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Ling Han didn't possess the ability to make his divine sense penetrate the black surface. It was a surface that could easily shatter the rocks here, and his divine sense would definitely be obliterated if it came into contact with it.

From this, it could be seen just how much more powerful than him the person on the opposite end was.

However, that person couldn't cross over to his side, or else they wouldn't have tried to entice him to begin with.

"Lowly human, do you know who I am?" The face opened its mouth to speak, but his voice only traveled into Ling Han's mind after a short moment. "Open the passageway for me, and I'll grant you a country to rule."

Ling Han was extremely interested in this person's identity. "Oh, who are you?"

His voice and divine sense were unable to travel to the opposite end, yet the person opposite him was far too powerful, and they were able to discern his words. "I'm one of the most powerful people in the world. You may refer to me as Demon Master Zhen Yi!"

Ling Han was startled, and said, "You're from the Netherworld!"

Generally speaking, only beings from the Netherworld would refer to themselves as Demons. In the Netherworld, the term Demon wasn't derogatory. Rather, it was a symbol of power, and those with the title of Demon were treated like gods. So, what rank was Demon Master?Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Ling Han wasn't sure, but he knew that Demon Master Zhen Yi was potentially more powerful than the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire!

According to legends, this Mystery Realm was created by a great elite of the Genesis Tier. Thus, it was extremely likely that this location was the weak point between the Immortal Realm and the Netherworld. It could potentially be opened up and transformed into a passageway between the two realms.

'If that's the case, then is this black surface the barrier between the Immortal Realm and the Netherworld?'

"Hahahaha! Correct! I'm an elite who can command seas and waves in the Netherworld! Human, hurry up and assist me in opening a passageway. I can grant you the identity of a demon servant and even bestow you with supreme demonic arts!" Demon Master Zhen Yi tempted.

"Have you become stupid from practicing demonic arts?" Ling Han derided. "I think it's best if you stay on that side!"

"Hu… man!" Demon Master Zhen Yi roared. "This barrier can't hold me back much longer, and it's only a matter of hundreds or perhaps thousands of years! I gave you a chance to obtain eons of glory, yet you foolishly rejected me. When I break out, I'll definitely toss you into a demonic prison and have you suffer unbearable torture!"

"I'll wait for you!" Ling Han smiled, and said, "Also, what kind of Demon Master are you? You're actually threatening me, a person who's only at the lowly rank of the Mountain River Tier. I feel so honored!"

Demon Master Zhen Yi was rendered speechless. If he wasn't in such a bind, how would he need a cultivator of the Mountain River Tier to help him? He humphed, and said, "Human, this is your last chance! Don't ruin your own future!"

After learning of this person's identity, how could Ling Han still help him? He turned his attention to the internal world of the Black Tower, where he could see a series of extremely complicated divine patterns on the bottom of the black boulder.

'No wonder it was able to suppress this place.'

Ling Han didn't dare be too greedy. With a single thought, the black boulder materialized in the air and fell toward the crater.

Fury spread across Demon Master Zhen Yi's face. However, his expression was quickly blocked by the black boulder.


The black boulder crashed down and forcefully pushed Demon Master Zhen Yi back down. The crater instantly disappeared from sight.

"No…!" Demon Master Zhen Yi's voice reverberated in Ling Han's mind. However, it was abruptly cut off after a short while. It was clear that the black boulder possessed an outstanding suppression ability.

Ling Han sat down and pondered for a moment. Then, he stood back up.

If this Mystery Realm existed to suppress the passageway between the two realms, why did it allow people to enter? Moreover, there were even valuable Mountain River Stones in this place. Wasn't it purposefully enticing people to come?

However, if it was presented as a Mystery Realm that couldn't be entered, people would perhaps try everything in their power to break in. After all, humans had strange reasonings, and they were hell-bent on entering the places that forbid entry.

Besides, limiting the opening time to once per decade and the highest rank to the low extreme of the Mountain River Tier, this place wouldn't be affected much anyway.

Ling Han was a special case.

As the saying went, diversion was better than obstruction. Right now, everyone's attention was focused on the Mountain River Stones, so they naturally wouldn't pay attention to what this Mystery Realm was suppressing.

However, this wasn't a permanent solution, and the barrier would eventually be shattered one day.

Ling Han started to leave the cave. He had raked in a huge amount of benefits this time, obtaining a whopping eight Mountain River Stones, seven of which were special attribute Mountain River Stones. In addition, he had also obtained some Spiritual Meat, which he could use when he attempted to break through to the Immortal level of Body Arts after getting back.

He came across a few people on his way out—they were naturally people who were looking for treasures. They were extremely wary of him, and hurriedly walked off after passing by his side.

Who would dare to relax their guard in this place?

After a few hours, Ling Han finally arrived at the mouth of the gigantic cave.

Two women were sitting next to each other on a boulder nearby. Both were stunningly beautiful—one was charming in a pure and naive way, while the other was enchanting in a seductive way. The styles of their beauty were completely different.

They were none other than Shui Yanyu and Hu Feiyun.

"Ling Han, you finally came back out. Sister Shui and I have been waiting for so long!" Hu Feiyun immediately started to complain.

Ling Han smiled at Shui Yanyu, and said, "Sorry for making you worry."

"I wasn't worried!" Shui Yanyu was extremely stubborn, and she didn't admit her feelings no matter what.

"How was it, how was it? Did you kill that big ugly beast?" Hu Feiyun hurriedly asked. They had waited for a long time, so they naturally wanted to know the results.

Shui Yanyu smiled, and said, "That Lava Beast King is at the peak stage of the high extreme. How can it be killed? Being able to steal a Mountain River Stone is already extremely fortunate!"

Ling Han acted as if he were going to pinch Shui Yanyu's pretty face. "You think that lowly of your husband's abilities? How should I punish you?"

Shui Yanyu hurriedly jumped aside. Her face flushed red, and she scolded, "Pervert!"

Ling Han chuckled, and said, "This is perverted? You're still too innocent!"

Shui Yanyu couldn't help but recall the time he kissed her and the time something pushed against her. Her face felt hot, and her eyes rippled in an enchanting manner.

Ling Han didn't dare keep looking. She was far too alluring, and he was truly afraid that he wouldn't be able to control himself and end up dragging her into the Black Tower, where he would reveal his demonic claws.

"Where to now? Windmill Mountain is the closest to us." Ling Han looked at the map and pointed at some location.

Windmill Mountain was another location that produced special attribute Mountain River Stones. It had a total of 18 peaks, which were organized in the shape of a windmill. Half was underground, and half was above the ground. It would rotate once every set period of time.

When it rotated, it would produce terrifying winds that could easily tear cultivators to shreds.

Thus, it was extremely difficult to obtain Mountain River Stones from this location. In fact, it was even more dangerous than the Flame Cave, and there was a risk of death at every turn.

The special attribute Mountain River Stones it produced were of the metal element, and they would allow cultivators to obtain divine patterns of sharpness. These divine patterns could dramatically increase the damage of one's attacks.

The group of three set off once again. However, before they had even made it halfway, they felt an indescribable power bearing down upon them.


They vanished from where they were, and when they reappeared, they had already arrived in a land of wilderness.

They weren't alone, and there were at least 1000 others who were also looking around in confusion. Meanwhile, the mighty figures who had brought them here all started to leap over.

The Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm had closed!

'It finished just like that?'

Ling Han felt that this was a great pity. There was a total of six locations that produced special attribute Mountain River Stones in the Heavenly Sea Mystery Realm, yet he had only gone to two of them. This wasn't enough!

However, he instantly felt several bursts of killing intent lock onto himself.


A sword viciously slashed over, clearly intending to end his life.
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