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There were restrictions set up outside these shelves as protection. If one stretched his hand out, an introduction to the secret techniques within would be displayed—for example, whether they were cultivation techniques or martial arts techniques, what grade they were, of what Elemental alignment they were, and so on.

More importantly, you'd also know how many academic credits was needed to redeem them.

If you had enough academic credits, then you could immediately spend your academic credits to dissolve the restriction to read through them. Furthermore, you would be allowed to undergo comprehension here for ten days. However, if you still wanted to continue comprehension after the ten days, you would have to spend academic credits again, though the amount would be halved.

This would also give one enough motivation to make as much use of time as possible.

Even though Immortals could easily have hundred thousands to millions of years of life, having reached this level, one should know that if he wanted to ascend to a high peak, there really never was enough time no matter how much there was.

Ling Han merely read the introduction. He should at least have some idea before he could decide which cultivation technique he would choose to cultivate.

Many of the cultivation techniques here were very "cheap", and only needed a few dozen academic credits. However, there were also expensive ones, like the "Black Thunder Ground River Secrets". It actually needed 5,000 academic credits, which dumbfounded Ling Han.

Who could afford to redeem it!?

But when he thought that an ordinary student would have to stay over 5,000 years in the Low Extreme Division as he calculated, 5,000 academic credits was really not that much.

Moreover, the "Black Thunder Ground River Secrets" was not the most expensive cultivation technique; there were some that cost more than 10,000.

In the Immortal Realm, cultivation techniques were divide into a total of 10 levels, with Level One as the lowest, and Level Ten as the highest. For example, the Seven Star Secrets that Ling Han had learnt before was one of the lowest grade Level One cultivation technique. Moreover, even if you were given the complete Seven Star Secrets, you could only cultivate to consummate level of the Mountain River Tier at most.

Here, the highest level cultivation technique was Level Four. Meanwhile, according to Shui Yanyu, the inherited cultivation technique of the Shui Clan, "Moon Shattering Secrets" was Level Five. Unfortunately, no matter how outrageously bold Shui Yanyu was, she would not dare to teach him the cultivation technique secretly. If she did, both she and Ling Han would be dead.

To any clan or sect, the cultivation technique was the most important inheritance, and would definitely not be passed on easily.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

'This is good, that is good too, just that they are all so f******* expensive!' Ling Han sighed repeatedly. At first, he had thought that he could go on a spending spree with the 1,000 academic credits that he had gotten as a reward from the Academy; only after he had gone through the shelves did he realize how poor he was.

'I can first redeem a low-level cultivation technique, and break through to the medium extreme. Then, I can save up slowly to redeem a higher-level cultivation technique.'

Ling Han made his decision, but did not immediately proceed to redeem any.

He came down from upstairs, and just when he was about to leave, he saw Old Man Xu had opened his eyes, and said to him, "Young man, walk with this old man."

This old man actually opened his mouth and offered him an invitation?

Ling Han could not help but feel overwhelmed by the favor he was shown, and said, "Please, Senior."

Old Man Xu stood up, and walked ahead, minding his own business. Ling Han, meanwhile, followed behind, maintaining a respectful attitude.

The Scarlet Heaven Academy was incredibly huge, and there were dense forests and gardens everywhere on the Academy grounds. The two of them arrived at the bank of a lake. Light was reflected off the rippling waves, looking like a mad dance of thousands of golden snakes.

"I heard about your performance in the Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm." Old Man Xu turned to look back at Ling Han with a smile, and said, "Very good!"

"Thank you for your compliment, Senior," Ling Han replied modestly.

Old Man Xu laughed, stroked his beard, and said, "Have you chosen any cultivation technique just now?"

"To tell the truth, Senior, this junior has indeed chosen a few cultivation techniques. Unfortunately, I am embarrassingly short on funds, and do not have nearly enough to redeem any of them," Ling Han answered with a shake of his head.

Old Man Xu said, "I do have a cultivation technique that I can teach you. However, I want you to agree to a condition."

"What condition?" Ling Han asked.

"In the future, if you encounter the Highest Jade Essence Heart, you must retrieve it for me at all costs!" Old Man Xu's eyes lit up, a strange image of suns, moons, and stars started shining in his eyes. His whole person seemed to be exuding a supreme air of dominance.

At this moment, he was no longer an old man. If it wasn't for the fact that his hair was still white, and his face was covered with wrinkles, anyone would think that he was a stalwart, strong man of seven feet.

Ling Han was at a loss. He asked, "What is the Highest Jade Essence Heart?"

"If you encounter it, you will naturally find out." Old Man Xu only exhibited a bit of his might, and his aura immediately ebbed away like the tide, with him turning back into a decrepit old man. He waved a hand dismissively, and said, "Your present cultivation level is still too low, so even if you think about it, it will come to nothing."

'How completely frank; do you not think that will be a blow to my ego?'

"Does Senior not worry that I will not try my best?" Ling Han asked. After all, he had only asked him to try his very best to retrieve it in a situation when he "encountered" it, but did not ask him to search for it with all his might. This and that were two very different stories.

Old Man Xu laughed loudly, and said, "Then I would have misjudged you."

Ling Han nodded. "Then, please teach me, Senior!"

"This cultivation technique is called the Universal Eight Desolation Technique, but all I got was an incomplete scroll. I could only cultivate to the consummate level of the Heavenly Body Tier. As for after that… it would be up to you to think of a way," Old Man Xu said.

This cultivation technique sounded awesome. Universal Eight Desolation Technique… so he would be the sole supreme existence?

"Dare I ask what grade this cultivation technique is at?" Ling Han questioned.

Old Man Xu thought for a moment, and then, with a shake of his head, said, "I am not sure about that, either. However, as far as I know, in terms of rate of advancement, and in terms of the quality of Origin Power cultivated from this technique, it would definitely not be inferior to any one on the Joint Peace Planet."

These words were a bit boastful; the whole Joint Peace Planet? Then wouldn't that include the three Majestic Empires as well?

He drew out a piece of jade, tossing it over to Ling Han, and said, "The cultivation technique is recorded on this. Comprehend it on your own, and if there is anything that you do not understand, you can come and ask me."

"Thank you, Senior!" Ling Han solemnly put the jade away.

This favor was overwhelmingly huge.

If it was really as what Old Man Xu had said, that the grade of the Universal Eight Desolation Technique was not inferior to that of any existing cultivation technique on the Joint Peace Planet, then he needed only send it to be auctioned, and this would lead to a frenzied snatching from everyone.

After all, a treasure like the Mountain River Stone could only nurture a few geniuses, but a supreme cultivation technique could increase the overall level of a faction, and the effect would last generations.

Ling Han did not make any empty boasts, but merely promised in his heart that if he discovered the location of the Highest Jade Essence Heart, he would try his utter best to retrieve it.

He switched to new accommodations. The students of the Low Extreme Division could not possibly stay together with the Shattering Void Tier Division. After Ling Han moved into his new quarters, he did not give anyone prior notice. Instead, he immediately began to cultivate in seclusion.

He currently had two missions: re-cultivate the Universal Eight Desolation Technique and improve his Body Art to the Immortal level.

Meanwhile, some things happened during his seclusion.

Tang Feng very publicly issued a challenge towards Ling Han. Now that the two of them were students of the Low Extreme Division of the Northern Institution, this was a battle between equals. However, because he was ranked at the high position that was the first place yet he still turned back to challenge Ling Han, it was slightly unreasonable.

But who asked Ling Han to be so well-known now? Everyone in the low extreme would be proud of defeating him, and wanted to ascend up the ranks by stepping on his head. Furthermore, if Tang Feng did not beat Ling Han, others would think that his prized position in the first place was more in name than in fact.

Aside from that, Zhao Lun had also successfully broken through to the consummate level of Mountain River Tier, and according to rumors, had cultivated an ancient technique, which had incredibly frightening power.

He was bestowed the rank of a seventh-rank military officer by the empress. His name was engraved onto the nation's totem, so he could make use of power of the nation.

All of a sudden, his fame suppressed Ling Han's.
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