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Ding Li'an had definitely only mastered this ninth form just then as the Intent Realm that he displayed was extremely crude.

'Couldn't you have mastered this later?'

King An Lan and Qi Feng both grumbled in their minds. At their tier, it was already extremely difficult to raise their strength any more. They had all been stuck at the Heavenly Body Tier for tens of thousands of years, thus they had already tempered their cultivation level to an extremely sturdy state. It was immensely difficult to raise their power by even a tiny amount.

However, if they could become even a tiny bit stronger, it would be enough for them to enjoy an advantage when facing off against powerful enemies.

Ding Li'an smiled proudly, and said, "Eat my staff!"

He raised his staff, and was just about to strike down.

However, streaks of golden light gathered as he raised his staff, and they surprisingly formed into a circle of 36 "Ding Li'an". They encircled King An Lan and Qi Feng, and like a group of golden War Buddhas, they all raised their staffs in unison.

King An Lan and Qi Feng didn't dare underestimate these Ding Lin'ans, and they both raised their battle prowess to the extreme. Their opponent had managed to take another small step beyond his limit, and this caused a sense of trepidation to well up in their hearts.


The 36 Ding Li'an's attacked in unison.

Peng, peng, peng, peng!

The sky once again became a swirl of brilliant colors, making the entire heaven and earth appear dim in comparison. The brilliant colors were too dazzling, and as such, the contrast was too stark.

When the brilliant colors disappeared, everyone could see the blood seeping from the corners of King An Lan and Qi Feng's mouths. It was clear that they had been wounded.

"Pu!" Ding Li'an also spat out a mouthful of blood. However, the blood was gold, and it immediately started to combust when it exited his mouth. It burned into thin air before it could even reach the ground.

"Hahaha!" Meanwhile, Qi Feng was roaring with laughter. "Ding Li'an, you haven't truly mastered the ninth form of the Supreme Staff Technique yet. You only forcefully activated it by combusting your own blood essence. You're fighting with your life! How many times can you unleash such a technique?"

Ding Li'an stood proudly in the air, his fighting spirit soaring as his black hair billowed behind his back. He appeared extremely confident, and he said, "Rest assured, it's definitely enough to kill you!"

Qi Feng's domineering aura was outdone, and he involuntarily humphed. He genuinely wanted to kill Ling Han and rid themselves of a future threat. However, he definitely wouldn't persist if this meant receiving severe wounds or perhaps even sacrificing his life.

Ding Li'an showed that he had the determination to battle to the death, yet Qi Feng lacked this kind of firm resolution. Thus, it was very likely that he would lose if they continued to fight.

King An Lan also frowned. He hadn't expected that Ding Li'an would be willing to sacrifice his life for a cultivator of the Mountain River Tier! It was said that Ding Li'an was the most loyal to the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire out of the Seven Generals. By the looks of it, this was not false.

The empress had tasked him with escorting and protecting these cultivators, so he did so without cutting any corners at all. In fact, he was even willing to sacrifice his life to complete this task.

'An elite of the Heavenly Body Tier is actually this foolishly loyal?'

King An Lan had never seen the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire before, and he had only heard of her great renown. She was lauded as the greatest beauty of the world, and even the emperors and kings of the other two Majestic Empires were enchanted by her beauty.

Curiosity involuntarily welled up in his heart, and he suddenly felt a strong desire to meet this empress, who was surprisingly able to elicit such a "stubborn loyalty" from Ding Li'an.

Qi Feng's mind had already been thrown into disarray, and he also didn't have the resolve to battle to the death. As such, there was no need for this battle to continue.

King An Lan smiled faintly, and said, "Since Great General Ding is so determined, I'll give you some face. This brat… I won't try to kill him anymore!" In any case, Ling Han was only at the low extreme of the Mountain River Tier right now, and he was still eons away from reaching the Heavenly Body Tier. There would be numerous chances to kill him in the future.

Qi Feng remained silent. He was extremely unhappy about his aura being suppressed by his mortal enemy.

Ding Li'an chuckled coldly as he rested his staff on his shoulder, completely ignoring King An Lan's words.

Face was earned, not given.

"However, we can spare him, but it should be fine if the youths test their mettle against each other, no?" King An Lan's tone suddenly changed, and it was clear that he still hadn't abandoned the thought of killing Ling Han.

"No problem!" Ding Li'an answered without hesitation. He waved a hand, and said, "I won't interfere if their cultivation level is the same or if their age is the same." If Ling Han lost under such conditions, then such trash didn't deserve pity even if they died.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

The three elites descended back onto the ground.

King An Lan wore a sinister smile as he asked, "Which of you is going to battle against that prodigy from the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire?"

"I'll accept whoever can kill that human as my disciple!" Qi Feng directly offered a valuable reward.

At this moment, no one dared to accept.

Numerous people had witnessed Ling Han's abilities at the Crimson Lake; in their minds, he was a complete freak. He was completely unscathed even after falling into the corrosive Crimson Lake. Who could defeat such a formidable defense? Moreover, him reaching the island three times spoke volumes about his abilities.

The gravity fields of the floating stones didn't change according to one's cultivation level. Rather, they remained the same for everyone. So, what did Ling Han reaching the island three times signify, then?

It signified that his power and physique were above any other person's at the low extreme!

Winning honor and glory for one's own Majestic Empire was undoubtedly desirable. However, what if they lost? Under the watchful gazes of so many people, it would be a complete and utter humiliation.

King An Lan and Qi Feng's expressions involuntarily darkened. No one dared to challenge Ling Han, and this result brought them great embarrassment.

"Wah! Blockhead is so impressive now! He's so impressive that no one dares to challenge him?" Li Weiwei was both astonished and excited. Even when Zhao Lun had been shooting to fame, there was still an occasional prodigy or two from the other two Majestic Empires who would come to challenge him.

However, Ling Han was so powerful that no one dared challenge him. This was definitely a historical feat.

Tang Feng involuntarily clenched his fists in jealousy and hatred.

He swore that he would challenge Ling Han when he got back, and he swore that he would knock Ling Han off his divine altar!

"Bunch of trash!" Qi Feng angrily waved his hand. "F*ck off back to the ship!"

The cultivators from the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire all hurried back to their warship with their tails between their legs. Who told them to lack the courage to challenge Ling Han?

King An Lan sighed, and also ordered his cultivators back to the ship.

The two elites both looked at Ling Han deeply before issuing commands to return to their respective Majestic Empires.

They decided to let the matter slide this time. At any rate, Ling Han was still a long way off from reaching the Heavenly Body Tier, and they could always employ the services of the Dark Night Hall in the future. How hard could it be to kill a cultivator of the Mountain River Tier?

"Let's return!" Ding Li'an also waved everyone onto the ship. After everyone boarded, he immediately entered a cabin. His face instantly became gold, and he heavily kneeled onto the floor as cold sweat rushed down his face.

How could he not pay a price for facing two elites alone? Moreover, he had even forcefully activated the ninth form of his Supreme Staff Technique at the end. This placed a tremendous burden on him, and he had only forcefully retained his composure in order to deter King An Lan and Qi Feng. Otherwise, how would the two of them give up so easily?

The warship quickly entered the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire's territory, and Ding Li'an was finally able to heal his wounds by drawing upon the power of the nation. This calmed him down greatly. Right now, he wouldn't be afraid even if the two elites came to their senses and turned around to give chase.

He could utilize the power of the nation, and this would raise his battle prowess by another one star. As a result, he would be able to easily suppress the other two elites.

After arriving at the Imperial Capital, everyone scattered to return to their own clans and sects. However, everyone cast an extra glance toward Ling Han before they left. This prodigy would soar without limits, yet without a firm backstage, such geniuses were prone to dying on their path to glory.
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