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Hearing the words 'make some money', Li Weiwei's beautiful eyes immediately shone.

As Ling Han had been in seclusion all this while, the business of selling food ingredients naturally could only be called to a halt. With the size of hers and Ji Yun'er's Spatial Spirit Tool, the food ingredients inside could only last about a dozen days at most. They had sold off everything not long after their return.

Because of this, the two girls felt great regret. Due to the fact that Ling Han had not reappeared for such a long time, even they felt ravenous.

"How are we going to make money?" she quickly asked. "Soon, a large auction will begin. If I have money, I will be able to make Father sit up and take notice of me!"

"What auction?" Ling Han asked.

"Oh, the Imperial Capital will host an auction every once in a while, and this time just so happens to be not long after the Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm ended, so it will naturally be even grander; there will be a considerable amount of good stuff!" Li Weiwei exclaimed, slightly excited.

She paused, put a fierce expression on her pretty face, and said, "You haven't replied. What is the way to make money?"

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "That's simple. Isn't there a wager about when Zhao Lun and I will battle?"

Realization immediately dawned on Li Weiwei, and she quickly jumped up and clapped her hands. She declared, "We will go make a bet first, then you go and challenge Zhao Lun— wait, what if Zhao Lun ignores you?"

Ling Han snickered, and said, "That will depend on how awesome you, the daughter of the Left Minister, is. Let's see if you can change the wager to when I will issue a challenge to Zhao Lun."

Otherwise, he would not have needed to drag Li Weiwei in.

Li Weiwei quickly nodded, her expression saying 'I get it'. But, soon enough, a worried expression showed on her face, and she asked, "But what if Zhao Lun accepts the challenge, and you are killed by him…?"

'En, en, in any case, that has nothing to do with me, so whatever!'

She answered her own question, and was indeed not the slightest bit worried.

Ling Han scoffed, and said, "Zhao Lun definitely can't kill me, and if it was not for the fact that he has advanced into the consummate level, he could possibly be killed by me!"

This was not a mere boast. His present physique had reached the extent of Level Three Godly metal, and even if a consummate level cultivator were to attack him, it would take time to penetrate his defenses. Aside from that, he still had the Crimson Ground Locking Net. Caught in it, Zhao Lun would see his cultivation level decrease.

… At the time, those people from the Luo Clan wanted to use this divine net against that Lava Beast King, which meant that they had been confident that they would be able to kill that Beast King with the aid of this net. Going along that line of deduction, the effect of this divine net should be to weaken the victim's cultivation level by a minor level.

Zhao Lun's cultivation level would be decreased by a minor level, and he would be still trapped by the divine net, which would affect his mobility. If Ling Han summoned the Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow, it was not impossible that he could kill the former with a single strike in an instant.

After all, that Beast King from before was similarly in the early stage of consummate level, and it hadn't even been trapped by the net, yet wasn't it still almost killed with one arrow from him?

However, could the only son of Great General Zhao be killed?

It was not possible even in a mortal duel. Was Ling Han not afraid that this Great General's killing intent would soar, and he'd murder him with no care for the law?

The greater one's abilities, the less power rules would have over him. In the first place, rules were something the strong imposed on the weak, and whether the strong themselves obeyed them or otherwise depended completely on their mood.

… Unless Ling Han could duck into the Black Tower after he had killed him. However, he was not a solitary entity—there was still the Great Ling Empire!

Ling Han shook his head. If he could not be killed, he could only give him a heavy thrashing to give the latter a deeply ingrained lesson. He was sure that as long as Zhao Lun was neither killed nor crippled, Great General Zhao would not be so shameless that he would act personally.

The problem was, could he subdue Zhao Lun even with the Crimson Ground Locking Net?

The other party was a four-star genius, and even if he was weakened by a minor level, his battle prowess could still reach the early stage of consummate level. As for Ling Han? He was now in the early stage of the medium extreme, and was behind by a whole minor level. Furthermore, he could only exhibit battle prowess surpassing five stars at most. If not… he did not know what would happen.

One had to know that he had ascended the Crimson Lake's island thrice, and shown potential that exceeded four stars—close to five stars—which was enough to make two Great Majestic Empires want to kill him while he had not yet matured to his maximum potential. Then, battle prowess of six stars would definitely make others uneasy!

"What nice dreams you have!" Li Weiwei shook her head, and said, "You still don't know yet, right? After Zhao Lun broke through, he had been bestowed with the rank of a seventh-rank military officer by the empress, with his name engraved on the totem, so he can draw on power of the nation. He would be able to increase his battle prowess by another star at least!Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Ling Han's brow furrowed. Then, going by that calculation, it was practically impossible to defeat Zhao Lun.

… Unless everything progressed as he expected. First, he'd use the Crimson Ground Locking Net to trap his opponent, then use the Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow to deal a heavy injury… he could avoid vital points like the head and heart, and he would only have that one chance. If he missed, then he could only admit defeat.

Ling Han pondered for a moment, and then said, "If I and Zhao Lun battle, there would definitely be new bets. I am sure that practically all bankers would not be so stupid as to directly open betting for whether it would be I or Zhao Lun that emerges victorious, but rather how many moves Zhao Lun would take to defeat and make me surrender."

"En, en, en!" Li Weiwei quickly nodded. Otherwise, the banker would definitely lose money to death.

Ling Han cracked a smile, and said, "Then we'll just make use of Zhao Lun to earn a great sum first, and step on him in the future!"

Li Weiwei was stunned. Why was this damn blockhead always pumped so full of confidence? 'Don't you know that you come from a small world, and don't have much backing? On what basis do you think that Zhao Lun would not kill you!?' However, it had to be admitted that this kind of confidence gave him an alluring temperament.

"Then hand over your money quickly. I will go now to place our bet!" Her mind was soon so crammed with the words 'earn a great sum' that even her pretty face was glowing.

After Ling Han entered into the Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm, he had earned some money—all from looting others. Then, he began cultivating, and spent a little to attain medium extreme, but added with the sum accumulated previously, there were still 4,000 True Origin Stones. He handed the whole sum over to Li Weiwei.

Li Weiwei left impatiently, and returned only after a day. She told him that everything was settled, and the only thing they were waiting for now was for him to issue the challenge.

Ling Han immediately wrote a challenge for duel, and stuck it on the main doors of the Northern Institution. It was naturally a challenge issued to Zhao Lun.

The news seemed to have sprouted wings, and instantly spread throughout the whole Northern Institution, the Scarlet Heaven Academy, and the entire Imperial Capital. Everyone were discussing spiritedly. They had not thought that this genius that had been in silence for over half a year would finally reappear. Furthermore, he was being so high-profile from the moment he appeared, actually issuing a challenge to Zhao Lun.

Who was Zhao Lun?

The only son of the Great General Zhao, the strongest genius in the last thousand years, and someone who was strongly expected to perhaps reach the Heavenly Body Tier!

All of a sudden, everyone in the Imperial Capital was guessing whether Zhao Lun would accept the challenge or not.


"Hoho, this junior brother disciple is quite interesting. He has just advanced into the Low Extreme Division, and has already issued a challenge to Zhao Lun." In a courtyard of the Western Institution, there was presently a blue-robed young man, sitting peacefully and sipping tea.

Behind him was a woman dressed in a tight-fitting outfit. She had a tall and slender figure, the leather of her outfit completely accentuating all the curves of her voluptuous figure; it was practically enough to make one salivate.

Additionally, her appearance was no disappointment to such a fine figure. Her looks were filled with a wild kind of temptation. Her black hair was done in a large braid, falling straight down to her hips, making that rounded, erect bottom appear even more impressive.

When the woman saw that the blue-robed young man's teacup was almost empty, she hurriedly refilled his cup. She said, "Young Master, in your opinion, will Zhao Lun accept the challenge?"
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