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Ding Li'an was brimming with fighting spirit as he ferociously charged toward King An Lan and Qi Feng. Dazzling golden light soared into the sky as he swiped with his staff, and it was as if he were about to shake the stars off from the sky.

Fortunately, this wasn't a small world. Every star was potentially as big as the Joint Peace Planet, and they were all situated tremendously far away from here. If they could truly be shaken from the sky, then wouldn't the Joint Peace Planet have already been destroyed countless times?

Anyhow, the might of an elite at the Heavenly Body Tier was still formidable. Once Ding Li'an entered into action, the entire desolate plain tremored, and the vast stretch of land started to crack and fracture. The land was completely unable to withstand the might of a Heavenly Body Tier cultivator.

Everyone hurriedly retreated. Even elites at the Sun Moon Tier would be killed if they were caught up in this strike, let alone them, cultivators who were only at the Mountain River Tier. Moreover, they were only at the low extreme of the Mountain River Tier, and such a strike could obliterate them in the blink of an eye.

King An Lan and Qi Feng moved together, and their fist and sword both struck toward Ding Li'an's golden staff.


A huge force instantly exploded outward when the fist and sword collided with the staff, and the zone that they were in was instantly enveloped by gold, white, and black light. A shock wave spread outward, and even those who had already retreated far into the distance were still violently shaken. 90% of people there started to vomit blood.

When the light disappeared, everyone could see that Ding Li'an still remained in his attacking posture. Meanwhile, King An Lan's sword and Qi Feng's fist also remained on the body of his staff. It was as if they had turned into stone statues.

"Let us fight in the sky to our heart's content!"

The three people soared into the sky, and immediately commenced an intense battle.

Only elites at the Heavenly Body Tier could wield the Regulations of the Immortal Realm and fly through the skies.

This time, their might climbed explosively, reaching a level more than a hundred times stronger than before. It was evident that they had been worried about accidentally obliterating their own forces just then. Thus, they had all held back significantly.


Bursts of light and shock waves ripped through the sky, and even the radiance of the sun became veiled and dim.

Almost everyone was knocked off their feet, and only a measly few people could remain standing.

Ling Han could only just see the battle between the three elites after activating his Eye of Truth.

Their speed was incredible, and they continuously charged and slid past each other. Their actions far exceeded the limits of a Mountain River Tier cultivator's sight.

Ding Li'an walked a path of dominance, and every strike from his staff was direct and without fussing.

At his tier, there was already not much need for techniques anyway. He was almost one with his staff arts, and the Dao of Heaven and Earth would naturally be imbued in all of his strikes. As a result, his attacks were all extremely terrifying.

However, he had two equally powerful opponents, with both Qi Feng and King An Lan also being at the peak stage of the low extreme of the Heavenly Body Tier. In fact, they were both four-star geniuses as well, and neither of them was weaker than Ding Li'an.

Right now, Ding Li'an was still evenly matched with them. However, how long could he last?

Ling Han couldn't help but feel anxious. Once Ding Li'an was defeated, the two elites would definitely turn their attention to him.

'Am I an easy target now?'

Ling Han was extremely pissed. However, he had no option but to admit that he was indeed an easy target right now. He was born in a small world, and he had only just advanced to the Mountain River Tier as well. So what if he was a five or six-star genius? Any force here could bully him.

'My strength… is far from sufficient!'

Ling Han's mind whirred. He had eight Mountain River Stones right now, which was enough to help him to the peak stage of the low extreme. Moreover, since there were treasures such as Mountain River Stones in this world, there were likely other similar treasures that could also rapidly raise one's cultivation level.

He needed to advance to the medium extreme, high extreme, and consummate level as soon as possible, and then break through to the Sun Moon Tier.

Only after reaching the Sun Moon Tier would he not be an easy target for others. After all, there were only so many cultivators at the Heavenly Body Tier in the Joint Peace Planet. At that time, he would be able to leave the Joint Peace Planet and search for the Roc Palace, the Heaven's Sword Palace, as well as the other forces.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

As he mulled over this, the battle in the sky had already become increasingly intense, and arrived at a crescendo.

King An Lan and Qi Feng started to unleash their might, and both released a powerful God Tool. King An Lan unleashed a treasure bottle that hovered above his head and poured down wisps of mystical energy. This was Tian Yi mystical energy, and each wisp was as heavy as a mountain and incredibly resilient against attacks. They formed an extremely powerful defensive barrier around his body.

Meanwhile, Qi Feng had retrieved a treasure mirror that spat out a column of light from time to time. It possessed a formidable destructive power, and with a single strike, even lofty mountains would be instantly razed to the ground.

Ding Li'an also had a God Tool. The golden staff he was wielding was forged from high-level Godly metal and also etched with the martial intent of his entire lifetime. It was almost one with his body, and each strike that he performed could flawlessly unleash his power. Coupled with the boost from God Tools, his battle prowess was relatively frightening.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

However, he was battling against two people, after all, and each one of them was capable of fighting him alone. One harassed him while the other attacked, and this put huge pressure on Ding Li'an.

Fortunately, the armor he wore was also a God Tool. Its divine patterns lit up and formed a light barrier that would prevent him from being wounded unless it was shattered.

The problem was, this barrier barely lasted for a moment under the frenzied attacks from the two elites, and it pretty much shattered after a few strikes. After a short while, Ding Li'an's body had already become riddled with many new wounds.

How much longer could he last?

"Great General Ding, what's the point? He's merely a weakling of the Mountain River Tier." King An Lan didn't want to push him into a corner. Wounding his opponent was one matter, but trying to kill him was a completely different matter.

If such an elite unleashed their full strength, they would definitely be able to drag one of them down with him. Even if they didn't die, they would still suffer unrecoverable wounds.

Ding Li'an wore a cold expression as he stood drenched in blood. Most of the blood was his, but some of it was also from King An Lan and Qi Feng. His black hair billowed in the air, and he appeared much like a Demon God. He roared with laughter, and said, "Speak after you defeat me!"

His staff techniques suddenly changed, unexpectedly becoming extremely slow.



Serious expressions appeared on King An Lan and Qi Feng's faces. In fact, there was even a hint of nervousness.

"This is the Intent Realm of the Supreme Staff Technique's ninth form!" Qi Feng exclaimed. He was an old rival of Ding Li'an, thus he was naturally extremely familiar with his staff techniques.

The Supreme Staff Technique had a total of nine forms, yet these were not specific techniques. Instead, they were nine different kinds of Intent Realms, each being extremely flexible and capable of a myriad of changes. This was common among god-level techniques—they taught one how to channel power and utilize Regulations rather than teaching one how to use set strikes or techniques.

For example, the Ultimate Arrow was a technique that taught one how to maximize the might of their shot.

Regarding the Supreme Staff Technique, each form was more powerful than its predecessor. The ninth form was more so rumored to be invincible.

Of course, the label "invincible" was clearly an exaggeration. However, since it could be labeled as an Intent Realm of Invincibility, this staff technique was definitely extremely powerful. Ding Li'an hadn't been able to master this Intent Realm even though he had spent a million years practicing it. But what about now?

This Intent Realm could raise his battle prowess by one-third of a star, or perhaps even half a star!

He was already a four-star genius, thus elevating his battle prowess by even one-tenth would be extremely terrifying, let alone a full half star.

King An Lan and Qi Feng both cursed their misfortune in their minds. 'How are we so unfortunate!'
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