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After their meal, they decided to rest and reorganize for six hours so they could recover to the prime condition.

Ling Han pulled Shui Yanyu into a corner inside the forest.

Since that "incident" inside the mountain cave, they had yet to speak to each other.

"What exactly do you want to do?" Shui Yanyu stared at Ling Han.

"What do you mean what do I want to do?" Ling Han asked, smiling.

"Don't play dumb. You have repeatedly taken liberties with me; whom do you take me for?" She appeared very angry.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Ling Han couldn't help but smile, and said, "I'll take you as my wife!"

Shui Yanyu's pretty face flushed. The word 'wife' had stabbed right into her vital point, causing her imposing manner to drop greatly. She raised her jade-like neck, and said loftily, "Don't forget. We are only pretend lovers."

"What are you joking about? I never do this kind of stupid thing!" Ling Han said, smiling. "You are my wife, and there is no way you can renege on it."

"Do you think I will yield?" Shui Yanyu looked very tenacious.

Ling Han pressed his hand forward, and held her against a large tree, saying, "What do you think?"

Shui Yanyu could not help but blush, and said, "You pervert, must you grope me?"

Ling Han laughed, and said, "You are my wife, and it is my responsibility to grope you."

Shui Yanyu could not help but want to smack him; he was obviously taking advantage of her, yet described it in so honorable a way! Yet, she was no match for Ling Han's overwhelming strength, and could not struggle free even when she was held against the tree trunk. Additionally, there were waves of heat surging inside her body, which she seemed to enjoy slightly.

"Girlie, give me a smile!" Ling Han gripped her chin, and raised her delicate, alluringly beautiful face.

"Pervert!" she mumbled, yet Ling Han captured her red lips, and kissed away her words.

Ling Han's mouth was kissing her, but his hands were not doing nothing, either. They continued to conquer the various sensitive parts of her body, causing Shui Yanyu's delicate figure to completely sink under his control.

"This is really enchanting, and could become an addition," Ling Han said right into Shui Yanyu's ear.

Shui Yanyu's beautiful eyes were as lovely as water in spring. She rolled her eyes harshly at Ling Han, and said, "You are the emperor of a small world, and must have multiple wives and concubines. What number wife would I be, then?"

Ling Han deliberately stretched out a hand, and began counting on his fingers one by one. After a long while, he still had not finished counting.

This made Shui Yanyu anxious. 'How many harems do you have that you have not finished counting all of them even after so much time?'

Ling Han laughed, and said, "At the moment, there is only one. There is also another waiting to be married, and aside from them, there is only you, who delivered yourself to my door." Of course, he had not counted Li Si Chan, Liu Yu Tong, and Zhu Xuan Er in the bundle.

Though he was not a master of romance, he still knew that the less female friends he had, the better. Furthermore, Shui Yanyu had only asked him how many wives he had, and he answered truthfully. There was indeed only Helian Xun Xue, and he had yet to find Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden.

"Who delivered herself to your door?" Shui Yanyu raised a fist and punched his chest.

"Hehe." Ling Han kissed her again. In terms of mere beauty, she was not the slightest bit inferior to Zhu Xuan Er and Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden. Furthermore, she was a natural beauty. The moment one was unguarded around her, he could be enchanted by her at any moment.

In the Imperial Capital, only the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire was slightly superior to her.

Unfortunately, no one had ever managed to pluck the beautiful moon that was the empress, and they could only admire her from the ground.

Ling Han's heart clenched; why was he thinking about the empress again?

Incredible, she was really incredible. It had obviously been so many days, and he was not sure what the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire even looked like, but that extremely graceful impression of her was emblazoned deep into his bones, and would occasionally resurface on its own.

The greatest beauty in the world was definitely not mere rumor.

Xiu, it was at that moment that the large tree they were leaning against suddenly moved. A few branches twisted around each other to form a long spear that suddenly shot at Ling Han's back, wanting to pierce right through the both of them.

Ling Han laughed mischievously, and said, "You finally could no longer bear it?" He stretched out a hand and pressed down. His power of gravity took effect. Pa, the tree spear immediately dropped straight down, and heavily crashed into the ground.

Shui Yanyu was instantly shaken out of her stupor, and hurriedly pushed Ling Han aside. She asked, "What's going on?"

"Nothing." Ling Han had just gotten addicted to kissing her, and was just about to kiss her again.

Xiu, xiu, xiu, a few hundred branches waved at the same time, stabbing or twisting towards Ling Han and Shui Yanyu.

"The Demonic Tree!" Shui Yanyu exclaimed in shock all of a sudden. Only now did she recall what Ling Han had said previously, and she couldn't help but exclaim in surprise, "You have long since known that this was a Demonic Tree?"

Ling Han's right fist clenched, and peng, slammed into the tree trunk.

His strength now was really too terrifying. One punch, and the Demonic Tree instantly snapped in half. Green liquid immediately sprayed out in all directions.

This Demonic Tree was only in the low extreme; how could it possibly be a match for Ling Han?

"Of course. Otherwise, why would I not choose any other tree except this one?" Ling Han asked, smiling.

Shui Yanyu was practically rendered speechless. It had been a very romantic situation, and you actually chose a Demonic Tree purposely as your background; she really had no idea what was going on inside this man's head.

"Let's have kids!" Ling Han said. "At first, it was to deceive your father, but if your stomach keeps being so flat, the deception would definitely not last long."

"… Have them yourself!" With a flutter of her sleeve, Shui Yanyu left. She was really going mad with anger.

Ling Han sighed. With his current ability, it was naturally very easy for him to suppress Shui Yanyu, but why was it so difficult to make her docilely obey him?

The two of them returned, and saw that Hu Feiyun was already sleeping deeply beside the bonfire. Their footsteps actually did not startle her awake.

"I really don't know why Her Imperial Majesty would feel at ease letting her come here." Shui Yanyu's whole face was filled with confusion. She thought that with how overprotective the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire was towards the Ninth King, this should not have been the case.

Ling Han did not speak about the scene he had witnessed. She was actually capable of summoning a sliver of the might of the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire, and in this place, was the truly invincible one.

They, too, rested for a while. Sleep was truly the best way to adjust, and nothing could replace it.

After resting enough, they continued on their way.

After another half a day's time, the Flame Cave was already within sight.

The Flame Cave was in a huge mountain, and its entrance was an extremely large mountain cave. The ground all around it was completely red, and lava could vaguely be seen flowing underneath the ground.

Without entering, they could already feel the extreme heat and high temperature from afar. If a gust of wind blew out of the cave entrance, even their clothes would be charred, and it was possible that their hair would begin burning.

Shui Yanyu and Hu Feiyun already activated their Origin Power to form a defense around their bodies to resist the heat. Only Ling Han acted like he felt nothing. However, his clothes could not endure it, so he was also compelled to use his Origin Power, or he would be running around naked.

In the future, he would have to find Immortal-level material to make a robe that could resist all kinds of poor environmental conditions. Otherwise, he would have to face the awkwardness of being stripped at any moment.

"The two of you had better stay here. I'll go in alone," Ling Han suggested.

Hu Feiyun quickly nodded. She did not have the slightest bit of initiative, and her greatest dream was to spend her days in peace.

Yet Shui Yanyu shook her head, and said, "I want to go in!"
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