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"Err, I didn't notice." Ling Han quickly loosened his grip, but the mountain cave was too narrow, so he could not withdraw his hand. He could only move it slightly downwards so that his hand was on Hu Feiyun's lower abdomen.

He could not stretch it forwards; did he want to be grabbed by the giant ape?

Shui Yanyu was so embarrassed that even her ears were red; her whole body was soft and weak as if it was about to melt into a pool of water.

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Previously, he almost saw her completely naked, and he even took a bite at her breasts; now, he was pressing, embracing, and touching her for such a long time. He was practically going to know her three sizes better than she herself did at this rate!

After all, she would not deliberately touch herself all over like this!

"Pervert!" She could only rebuke in this manner. After all, she could not allow him to take advantage of her and do nothing, right?

"You're crushing me to death!" Hu Feiyun was still calling out. Ling Han kept pressing down backwards, and behind her was the wall, so even breathing was difficult for her.

"Thankfully, this Demonic Ape does not have any technique to become smaller. Otherwise, if it really came in, we would really become an easy target," Ling Han said. Of course, if this Demonic Ape really became smaller and chased over, he still had the Black Tower, though he probably would not be able to draw Hu Feiyun in—not because she would be devoured by the Demonic Ape, but because the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire would come out to save her.

After the giant ape dug for a while, it withdrew its finger. Yet Ling Han and the others had not yet breathed a sigh of relief when it once again began digging as if it would stop at nothing until it captured Ling Han and his companions.

"Isn't it just having three bites less? Is there any need to be so stubborn?" Ling Han mocked with a shake of his head.

"Glutton!" Hu Feiyun rebuked self-righteously.

After a while, the giant ape stopped.

Yet Ling Han and his companions dared not be careless. Otherwise, if the giant ape began to dig again all of a sudden, they would be done for.

However, this time, it seemed like the giant ape had left, or perhaps actually did not make a move for quite some time just to deliberately give them a false sense of security.

It was complete silence inside the mountain cave.

Though it was very dark in here, Ling Han and his companions were all elites of the Immortal level, and they had completely no problem to see clearly in complete darkness.

Ling Han felt slightly awkward because now that the critical situation was resolved, his attention could not help but scatter.

There was a beautiful figure leaning against his back, and in his arms? There was a similarly seductive beauty.

Moreover, Hu Feiyun kept twisting her body here and there endlessly because she could not get her breath, which caused Ling Han "great suffering".

She couldn't test his will like this!!

Everything was normal about Ling Han's body. Moreover, Helian Xun Xue had left him for more than two years, and he had "kept himself pure" for all this time, so his fire was naturally burning even fiercer. His ability to resist was very strong, but his bodily reactions were another story.

In the beginning, Shui Yanyu only felt a little discomfort. There was something hard pressing against her, but no matter how inexperienced she was, she was still a woman, and there was a lot of things that she knew without needing to be taught.

Realization dawned on her, and she was instantly both embarrassed and angered.

This pervert, this shameless bastard, actually dared bear unseemly thoughts towards her at this time!

This was really wrongful accusation of Ling Han. Mentally, he truly did not have any devious thoughts. It was just that with a beauty in his arms, and another one at the back, anyone who did not have skewed thoughts at this point was either an eunuch or had to be gay.

There was only a little reaction from him, and he did not make a move. It really showed how amazing Ling Han's ability to resist was.

"Pervert, I'm going to kill you!" Shui Yanyu squeezed out through her clenched teeth.

"Big Sister Shui, what did he do to you?" Hu Feiyun asked curiously.

How could Shui Yanyu actually bear to say it? She only humphed, and said, "This guy is really not a nice guy!"

Hu Feiyun felt very confused. Ling Han was very nice, wasn't he? He'd saved her previously, and even dashed out bravely with no thought for his personal safety just now. Where else could such a nice guy be found?

Yet Ling Han was angry as well. He didn't even do anything to her! In this kind of situation, he had only reacted a bit; who asked him to be a man!? He leant close to Shui Yanyu's ear, and said, "If you insult me again, I may do something to you!"

"Damn pervert, you are the one doing something bad, and you will not let others speak of— wu!" Shui Yanyu was just about to cast out another rebuke, yet had not expected that Ling Han would suddenly bite down on her earlobe. Instantly, a numb feeling spread through her whole body, causing her mind to go completely blank, and she did not have any more thoughts.

Peng, the giant ape's claw once again stretched back in. A powerful wind rose up, which suddenly caused her to come back to her senses.

"Evil villain!" she rebuked once more.

"Yo, you've learnt a new phrase to use as insult?" Ling Han laughed loudly. "Since you've already called me pervert and evil villain, then I'll just simply act like a pervert for you to see!" He pressed down the hand that he had lowered previously, and once again grabbed that bountiful peak.

Abruptly, Shui Yanyu's whole body stiffened, and her brain immediately stopped functioning.

"You still have such a strong reaction," Ling Han mumbled. She already knew his secret of possessing a Spatial God Tool, so there were only two choices left to him: either kill her, or make her his woman to ensure that the secret would not leak out.

He chose the second option.

The giant ape was still wreaking havoc. Hu Feiyun was still completely baffled, but Ling Han and Shui Yanyu both felt like they were in the clouds. The danger seemed to have disappeared, and the only thing they could feel was the raging sensation circulating inside their bodies.

After who knew how long, the duo still did not realize that the giant ape had not come to "disturb" them for a very, very long time. It wasn't until Hu Feiyun shouted repeatedly that she couldn't bear it anymore that they finally awoke from their state of inattention.

Ling Han said, "I'll go out and take a look. The two of you stay here."

He circulated his Origin Power, and his whole body cracked. His body changed shape, and, squeezing against Shui Yanyu, he came to the front. Carefully, he exited the cave.

Shui Yanyu bit down on her lip. Even without looking in a mirror, she knew that her beautiful face had to be frighteningly red because she felt bouts of heat as if she was going to burn up at any moment.

She, she actually allowed that guy to take liberties with her, and she actually felt a bit of enjoyment from it… This was really too shameful!

"Come on out, that Demonic Ape has left." Ling Han's voice was heard from outside.

Hu Feiyun pushed Shui Yanyu a bit, and only then did Shui Yanyu finally regain her senses. She took a step and walked ahead.

After they left the mountain cave, she kept her head very low, not daring to even look at Ling Han.

"What's wrong with Big Sister Shui?" Hu Feiyun did not understand what was going on.

"She stayed too long in the cave, so she has twisted her neck." Ling Han casually came up with an excuse.

Yet Hu Feiyun did not doubt him, and quickly said, "Big Sister Shui, is it very serious?"

Shui Yanyu raised her head, and glared harshly at Ling Han. Then, she finally replied, "I'm fine."

"That's great!" Hu Feiyun clapped her hands.

This Ninth King was really kind. However, in the martial arts world—and furthermore, in the center of power—this kind of kindness would only bring her disaster! Thankfully, she had the empress of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire to shelter her from the wind and rain, so there should be no one that would dare have designs on her.

"Let us continue on our way."

After they distinguished their direction, they once again headed out towards the Flame Cave.

After two days' journey, they stopped to take a break. Hu Feiyun, who had been pampered and spoiled since childhood, was completely unable to take the hardship of extended periods of travel.

Ling Han started a fire to cook. After entering into the Mystery Realm, he had not had time to refine the Spiritual Meat at all. Otherwise, if he could cultivate his Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art to Immortal level as well, his strength could still get an additional boost, and there was hope that his strength could break through the height of five stars.

It would not improve his Thunderclap Ninth Heaven or his Three Styles of Black Origin, because those were stimulated through the use of Origin Power. However, the might of this Ultimate Arrow could be boosted a bit, and there was hope that he could break through to be on the same level as a seven-star genius in a head-on battle.
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