumors, they might even be three-star geniuses. Who did not want to gain the support of this kind of talent?

Part of the reason why the Academy was divided into four Institutions, with each on poor terms with the others, was because they did not want some descendant of nobility to stretch his arms too far. This was an active restriction so they could only go crazy in a single Institution.

The bodysuit beauty was naturally not going to wait for Sha Yuan to voice the question, and hurriedly continued, "It is because of Shui Yanyu. Apparently, she has already pledged herself in marriage to Ling Han."

Her name was Liu Ying—she was a child that Great General Sha had chosen from the orphanage. She had extraordinary talent in martial arts, and was both Sha Yuan's childhood playmate and sparring partner. She was also his death guard 1 . There were a total of four death guards like her, and they were collectively called "Four Panthers".

Sha Yuan was stunned for a moment, and then suddenly erupted into loud laughter. He was laughing so hard that he was practically tearing up.

"Zhao Lun, Zhao Lun, aren't you extremely proud? Why is it that you can't even keep your own woman?"

Even though the Seven Generals were of equal rank, the relations between them could definitely not be considered amicable in any sense of the word. Furthermore, he and Zhao Lun were both pampered, wealthy young masters of the Imperial Capital, so there was no lack of grudges between them, as they both wanted to snatch the esteemed title of the Greatest Young Master of the Imperial Capital.

Hence, knowing that Zhao Lun had actually experienced such a great loss, Sha Yuan was naturally going to laugh loudly.

"Liu Ying, you will not betray me, right?" Sha Yuan abruptly asked.

Liu Ying's heart shook, and she quickly knelt down, and replied, "I will definitely not betray Young Master!"

Sha Yuan swept a look over her, and said, "Go and investigate this person well; I am very intrigued by him."

"Yes!" Liu Ying stood up, and left through the doors.

"Is it that you won't or you dare not?" An unfathomable smile appeared on Sha Yuan's face.


Tang Feng almost went mad in fury. Ling Han ignored his challenge, so he looked down on him as a coward, and claimed that Ling Han was as brave as a mouse, yet the latter still completely ignored him. But now, he was directly issuing a challenge to Zhao Lun; wasn't this completely overlooking him?

He wanted nothing more than to tear Ling Han to pieces—this challenge from Ling Han had instantly suppressed his fame once more.


Zhao Lun did not respond to Ling Han's challenge. Instead, it was a follower under him, Bai Yuansi, that responded, expressing his disdain for Ling Han's challenge. He said that Ling Han was an ugly person, and hence always up to no good. What qualified him to battle Zhao Lun?

If Ling Han wanted a battle, Bai Yuansi would keep him company, but the condition was that it had to be a duel to the death.

All of a sudden, everyone turned their attention to Ling Han, wanting to see how he would respond.

One had to know that though Bai Yuansi was not as dazzling as Zhao Lun, he was also a great elite of the high extreme of the Mountain River Tier, and furthermore a genius that was above two stars—close to three stars. In a duel to the death with him, the chances that Ling Han would be instantly killed was close to 90%, no?

Did he dare to accept or not?

Ling Han immediately gave a positive response—he was going to battle!

The whole Imperial Capital was in an uproar over this. Ling Han was the hottest rookie now, while Bai Yuansi—whether it was due to his personal abilities or the fact that he was a follower of Zhao Lun—received great attention as well.

These two people were going to be in a mortal duel, which was definitely going to attract attention from all sides.

As expected, there was naturally a new betting pool for the outcome of the battle between the two of them.

"How is it? What are the stakes?" Ling Han appeared quite excited.

Li Weiwei giggled, and said, "If you win, it's 1:100!"

A muscle twitched in Ling Han's cheek. Although he knew that the higher the betting stakes were, the more he would earn, he had never imagined that it would be as exaggeratedly high as 1:100. How pessimistic a view did the masses actually have of him?

"There are no stakes for Bai Yuansi winning, only stakes for how many moves he will take to beat you. Defeated with one move, 10:11, two moves, 10:12, three moves, 10:13…" Li Weiwei began introducing the stakes again.

It was apparent that even the banker did not have an optimistic view of Ling Han. Ling Han being able to withstand 100 moves actually reached the exaggerated extent of 1:10.

"Blockhead, how are we going to bet next?" Li Weiwei's eyes lit up. Previously, she had really made a great sum.

"How much have you earned exactly?" Ling Han couldn't help but ask.

"Your bet was 4,000, and I and Big Sister Yun placed a bet of 3,000 each, so we earned a total of 100,000!" Li Weiwei exclaimed excitedly.

Together, the two women actually earned more than he did!

Ling Han sighed, and said, "Of course, the bet is on my win."

"Hey, hey, hey. It can't be that you are envious that Big Sister Yun and I earn more than you, so you want to scam us, right?" Li Weiwei looked at Ling Han suspiciously.

"Am I that kind of person?" Ling Han shook his head. "Don't worry, if you bet on my win, the stakes are 1:100, and I guarantee that you two will win so much you'll be flying! Moreover, isn't my own capital of 4,000 also included in the bet?"

"True!" Li Weiwei finally nodded at this, and then asked curiously, "What gives you that kind of confidence?"

"My own abilities, naturally." Ling Han laughed. Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Zhao Lun did not accept the challenge. This was within Ling Han's expectations. In any case, he had only issued the challenge to win some money. Still, he had not foreseen that Bai Yuansi would respond, and actually allow him to earn another sum.

"I'll trust you this once! However, if you cause me and Big Sister Yun to lose money, we will not spare you!" Li Weiwei threatened fiercely.

"Don't worry. Just think of this as the dowry I present to the both of you; there is no way you two are going to lose money!" Ling Han said with a grin.

Now, their capital of 10,000 had increased tenfold, and reached the large sum of 100,000. If he won with the stakes being 1:100, it would then become an astronomical sum of a million!

This was even more profitable than alchemy.

Unfortunately, this was also because the data on both sides was unequal. If they could know Ling Han as well as he knew himself, then they would only place the stakes at 1:10 at most.

Ling Han was filled with anticipation. After he had obtained the money, it would be just in time to participate in the large-scale auction. He really wanted to see what kind of good stuff would be sold at the auction.

There was a three-day buffer period until the day of the battle, but Shui Yanyu did not appear, which made Ling Han feel slightly regretful.

In these three days, he refined the final Flame Mountain River Stone, completely stabilizing his cultivation level at the medium extreme. At the same time, the might of the divine patterns of flame progressed another step further. After all, there was a total of seven divine patterns of flame, which was far more than the divine patterns of gravity.

She has to sacrifice her life if it saves him in critical moment. Think bodyguards blocking bullets for big shots.
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