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Now, everyone in the Imperial Capital was very expectant. When would Ling Han be able to catch up to Zhao Lun in cultivation level, and thus lead to an ultimate match between an older genius and a newer genius?

Due to that, the underground casinos had already laid out the stakes, betting on the time left before the first battle between Ling Han and Zhao Lun would explode: one year, two years, three years, and there were even 10 years to 100 years. The closer the time, the higher the stakes were.

Though it was possible that this bet would only be realized in a few dozen years or even a few hundred years, there was still a considerable number of betters.


Luo Clan Residence.

Luo Hongdao's face was ashen. For the sake of this trip into the Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm, the clan had paid an extremely heavy price just to attain four entry slots. But after those four had entered, they did not come back out again.

Most importantly, the Crimson Ground Locking Net was lost as well.

The price paid for attaining those four entry slots compared with the price of creating the Crimson Ground Locking Net was on completely two different levels.

Even though the Crimson Ground Locking Net was only effective on living beings of the Mountain River Tier, this type of God Tool had always been rare, and was incredibly valuable. For it, even the Luo Clan had suffered serious injury, and sacrificed a colossal part of their wealth.

"What is going on here? Four of them went in, bringing the Crimson Ground Locking Net with them, so how could it be that not even one of them came back out?!" he exclaimed, slamming a hand on the table, appearing to be incredibly furious.

"In reply to Lord Patriarch, someone has seen that Ling Han was also inside that Flame Cave!" Luo Qing answered. He was also an important pillar of support for the Luo Clan with his cultivation level in the low extreme of the Sun Moon Tier.

Luo Hongdao's eyes froze over. Now, whenever he heard this name, he would feel an unnamed rage. He humphed, and said, "Are you telling me that it was that ant from a small world that has killed Luo Jian and the others?"

"Lord Patriarch, that Ling Han is a four-star genius. Furthermore, with the help of Mountain River Stones, his cultivation level has also reached the late stage or even the peak stage of the low extreme; his battle prowess should not be underestimated!" Luo Qing exclaimed in full honesty.

Luo Hongdao shook his head, and said, "Luo Jian and the others had brought the Crimson Ground Locking Net which could weaken their opponent by a minor level with them, so how much battle prowess could that ant show? At most, his battle prowess would only be in the peak stage of the low extreme, so how could he possibly be a match for Luo Jian and the others?"

Luo Qing could not answer, either. This comparison of abilities was really too clear. The leader, Luo Ziyang, was at the peak stage of the low extreme in the first place, and his battle prowess had even surpassed four stars. Fighting a Ling Han that had been trapped by the Crimson Ground Locking Net would surely end with a one-sided victory.

Unless… the God Tool did not take effect, but how could that be possible?

"Oh, right. News came from the Dark Night Hall's side that the first attempt to assassinate Ling Han had failed, and now that Ling Han's cultivation level increased, they said they would have to raise the price if they were to continue the mission," Luo Qing said.


"That bunch of trash!" Luo Hongdao threw down his teacup. "They can't even deal with a Shattering Void Tier cultivator, allowing him to jump around for so long, and now they actually want to raise the price!?"

"Then… should we abandon the request?" Luo Qing asked cautiously.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Luo Hongdao pondered for a moment, and then asked, "How much are they asking for?"


Luo Hongdao almost jumped out of his seat. "Why don't they go and steal that amount? He is only a lowlife of the low extreme of Mountain River Tier, and has no background to speak of, yet they actually quoted such a high price?"

It was not the Luo Clan could not afford this price, but to spend such an amount on a cultivator in the low extreme of the Mountain River Tier… No matter how he thought about it, it was not worth it.

"That brat reached the Crimson Lake Island three times, and is just like a rising star. The price to assassinate him has naturally increased with the situation," Luo Qing explained.

Luo Hongdao naturally knew this logic; he was just unwilling to accept it.

After Luo Hongdao thought for a moment, he finally said, "Agree to it. We cannot have any relation to that brat's death."

"Yes!" Luo Qing nodded. He was also in agreement on that.

It was a little expensive, but if the Luo Clan personally made a move, and they were found out, then the crime for killing a super rookie could either be light or heavy—it could even cause the entire Luo Clan to be consigned to eternal damnation.


The Universal Eight Desolation Technique was extremely hard to cultivate.

Ling Han's comprehension ability was already very high, but he had still spent a whole seven days' time to completely understand the first level of this cultivation technique. He forgot the Seven Star Secrets, and had the Origin Power inside his body surge forward in a new manner.

This cultivation technique could simultaneously draw on Spiritual Qi of six different elemental alignments, and the Origin Power formed was incredibly condensed. Hence, after Ling Han had switched to cultivating this technique, his cultivation level degraded at first. That was because he had to temper his Origin Power once more. It was just like when a piece of rough iron had to be tempered into steel—its weight would naturally decrease.

Another 10 days later, Ling Han finally returned to his initial cultivation level. However, his battle prowess was slightly stronger than before.

Next, he set the Universal Eight Desolation Technique aside, and began cultivating his Body Art.

He drew out Spiritual Meat to consume. It was a very nutritious item, its effects surpassing the effects of True Origin Stones greatly. Furthermore, he had obtained a good few kilograms of it. If he actually sold it all off, it would bring him an income of a few thousand True Origin Stones.

However, because the numbers of Immortal level Demonic Beasts were decreasing, Spiritual Meat had also become something that had no lack of buyers yet no one was willing to sell. It was not something as simple as a few thousand True Origin Stones.

Spiritual Meat needed not be cooked, and could be directly consumed. When this meat was placed in his mouth, Ling Han felt as if he was eating the meat that had been reared in the Black Tower, and it was incomparably delicious.

It was no wonder that Spiritual Meat was also one of the best delicacies of the Immortal Realm. However, a Demonic Beast of Mountain River Tier would only be able to produce 50-200 grams of Spiritual Meat. The amount was really much too little.

All he did was eat then cultivate. Then he would eat again, and go back to cultivation. Another month had passed, and his Body Art finally broke through to Immortal level. In this period of over a month, he had not neglected his cultivation of Origin Power, either. He had just managed to reach the real peak stage of the low extreme.

Ling Han just continued his seclusion. He wanted to rush up to the medium extreme in a single go.

He began to cultivate the second level of the Universal Eight Desolation Technique, and spent another half a month's time to have a complete grasp of it. Then, he drew out a large amount of True Origin Stones, and began to barrage this great barrier.

Ordinarily speaking, even the geniuses of the Scarlet Heaven Academy would need around 5,000 years to be able to complete this step. However, Ling Han had the help of the Mountain River Stones, so he could skip over this process of accumulating Origin Power. Then, he used the Universal Eight Desolation Technique to reforge his Origin Power and stabilize his foundations so he could break through to the medium extreme in an extremely short time.

This was amazing. With such a comparison, even Zhao Lun would have to admit that Ling Han was superior.

Finally, he began the breaking through.

Though this was only a breach of a minor level, in the Immortal Realm, the gap between every minor level was extremely massive. Hence, the breakthrough at this step would bring about a fundamental change—for example, of the toughness of his physique, or the vitality of his body. The most direct change was lifespan, which would be raised from 100,000 years to 200,000 years.

No matter how freakish Ling Han was, he would not be able to succeed in a single step, because there were no Mountain River Stones that could solidify Mountain Rivers on his behalf, and he had to take it one step at a time.

Thus, a whole four months later, Ling Han finally formed his second huge Mountain.

He immediately exited the Black Tower. He had stayed in the Black Tower for this entire half year's time. That was the safest place.


Loud thunder rung out in the sky, and dark clouds immediately came in a dense mass. There was lightning flickering in their depths.

The heavenly tribulation was coming.

Ling Han shot out, and came to the plaza that the Academy had deliberately set aside for undergoing the heavenly tribulation, ready to receive its arrival.

Before he knew it, the first bolt of lightning had already struck.
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